Our Logic Games and Reading Comp books are on sale, for your holiday shopping and LSAT dominating needs

Back by popular demand, we’re once again offering a sale on our amazing Logic Games and Reading Comprehension prep books! The last time we offered this sale on Amazon, these books sold like the virtual equivalents of hot cakes, so we’re running it back. From now until Monday, January 1 at 9 am PST, you can find both prep books discounted to the all-time low price of $39.00 on Amazon.

That’s a 40% discount on books that can make these two difficult sections on the LSAT go 100% better. These two prep books, separate or bundled together, can make the perfect gift to the person in your life who’s using her holiday break to diligently study for the February 2018 LSAT. Or to the pre-law family member who harbors dreams of one day going to a top law school. Or to yourself, if maybe you’re feeling a little flush and need something to spend your Christmas or Hanukkah or Winter Solstice money on.

To any of these people, these books are the gift of LSAT domination. The Logic Games book, The Blueprint to LSAT Logic Games, provides the reader with the Blueprint Building Blocks, a step-by-step strategy for each and every type of game. And with 35 logic games included in this book, there are plenty of opportunities to put those strategies into practice. After finishing this book, any reader would have an approach that would help her quickly dismantle even the most vexing logic game. And at 561 pages thick — all of which are filling over with accessible, entertaining, and helpful explanations — the book cuts an impressive figure underneath any Christmas tree or Festivus Pole.

The Reading Comp book, The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension, provides a solution to the problem that confronts everyone who starts studying for the LSAT: how you improve your reading skills to master the dense and dry passages on the LSAT? Most Reading Comp books on the market provide you with some passages, and then simply explain why the right answer is correct and why the wrong answer is incorrect. Stuff like, “Hey, this right answer was mentioned in line 34, dummy.” Or, “Yo, they never mentioned this thing in the passage, bud.” On the other hand, Blueprint’s take on Reading Comp will show you how reading for structure and author’s attitude in these passages can help one anticipate the questions and their answers while reading the passage. Through 33 real, recent Reading Comp passages, this book will help improve any test takers’ reading method, allowing her to tackle any subject matter that can pop up on the test.

What’s more, both books come with a free Blueprint student account, which will allow readers to access full explanations for every game and passage included in the prep books.

So take advantage of this sale and give the gift of LSAT domination this holiday season. Again, both the Logic Games prep book and the Reading Comp prep book will be discounted to $39.00 through the end of 2017 over on Amazon dot com. With these books you’ll be (ahem) primed to conquer the LSAT.

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