LSAC Releasing 2013 October LSAT Scores Today

*UPDATE: There were 101 questions on the 2013 October LSAT. The LSAT curve was -12 for a 170, -19 for a 165, -28 for a 160, and -46 for a 150. See below for a screenshot of the 2013 October LSAT score conversion chart.

It always starts with the gray icons.

As we know, LSAC tends to release LSAT scores a day or two earlier than estimated. Well, LSAC estimated 2013 October LSAT scores would be out on Oct. 30, and today is Oct. 28. Sho nuff, reports are in that icons on the LSAC website have turned gray — meaning that LSAC is gearing up to release LSAT scores throughout the day.

We’ll keep you posted with more info (such as the LSAT curve), so stay tuned. Feel free to contribute to the conversation in the comments. Just be aware that all comments must be approved by a moderator.

Remember: LSAC has a lot of 2013 October LSAT scores to distribute. LSAC will release them in random batches over the course of several hours throughout the day. If you’re not one of the first people to receive your October LSAT score, it’s not for any reason other than luck. You will get your October LSAT score, don’t worry. Here’s hoping it’s as high as you were hoping for!

*Here’s the 2013 October LSAT score conversion chart:


20 Responses

  1. Aylin says:

    Looks like -20 was a 165

  2. Mitchell says:

    How do you know that?

  3. Jose says:

    So with my last name beginning with a T should I expect to have a longer wait? Story of my life.

  4. Joe says:

    Is it worth it to keep refreshing the website? I am not entirely sure about the process. Will we receive an email once the score is available and then be directed to the website? Or does the email contain the score? Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • J.S. says:

      You receive an email at the same time as the site is updated. The email will include your score and percentile. The website will give you a more specific breakdown. Whatever suits your fancy, though the email is usually easier (relatively speaking)…

    • Hank says:

      Some people prefer the refresh route, but it’s just as well to wait for the email. As soon as you get the email, you can access your score report on the website. The email and access to your score are basically simultaneous, so it’s up to you.

  5. Phil says:

    If we did a few points worse on this test than we did on a test a few years ago, what’s the latest thinking on how schools will look at that? I have heard schools often use the highest and sometimes average them. Does this change if the worse score is more recent?

    • Hank says:

      Some average scores. Some only care about the highest score. With some digging, you may be able to find these policies at the law schools to which you’re applying.

  6. Amanda says:

    How’d you do in comparison to your practice exam average? I’m scheduled for December…

  7. Sam says:

    On my score report it lists that I have 3 more incorrect answers than is reflected by my answer sheet. Does that mean that certain questions were excluded from graded or what? Don’t really understand what the discrepancy is from. Any idea what the deal is?


  8. Danny says:

    If we’re taking the December test and have already taken all the Blueprint practice tests, are there any good options for how to find tests? I know there are the official PrepBooks with tests, but haven’t we seen many of those questions in Blueprint practice? Please let me know if there are any good options!

    • Matt Shinners says:

      Hey Danny,

      If you’ve worked through all of the Blueprint material, then you’ve already seen every question on every PT – we give them all to you. If you haven’t worked through the extra problem sets, then some of the older tests will still be fresh.

      Two things:
      1) There is a book called the Official LSAT SuperPrep. Those include 3 tests that the LSAC doesn’t license out; if you get that, you’ll have 3 tests of questions you’ve never seen before.

      2) I’ve been teaching this test for 4 years, and I still don’t have every question in our materials memorized. If you pick up some practice tests, a few games/RC passages might ring a bell, and you’ll have deja vu on some LR questions. However, I think they’ll still be pretty indicative of how you’d perform on test day.

  9. Ben says:

    I have a question regarding the December retake. I received my October 2013 score today and my applications are basically set to go. I’m planning on applying to most of my target schools with my October score. However, I’m also planning on retaking in December (while the material is still fresh) as my practice test average was a few points higher. Will this delay acceptance/waitlist/rejection decisions from the schools? In other words, will schools see that I’m taking the December LSAT and hold off on making a decision? If that’s the case, I’ll have to weigh the potential benefits of an improved score vs. the delay of having my applications not looked at/complete until early January (missing early decision and interview deadlines).

    Also, I assume any improvement in score could be used as leverage for scholarships and at schools in which I’m waitlisted. Is that correct? And what would happen if my score went down with the December retake.

    Just trying to get as much information as possible as quickly as possible in order to make the retake decision. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Adam says:

      I second Ben’s question. How does this scenario play out???

    • Matt Shinners says:

      Hey Ben,

      You can tell the schools to consider your application complete even with an upcoming registration for the LSAT – I would actually get in touch with their admissions offices and tell someone that way, though, to make sure they get the message. You can then hold off on other schools that have slightly higher numbers until you have a December score.

      And you can definitely leverage acceptances from waitlists/scholarship offers using a later LSAT score – that’s a great strategy!

  10. Andrew says:

    170!!! So pumped about it as it was higher than any of my practice tests. Can’t thank Blueprint enough for all of your help over the course of the class and helping me to move my score up 10 points and break the 170 barrier!

    Blueprint rocks my socks.

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