February 2012 LSAT Instant Recap

Love is in the air. And not just because Valentine’s Day is coming up.

After weeks and weeks of rigorous LSAT preparation, students all over the country are lovin’ the fact that the February 2012 LSAT is officially over.

But now it’s time to fall in love with some Most Strongly Supported LSAT Instant Recap.

How did it go? What did you think? Were the logic games tough? What about LRs? Can you believe that reading comp passage about — LSAC PROHIBITS BLOGS LIKE THIS ONE FROM TALKING ABOUT SPECIFIC CONTENT THAT WAS ON THE EXAM.

Oh, that’s right. Keep that in mind when you chime in in the comments. All comments will have to be approved by an admin.

Without getting too specific, one Blueprint instructor took the February LSAT this morning, and reported back with this news:

Overall, it was a straightforward LSAT. On a scale between Easy and Hard, it was a Medium. If it was a cup size at Cold Stone, it would be the Love It. If it had two siblings, it would be the middle child. You get the idea.

Reading comp seemed like the trickiest section for most, featuring an opening passage with a subject matter that was alarmingly dense, a piece of cake compare and contrast second passage, a very difficult third passage, and another easy one for the fourth passage. But that third one was a beast.

Logical Reasoning was pretty standard, with lots of assumption and compare and contrast questions. Logic Games had some tricks up their sleeves.

But that’s just one man’s (or woman’s) thoughts. What did you think? Discuss the February 2012 LSAT in the comments.

Just remember: Posts that are too specific about questions will not be approved. And we can’t approve anything concerning which section might have been the experimental section. Rules are rules.

(Yes, even though the February LSAT is undisclosed.)

53 Responses

  1. RD says:

    It was my first real LSAT and all everybody told me was how long it is. For me it flew by way too quick. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but overall it was what I personally had expected. I thought I was ready for the logic games but I struggled with time today.

  2. sm says:

    I agree, it was a medium. I was surprised at the LR, not as many flaws as usual and lots of role questions. Games were tricky, but do-able (meaning no mauve dinosaurs). Reading comp I thought was easier than past tests but def was working until the last minute cause the questions were pretty specific. I’m pretty happy with how it went I’m super stoked to be done!!

  3. darneol whintacker says:

    I would love to know which game section counted for me.

  4. Amanda says:

    I think I took my test with the Blueprint instructor.

    I thought the logic games were a lot easier than I expected

  5. Hank says:

    Don’t forget: Comments postulating which section might have been the experimental section can’t be approved.

  6. Haley says:

    I also struggled with time on the logic games, even though that’s usually my best section. I had to guess on three of them. Logic reasoning seemed about average, same with reading. Because of the games, I don’t feel great about my score.

  7. jj says:

    yea my games section was surprisingly easy… im thinking minus 2 maximum… weird shit though i have no clue which of the sections was the experimental! (can’t disclose which types I am assuming?) Also I should have practiced with ACTUAL bubbling because I definitely spent 3 minutes correcting bubbling errors… really wack. Reading Comp was ridiculous 2 passages were tough but manageable… the third and fourth passages were insane!!!!!! Im on the fence with how I did. I dont feel super confident, but I have to register the score because I already trapped my self by sending out applications..

  8. jj says:

    So as a first time taker really think I could have done better… pretty standard right? Do people usually think they could have done better and leave the test room not 100% satisfied? I hate how badly I need to talk about this test right now btw

    • Hank says:

      That’s what the Instant Recap’s for. (And yes, your feelings are totally normal. Now you see why mental stamina is so important on LSAT test day.)

      • jj says:

        Stamina was factor number 1 for sure, especially given that the last section was reading comp. (@makafu) probably the two hard passages I’ve encountered date.. very dense and detailed… LR was medium-hard in my opinion. Games were mainly easy… I’m hoping my games gave me a decent boost.

        Side note: during our test the lights kept flickering on and off… It was bright enough outside to where it didn’t completely stop the test takers but come on! talk about a distraction.

    • Haley says:

      Agreed… On everything. It’s safe to say I feel disappointed with my performance. I really didn’t want to have to take it again, but I’m afraid I will.

  9. Makafu says:

    I think having the reading comprehension for the last after having 3 lr sections was a killer for me because I was so tired of reading…

  10. victoria says:

    I took blueprint for the past 2 and half months and none of our intense, overwhelming homeworks or any of our practice tests came close to this. I emailed my instructor earlier venting on how difficult I found todays test! Really don’t agree with the “medium” label!!!!

  11. bell says:

    I found this to be pretty standard, with the reading comprehension being the toughest.

