LSAC Releasing 2013 December LSAT Scores Today

Good news if you were looking for a lenient curve on the most recent December LSAT.

LSAC is releasing 2013 December LSAT scores today (at least for those who didn’t have to take a postponed exam due to weather), and all the buzz is about the lenient curve. How lenient? Take a look for yourself:


Yep, that’s an LSAT curve of -14 for a 170, -29 for a 160, and -46 for a 150 — meaning you could have missed 14 questions for a 170, 29 for a 160 or 46 for a 150. Heck, you could have missed three questions and still received a perfect 180 LSAT score.

Now, as of 3:00 p.m. PST, there are still plenty of people who haven’t received a 2013 December LSAT score. It usually takes LSAC several hours throughout the day to release all the LSAT scores in random batches. Also, there is no word on whether test-takers who took a postponed exam due to inclement weather are also getting LSAT scores today (remember, they took different exams than everyone else).

Four days early and with a friendly curve, I doubt anyone’s complaining. But feel free to do just that in the comments. Are you happy with your 2013 December LSAT score? Why do you think the LSAT curve was so lenient? How are you feeling about your chances in law school admissions now?

And stay tuned to the LSAT blog in the coming days for a full breakdown of the 2013 December LSAT.

29 Responses

  1. Al says:

    Scored well within my avg. Overall 10 pt bump from first practice test.
    Thanks Blueprint!

  2. Already Applied says:

    I already submitted my law school applications with my October score, and decided to take the test again in December.

    Do you know whether LSAC automatically transmits my December score to the schools that I have applied to, or do I manually need to forward my score to my law schools?

    • Hank says:

      Assuming the law school is aware that you took the December LSAT, they will wait until they’ve received your score to process your application. LSAC should send your score to the school, but it wouldn’t hurt to alert the school that it is ready.

  3. Linda says:

    Scored 7 points below my average, and I was never lenient on time when taking practice tests. Needless to say I’m pretty pissed.

  4. DJ says:

    Practice tests I was scoring 163-166 solid. I got my results today, 156. That is a few points higher than the first test I ever took with Blueprint. Pretty upset right now, I want to retake it, but I decided not to take the October LSAT because I didn’t feel ready, took the December, and am still disappointed, not sure if I can do more months of studying just to be disappointed again. My GPA is great and is in line with the top schools, so to see my LSAT score all the way at the bottom is disheartening after so much time and money.

    • Yuko Sin says:

      You should definitely retake this February. I know that means you have to go through all this LSAT stress again, but you’ll be much happier with a more typical performance.

  5. Josh says:

    How does this curve compare to the Monday (Sabbath Observant) LSAT? I’ve looked all over for this answer but can’t seem to find the information I am looking for. Apparently it falls under the non-disclosed scores and therefore there is less information available.

  6. Frances says:

    Went from 158 (June) to 161 (December Sabbath Test). Not the 163-165 range that I was hitting in practice tests so a bit disappointing overall. Hopefully my GPA will make up for it.

    • Yuko Sin says:

      At most schools, you would have to have a MONSTER GPA to makeup a 6 point difference in LSAT score. There are a lot more high GPAs out there than high LSAT scores. I know studying for the LSAT is very stressful, but I would retake the LSAT this February. Your practice test scores show that you have the ability to score much better.

  7. Fatima says:

    Went from a 152 on my last score to a 157.. not what I scored in my practice tests but I’m still pretty happy that I went up by a big margin on the percentile scale.. from 52% to 71%

  8. Claudia says:

    I scored 163 (improved from 157) thanks to Blueprint. Does this mean substantial vs. OK improvement? I’d like to get into Fordham. How much can GPA / personal statement help? Thanks so much BP!

  9. Jackie Jones says:

    Any idea when postponed scores will be released? My boxes are gray but still no score.

    • Hank says:

      I emailed someone at LSAC, but haven’t heard. It likely depends on a case-by-case basis. Your best bet would be to email LSAC yourself and see if they can provide any insight as to postponed test scores.

