February LSAT: Instant Recap


You did it. You completed the February LSAT. And now it’s over.

Take a couple seconds to celebrate that simple fact.

LSAT over celebration 1
LSAT over celebration 2
LSAT over celebration 3

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… How did it go?

In the comments below, let us know your feelings about today’s LSAT. How difficult did you find it? Which section(s) tripped you up? Did anything crazy happen at your testing center? Which GIF is your favorite?

We want to hear your thoughts.

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing any big specifics from any LSAT (this includes individual questions/answers, trying to identify the experimental section, etc.). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

UPDATE: We’re hearing the exam was easier than December overall, but some people got tripped up by an RC passage involving dark matter. What do you think?

22 Responses

  1. Rage cage says:

    Was pretty good overall, trying to figure out which games section was experimental though. I had one section with a game involving building trades if that helps

  2. Shawn says:

    The test was very easy with the exception of RC. It was really difficult. No tricks on LG.

    The curve will reflect the easiness though.

  3. edwina says:

    Hi I had two logic game sections trying to figure out which was fake. I had them in section 1 and section 3. I bombed section one ..section 3 had the game with the different models of cars which i thought was definitely way easier than the first section

  4. Rage cage says:

    The one with the cars was real

  5. e says:

    Man i wrote a fabulous essay.

    Anyway, that LR experimental f*ed me up. I had three of them. And i’m pretty sure the experimental was my very first section, because i literally had a panic attack at how ridiculous some questions were. …I went on to do LG, which wasn’t too bad aside from the fact that lingering panic was still there from the first LR. Then another LR, and break. Come back from break, and ANOTHER LR. Only here did i breathe a sigh of relief; the first section may well be experimental, but damn did it mess with my mindset through the whole first half. Could’ve done so much better… the entire first half was a blur though i finished everything. Then RC was last, and it was easier than the previous tests i felt…

    • Paloma says:

      E- i think i took the same format, but i found the first LR to be the easiest, and the last 2 to be super hard. Ahh- hope it turns out for the best for both of us.

    • brandonw says:

      the first LR i had was insane. there was nothing familiar about it at all. i’m so thankful games came right after. i really needed the confidence boost the games provided. i crushed the other two LRs afterwards, they were almost easy

  6. uwo says:

    the sept oct and nov one was the real game

  7. Jaron says:

    Hey guys! I had two reading comp sections, one being noticeably more difficult in my opinion. One was filled with highly technical passages about various topics in physics. In any case, one felt more difficult due to the complexity of the passages, not necessarily the questions. The games section threw me for a bit of a loop because on two of the four I kept finding that I initially thought many of the questions had multiple right answers (panic!). The games themselves seemed pretty simple, and so this made me panic, thinking I had obviously missed a big deduction. Beyond that, the LR sections were fairly standard I thought. Anyway, this was my second time taking the exam, and I know that I did much better than the first time (thanks Blueprint! :). I felt much more confident, and while there were some curveballs, I think I handled it pretty well, and I’m sure everyone else did too! Good luck!

  8. William Furlow says:

    The physics passage killed me, and I was a science undergrad in biology and it was still a tough read. As for the logic games was tough because I ran out of time, spent to much on the first one which was the hardest one.

  9. AA says:

    Real RC had a text about the African-American comic strip writer. I had an experimental RC which I thought I bombed- was so relieved when I discovered which was the real one, although I thought the Legal text about Ownership was tough. LR was easy and Games were all normal- got stuck on something in the 3rd one and had to rush the 4th, was in a slight panic. Good luck everyone!

  10. Rage cage says:

    Real reading comp was the one with dark matter

  11. LSAT Man says:

    I had two LG sections. WHICH SECTION WAS EXPERIMENTAL????

    LR was good, and RC had a physics dark matter passage and another on micro lending in Bangladesh.

  12. Jaron says:

    LSAT Man – the LG with interns/projects and vintage cars was real. I had only one LG :) Hope that helps!

    • LSAT Man says:

      Thanks Jaron :)
      It kinda helps. Did any of those games have a North/South component to them? because that’s all i remember from my LG section

  13. Katie says:

    My first attempt at the LSAT was a challenge but it did feel easier than I imagined- if that makes any sense?

    I bombed one section of logic and did well on the other- I think I know which is the experimental!

  14. george says:

    I’m a senior citizen who’s been contemplating law school for years. One of my biggest fears was taking the LSAT. All right, I know this sounds terrible, but I finally thought to myself, “What have you got to lose (aside from more time…)?”
    Frankly, I could not believe how “non-difficult” it turned out to be. Not “easy,” but not like being poked in the eye with a sharp stick, either.
    Confession time: Having signed up and having taken the test, almost on a whim, I had not studied at all, beyond browsing a couple of websites that presented some superficial explanations and “pointers.” I was relaxed, well-rested, foot-loose and calm.
    I almost lifted my hand after the second section to ask whether I was in the right place. “This is the dreaded LSAT?”
    The national board exam I took to practice dental hygiene seemed harder.
    Once again, the puddin’s not been served up. I’ll either let you know, or see you in the library as we pour over cases together.

  15. samantha says:

    So does anyone remember what were the passage topics in the reading comp experimental section? I’m trying to find out if the 1st or 5th rc was the experimental…I think if someone can refresh my memory about the experimental passages I can figure it out, but not with only knowing the real rc section since I honestly cannot remember anymore..all I know is I bombed the first rc, and the fifth seemed a bit better, probably not by much..lol..even if someone can give me one or two topics, I can figure it out from there..thank you all and crossing my fingers!!

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