  12. AG says:

    I took the exam today and Colin the Lsat guru deserves all the credit for my performance today. I found the test to be medium like your agent said. Since I can’t mention specifics of the exam I will say my exam wasn’t difficult.

  13. pulla says:


  14. Chirs Larocco says:

    I thought it was ok. I thought the LRs were pretty standard, I felt the Reading comp was ok, The toughest section for me was Logic games, which is very abnormal for me. I have taken a ton of LG sections and found myself uncertain on some answers and really the concepts seemed a foreign to me other than sequencing. I was getting in the low to mid 160s on my practice tests, but I really don’t know how I did(feeling I probably didn’t do that well_ on this particular test. What is really frustrating is having to wait 3 weeks. When taking practice tests you can immediately see how you did, instant gratification or depression. Now I have to play head games with myself on how I did for 3 weeks. These next weeks stinks especially if you are uncertain about whether or not to apply to certain schools. I wish more schools would have application be due in april instead on march 1 or earlier.

  15. Nat says:

    I agree, mental stamina is the key. And I was so tense that the muscles in my neck were hurting bad. The LR could have been harder, my prep had much harder ones but that doesn’t mean I feel confident. The reading comp for me was ok, except the Q and As were a massive pain, too many similar choices and just lengthy choices too. I don’t feel at least a medium confident so will likely retake!! All in all, not as deathly as my brain had predetermined…..

    • jj says:

      Agreed it wasn’t as brutal as my cowardly mind made it out to be… What’s really a weird experience however is that I have been discussing the test with friends, and I cannot remember a single detail about it. Its a complete blur–as if the test pillaged my brain then just Men In Blacked my ass…

  16. Tamirra says:

    Someone needed to slip my proctors a pitcher of margaritas or something. I knew instantly that any throwing up would need to be done at my desk. Otherwise, mediocre. I’m signing up for June. Taking the live class this time around and not stacking up a buttload of other commitments to interfere with study/homework time. Reality check. Live BP class this time ’round. RC is my favorite but they threw a fastball!

  17. Sam says:

    1. LG
    2. LR
    3. LG
    4. RC
    5. LR

    Should I cancel my score if I ended up running out of time on at least 10 questions on ALL 5 sections?

  18. Chris says:

    LG LR LG RC LG for me too. Hoping 1st was experimental.

  19. Matt P. says:

    I guessed on probably 7-8 of the LG questions, but I am pretty confident I got nearly every question right in the RC section. Thank goodness for that section. The LR sections were wordy but with a little critical thinking most were easy to parse out. Those LG’s though..

  20. anxious one says:

    My problem on the LSAT seems to be that I am very s l o w.

    How can I address this? I cannot afford to repeat the entire class.

    Please advise.

    • Hank says:

      It’s really about maintaining that internal clock in your head that keeps track of how long it should take to go through a question. Make sure you’re at your peak of concentration as you’re reading the text.

  21. Mark says:

    I had a very interesting experience today…
    I was actually flying thru the first three sections .. LG – LR – RC
    I even had time to review for each section and everything was so good.

    But by the end of the 3rd section.. I became really hungry but that was alright because I could eat my snack during break. I was also hoping for no more RC.. because I hate… RC….

    but my 4th section turned out to be RC and I was… so.. disappointed.. and I kinda new it was the real one because it was much harder.. and I don’t know why but I got trapped into this train of thoughts that how I am unlucky to have 2 RCs back to back … blah blah.. and I think I was blank literally for like 5 minutes during the test.. but I managed to finish it in time.. and moved onto the 5th section LR.. but then I was really really tired, my eyes became blurry, started to have really bad headache.. even became nauseous and my hands shaking… I finished it in time too but couldn’t save enough time to review…

    I didn’t cancel my score because I don’t think I bombed any particular section but I know that I could have done so much better if I wasn’t so nervous :(.

    • K1000a says:

      I had the same sections as you. LG-LR-RC-RC-LR. I was actually hoping that the LG was experimental because it was the weirdest thing that I know the games were not specially difficult, but feeling the rush of time did not help; I guessed over 6 or 7, but I do feel like the rest of the test was average. The games killed me, it was hard to recover from feeling so disappointed about the LG and moving on to the next section.

  22. Al A says:

    Lol, the guy above me is so hilarious–“I had enough time to review my sections…could have done better IF I wasn’t nervous.” Please…

    Anyways, I agree with the consensus of this website that the test for today was mid-level difficult. Just like many, I suffered from time. No matter how much you can study for this test, time never seems to be in favor of us. In fact, I wish i could have more time. It’s funny because i am really good at logic games. It’s easy to solve them because you can test your answer. However, testing your answer takes up time.

