June 2010 LSAT Scores and Curve Released


So it looks like the removed question from the June 2010 LSAT was from one of the Logical Reasoning sections.

As to the curve (-12 for a 170, with a removed question to boot), this is about a year and a half now of pretty lenient curves, which could indicate a few different things.

First, people could have just gotten dumber in the last year and a half.
Second, the test itself may have gotten harder in the last year and a half. We know games are making a bit of a comeback.
Third, more people could be taking the test without adequate preparation. With so many people taking the exam to escape a crumbling economic reality, I’d personally roll with choice 3.

What are your thoughts?


After a quick perusal of Top Law Schools, it looks like the curve was -12 for a 170, with one question being removed from the 100 question test. So, in actuality, a -13 curve, which would put this as the second most friendly curve of all time. Which also means this was one of the more difficult LSATs in history.

We’re still getting information on which section the removed question came from. Any information, chime in in the comments section.

UPDATE 12:19 PM:

Looks like scores for the June 2010 LSAT have been released, kids. How is everyone feeling? We’ll have more information on the curve and analysis of what it means as we get more information.

So, with the day about a quarter over (or the work day at least), it looks like we’re going to have to wait another day or three before LSAC deigns to let you know how you did on the June LSAT earlier this month. Why it takes so long to score a scantron and assign percentile ranks, we don’t know (my guess is blind dolphins do the computations with their dorsal fins [I have no idea which fin is dorsal, or if dolphins have dorsal fins]).

<On a scale of waiting pain, it ranks somewhere below waiting for a pregnancy test to come out negative and somewhere above waiting for a table at Chuck E Cheese.

If scores come out today, we’ll update this post, but as for now, we just suggest that you spend the weekend relaxing, taking life as it comes, seeing the sights and smelling the scents.

Or just stare at your Gmail inbox until drops of blood begin to bead down your forehead. Your call.

Anyway, please feel free to comment and let us know how you’re coping with the idea of your law school future becoming exceedingly more clear in the next couple of days. Or let us know if you do receive your score so we don’t look like goofballs for having this post up. The end is extremely nigh.

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  1. I don’t know what made me decide to check my LSAC account today – I haven’t checked in days! I guess I could feel the agony of pre-law students everywhere – and it gave me enough heebie-jeebies to check.

    My score isn’t up yet, but I can definitely see some changes on my account. The score email date has been changed from the 28th to the 25th (Damn! I wanted the weekend to be free!) and the icons of every section under LSAT documents has changed – it says ‘cannot be displayed’ but its still a change from ‘not yet available’.

    My fear is infinite as other students who wrote the LSAT in the same location report the same changes…I am sure the score will come in soon …I’m not sure whether to run away from my computer, or stay glued to it.

    The pain? Definitely below waiting for a pregnancy test (I can’t even imagine that kind of agony) but much worse than waiting for a table at Chuckie Cheese :) I’d say worse than three needles at a time …

    My analogy? Waiting for your LSAT score is exactly like waiting for an acceptance or rejection from a law school which is your second-last hope. You desperately need to get in – there may be a back-up (the last school which has yet to respond, or by analogy, the Oct 2010 LSAT) but there are no guarantees you’ll get into that school (or do well on that test) either … Today is the day you know the letter will come in, but you just have to sit tight before the envelope is in front of you.

    OH! THE PAIN! :)

  2. cts says:

    I haven’t received my email yet. Is this normal???

  3. Dave says:


    Totally agreed on the analogy. LSAC loves to ruin weekends, but hopefully you’ll be celebrating. Hope you get an awesome score later today!


    Completely normal. LSAC, being the fun people they are, release LSAT scores in stages. You could get it anytime today, but it will almost certainly be to you sometime today.


  4. Andrew says:

    Same here — icons changed and score e-mail date changed…but no scores yet. I really wish I didn’t look at MSS or the LSAC site cause now my weekend is on the line. LOL.

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by MSS LSAT Blog, Blueprint LSAT Prep. Blueprint LSAT Prep said: #LSAT Scores are out! -12 got you a 170. Lenient curve. Check out our thoughts on the blog. http://bit.ly/crOTJp […]

  6. First of all, thanks for the update – ironically, knowing more about the test helps my anxiety. If you find out anything else, please post it!

    I was wondering – how did you find out about the -12 for 170, plus the removed question? Does it say somewhere?

    LOL – people may be getting dumber, or less adequately prepared, but for someone who considers herself relatively smart, and went through TWO prep courses to study for this test, I found it surprisingly difficult – it’s less an emotional reaction, and more of the face that I could tell I was doing a lot of guessing – something I normally don’t have to do in the last year I have spent prepping. I think the test was quite challenging.

    @Dave Thanks for your well-wishes – I didn’t feel too confident after the test, but it was my first time, so I am hoping Oct 2010 surprises me with a good score.

    Good luck to everyone getting their scores! Despite the fact that I know we are competitors, I’m glad the agony of the LSAT allows us to bond… :)

  7. Dave says:


    Abject apologies. But blame LSAC. They love to ruin weekends.


    We did a quick look through the Top Law Schools forum and also heard from some of our students. Good luck!


  8. Andrew says:

    I just got my score. Very pleased. Insanely generous curve. And I knew it…it was SO HARD. I took almost 20 practice test, and nothing compared to THAT monster. All in all, I’m happy.

  9. Dave says:


    Glad to hear it. What did your breakdown look like? Did you figure out the games?


  10. LB says:

    Saw this blog and look at lsac every 20 minutes while looking over TLS forum….

    i got my exact avg on practice tests …2 more questions right and i’d be in utter bliss but 2 more questions wrong and i would be crying just about now…so i guess i can not complain!

    LR was at the higher part of my avg….RC was at the lower part of my avg
    and Games were – 3 which hurts because i missed an elimination question (but very surprised that i did not mess up the games like many others (-1 on the last game which i believe was an educated guess since time was running out …and -0 on the 3rd game)

    Now the dilemma begins whether i should take it again…i got my avg score but it would have been nice to get +2 more

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