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If you’re in New York and are looking to get a jump start on your studying for the October LSAT, Colin Elzie (one of Blueprint’s New York LSAT instructor) will be hosting an informal study session at Think Coffee at 123 4th Avenue. In the study session (which will start at Noon), you will marvel at Colin’s luxurious beard and also get a solid study schedule for the summer. Additionally, Colin will also answer any questions students have about specific LSAT problems and the administration of the test in general.

Colin will also be having another such session next weekend if you can’t make it to this one, along with one every two or three weeks through the duration of the summer.

It’ll be a great opportunity to get some real assistance on the LSAT for the low, low price of nothing. So join Colin at Think Coffee tomorrow and get all of your LSAT questions answered.

If you’d like further details, you can find event information here.

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