    Moreover, all the other sections were difficult in their own ways. I didn’t cancel my score. I believe I did well enough, thus, i’m confident about my performance. All I know is regardless if I did really well or not, I am still going to apply to law schools and see how it goes. Don’t have the luxury to wait around and study for the next test. I definitely believe that the LSAT doesn’t measure the capacity we all have as rational & logical thinkers.

    Good luck to all :)

  23. Nat says:

    That’s the problem, when you know you are capable of having done much better not just a little better

  24. Joe says:

    One of the logical reasoning sections was ridiculously hard/long… didn’t even get to LOOK at 3 of the questions, just straight guessed on them. But the rest of the test was fairly straightforward. Games were very easy, Reading comprehension was average

  25. Lily says:

    I want to know what everyone thinks about my situation:

    I think I got around a 165 (Give or take 2 points) based on how I felt on the test/ practice tests but what I really want is a 172+. (I know I DEF didn’t get anything close to a 170)

    I am definitely taking the test again in either June/ September b/c I know I can improve (Didn’t do nearly enough homework/ put enough effort in this first time around)

    Should I cancel? What looks better/ worse? Having 1 cancel and then 1 high score or having 1 medium score and then 1 high score?

    Love to hear everyone’s advice!

    (And my sections were: LR, RC, LG, LR, RC)

    • Hilda says:

      I don’t think you should cancel if you feel like you scored around a 165 (that’s 90th percentile). You can get into a lot of great Tier 2 schools and even get scholarships. Personally, I think improving from one score to another looks better than a cancellation. Good luck to you!

  26. LSAT Victim says:

    LR LG LR LR RC….. The first LR was ok, the second was easier and the third was easiest so I’m hoping the first was the experimental (unless that thing happens where I think I did well on one but I did poorly and vice versa). The games were ok. I’m not very good at them but I think (weird how I forgot everything somehow) I did ok on them. The reading was the toughest. I dunno what happened. It’s like I flipped the page and a fist popped up and hit me in the brain… 4 times.

    So I have to ask since no one did!! What do you think the curve will be to still get 170 – 10 missed, 11, (crosses fingers) 14 or what?

  27. Kurt says:

    I had LG,LR,RC,RC,LR and I did not feel great bout the LG but my brain was melted when I came back from break and saw a second Reading Comp! Reading comp is my weakest and I hate it. I was very upset but I still gave it my best. My brain got so melted that in the last LR I got to the last 3 questions and had to say a little prayer to get the motivation to finish. Overall though, I feel it was an average test, nothing crazy but I have no idea my score dont think I bombed it but dont know if I aced it. Hopefully no less then 162

  28. One Chance LSAT says:

    Still shell-shocked – LG-LR-RC-RC-LR… my only hope had been that LG would NOT be first or second as my scores continually plummeted on LG and I knew it would destroy my confidence. (First time through LG -5/6, scores steadily worsened from there with each practice test.)

    Worked like a charm, per normal I found LR/RC very manageable, but as soon as I had the misfortune to think to myself “hey, this is going pretty good” I’d instantly remember my LG performance and wonder why I was even bothering with the rest of the test.

    In interest of full disclosure – 5 minutes called with nearly 2 sections of LG left… had to guess at nearly half that section.

  29. Hilda says:

    Overall, I thought the test was more difficult than practice tests I had done in the past. Logical reasoning was fair but reading comprehension was more dull than usual and difficult. Also, logic games (which are my strongest point) were unusual and I had to guess on the last three due to time constraint.

  30. Clark says:

    One logic games section was verrrrrrry easy and one was verrrrrrrrrry hard :/

    • Ji Ho Kim says:

      I totlly agree Do u think the more difficult one was the experimental? Iam so scared that the more diffiuxlt one would count although the easier one is more representative of past lsats

  31. Christian says:

    LR-LG-RC-LR-RC……………..We had 3 different proctors during the test. I was seated in the front row and the proctor was typing something into her computer while I was trying to do the RC. I asked at the break that she not continue and she informed me that another proctor was taking her place. The next genius had squeaky shoes and walked around the room when she was not tearing paper out of spiral bindings………………..ridiculous. First time taking and made decision to take 3 weeks before test, so I feel like I could do better on the test, but feel like I did well enough to get into the school I am applying to. My LG section was much more difficult than the practice ones I took. RC I thought was a little easier, and LR was exactly what I expected. Although I had to read one 4 times with the squeaky shoe fiasco going on. Good luck everyone, 7 days and counting!

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