      • Jackie Jones says:

        Thanks Hank. I tried to call but the offices are closed for inclement weather which seems to be the root of all this confusion. I keep telling myself that either way, I will be retaking in February but I am still anxious to see how I did on my first attempt

  10. Jeanette says:

    Feeling so relieved. My goal was originally a 170. I ended up with a 169, but the last thing I could say is that I’m disappointed. My practice tests scores were all over the place. My last three tests scores were something like a 172, 161, and 167. I felt like there was no way to predict what score I’d get on the actual test date. Just glad I’m not retaking it.

    • Mark says:

      You are in the top 3% of test takers.

      Be proud of yourself… you did extremely well.

      I can only dream of a score like that.

  11. Kevin says:

    Practice tests averaged a 165, got a 165 on the Dec. test, no complaints.

  12. Lil says:

    I just got my score, but my writing sample cannot be clearly displayed. It’s the only PDF I can’t access. I tried calling the office but they aren’t open due to weather conditions. Should I be worried? I’m submitting my apps this weekend, and applying ED second round.

  13. phx blueprint student says:

    blueprint student in phx. class with video upgrade. goal of 175. 164 first practice test.

    over last few weeks before test, was averaging ~173-178 on exams with a high of 179. december 2013 result was a 177. quite pleased.

    a hearty thank you to blueprint and phx instructor dylan!

  14. Dong Jun says:

    I took the Fall 2013 Blueprint Live Course with hardly any LSAT knowledge before taking the class. I scored a 154 on my first practice test, and stayed between 150-154 for all my practice exams. I took the October 2013 test as a practice test, and scored a 154 just 3 days before the December test.

    To my delight and surprise, I scored a 161 on the December 2013 LSAT. It’s not my goal of 165, but I scored much higher than I ever did on my practice exams.

    I’m happy that I was able to score higher than all my practice exams, but I will probably retake it in 2014. I think I can hit the high 160s with more time to study.

    Blueprint definitely helped me figure out how to tackle the exam. Thanks!

    • Yuko Sin says:

      Just out of curiosity, did you take a break from studying a few days before your LSAT?

      Several of my students in the past have had such an experience, and I think it might be because they finally let their brain rest a bit.

  15. CC says:

    I took the October LSAT and scored a 164 (90th Percentile). I had been practice-testing around 168-170 so I figured I would retake and see if I could hit the 170. My December LSAT score came back today as a 159 (77th Percentile) which is incredibly unrepresentative of my abilities (my very first Blueprint practice test was a 160). Do you think law schools will look unfavorably upon a significantly lower second score? Or will I be able to explain that the 164 is actually more representative of my abilities? I’m trying to figure out if it is a good idea for me to take the test a 3rd time.

    • Matt Shinners says:

      Hey CC,

      For the most part, law schools are going to look at the higher score. It’s what they report, and it’s also more representative of your abilities (though that starts to change if you take it a third time). It’s much more likely that you have an off day and score lower than you luck into a higher score, so schools put more weight on it.

      So if it’s just to “justify” that 164, I wouldn’t retake the exam.

      However, if you were scoring in the 168-170 range, I would strongly think about a third retake. While 164 is a solid score, a high-160 opens up a large number of doors for you that would otherwise be closed. Those 4 points can also amount to a very significant amount of scholarship money.

      If you think you have a 168+ in you, I would recommend a retake.

    • Yuko Sin says:

      I think it’s a good idea to take the test again.

      You will have to practice for the February LSAT. Doing well on the LSAT is like an athletic performance, you can definitely get rusty without practice.

      When students have a hard time with consistency, the best thing to do is to take practice LSATs under test conditions. That means 5 timed sections, timed breaks, early in the morning, even in the actually test center room if possible. You should also get there and just sit for about an hour. Let your nerves build up, it’s what they do to you during the actual test.

  16. LM says:

    Started with a 152, ended with a 170, couldn’t be happier.

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