October 2011 LSAT Instant Recap

And just like that, it’s over.

After months of studying, the October 2011 LSAT is in the books. Now all that’s left to do is celebrate — celebrate and discuss.

An early report from the East Coast indicates the exam was pretty par for the course. The games section, in particular, seems to have been pretty straightforward, but for most students was the hardest of the entire exam. (Who doesn’t like logic games, right?) Apparently, there was also a reading passage that a large number of students found particularly time-consuming.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. Please feel free to add to the discussion in the comments. Which sections gave you the fits? Which ones are you most confident about? How the hell are you going to spend the next three weeks waiting for a score? Let’s talk it out. And don’t forget to credit Blueprint’s own Matt Riley on one of his ballsy LSAT predictions.

Just remember: LSAC prohibits us from posting anything too specific about the exam. So keep it semi-vague (no discussing the experimental section, no talking about specific answers, etc.), and everything should be cool.

Congratulations on making it this far. We’re sure you did great. Cheers!

151 Responses

  1. SecondTimer says:

    One LR was average to easy-ish; the other, in my opinion, was fairly difficult.
    RC was average. And I agree with the assessment of LG above: straightforward but definitely not of perfectly average difficulty.

  2. lskdjf says:

    I thought it was way harder than the June LSAT. did anyone else think so? The LR seemed harder, the RC was about the same, but two passages had VERY complicated language. The games were pretty standard. What’s the consensus on how schools look at your scores if the first score was better than the second? i’m probably over-reacting, but just want to see so i can figure out if its worth canceling and taking again in December?

    • Kara says:

      I agree that this test was more difficult than the June test. I see here that people are saying that the LG section was straight forward. I beg to differ…I usually finish in 20-25min and I barely finished and even guessed on a couple questions.

      • So says:

        Wow I definitely wasnt the only one. I usually finish in 20-25 mins as well and get nothing wrong. The games were DIFFICULT.

        • MM says:

          I agree… didn’t finish LG, even though I ALWAYS finish Logic Games. Sort of nervous because on practice tests I’ve been pulling 173-170, but that’s finishing everything… I guessed on about 6 LG this time. Oy vey. Had to guess on two RC, but I found all of the Logical Reasoning easy, including my experimental… it seems like a lot of people found one of them hard though?

      • Christine says:

        This will sound terrible but I’m so glad that there’s a consensus that the Logic Games were harder than usual. I usually do very well on logic games so I was really freaked that I had to guess on a few – I’m actually considering cancelling because I did poorly on a section I knew I could have done well on (any advice on that? I literally figured out how to do the game I was stuck on just as time was called so I know I could do better but…). The rest I thought was pretty straightforward like people said.

        • So says:

          That is exactly how I’m feeling right now. I never had trouble with logic games (like ever!) but this time, I really really struggled for some reason — I had only 15 minutes to solve the remaining two games (so I started panicking since normally I should be done with the whole section) — so then I started to rush, and then I noticed that the third game was ridiculously hard and so spent most of my time there (still had to guess at least 3 or 4 questions) and then moved on to the last game — and even the last game wasn’t easy and I only had 5 minutes to complete it so I definitely missed at least 2 from there as well…

          • Christine says:

            Me too! The third game was hardest for me so I got through like half the questions and then did the last one – but I rushed that one so not sure if I made good guesses or not…and the third game was definitely at least 2 wrong for me.

            I think I spent too much time on the first game…I thought it was easy but just the wording kept confusing me so I spent like eleven minutes on it…

          • So says:

            OMG!! This is scary — I spent 11 minutes on the first game as well! And so I started freaking out because the first game is generally supposed to be the “easiest” among the four, but I just kept doubting myself on that game! I totally wasted all my time there — it was smart of you to move on to the 4th game after noticing the 3rd game because I didn’t do that — I was still in shock since I’ve never encountered myself being in that “panic mode” infront of logic games so I just kept trying to solve that 3rd game when it was ridiculously hard — so I was unable to solve the last game properly but I could tell that the last game was definitely easier than the third one…

          • Adam says:

            I thought the first game was rather easy, but then I tried the other three and got my ass kicked. I agree — the games were very difficult.

          • SP says:

            I agree!! The word “panic” is right. It is a bit relieving in a sense to see all these posts because I’d never panicked in practice tests and I usually finish LG sections well on time as well… LG was difficult for sure.

        • Jen says:

          Me too!!! (Also, I did the same thing you did w/ number #3 and #4 Christine)

          • Christine says:

            Good news is, if we who have studied so much all thought the Logic Games were hard, then people who didn’t study probably did also? Maybe the curve will be nice to us because of this!

      • lsatmonger says:

        I completely agree. I know of multiple people usually finished their practice LG with a few minutes to spare who didn’t even finish the last game. The LG section was my first section and did terrible. I didn’t think any LG’s were walks in the park.

  3. Jacob says:

    I feel like the logic games were, while complicated, pretty easy to get through. Logic reasoning was definitely the best part, that section seemed to just fly by. And reading comp, oy vey. To call one of the passages “particularly time-consuming” is an understatement. Throughout the prep course and the practice exams I routinely finished reading comp with a minimum of three minutes left. Today I didn’t even finish the section. Ah well, time to celebrate!

  4. Estamulah Habibi-Raheelah says:

    what was the order? i got LR, AR, LR, LR, RC

    i felt the AR was easy, the RC was pretty straightforward, tho I didnt finish quite on time. The first LR was pretty easy, but the others were quite difficult.

    • So says:

      I got LG, LR, RC, RC, LR

      • Christine says:

        I got that too; I didn’t know the experimental sections’ typings switched, but that’s really interesting.

        • stevie says:

          I didn’t think they switched. Estamulah, are you sure that was your order?

          • Estamulah Habibi-Raheelah says:

            Yes. I have seen a few orderings, but the one I had seems to be the most frequently reported. Im pretty certain the first was the experimental – it was really easy, and it seems as though the people who had two RC’s and two LG’s agree that the LSAT was pretty tough, while people with three LR’s feel they did well.

      • Hey... says:

        I got LG, LR, LG, RC, LR

        • Yeah says:

          Yeah, did you think that the first LG section was the experimental? I thought it was much harder than the third one.

          • SS says:

            I had this too. At first I thought the first one was experimental, since it was harder than the second. But after reading everyone’s comments here, maybe the first was the real one? If it was, at least the curve will be more generous…

          • Daniel says:

            3 was harder for a reason. I thought it hard.

  5. Steve says:

    I definitely thought it was better than the June LSAT. LG were time consuming but doable, LR was no surprises and RC seemed easy.

  6. Hank says:

    Thanks for the chatter, everyone.

    Just so you know, I’m moderating the comments. If you posted something but it’s not showing up, it’s likely because you got a little too specific about the content of the exam. Sorry, but I don’t want to get grounded by the LSAC.

  7. gem316 says:

    really annoyed that i messed up last couple on games section – hoping one in particular was the experimental!!!

  8. LS says:

    I was surprised at how nervous I was during the test! I normally am really good at staying calm for stuff like that, but I had a couple panicky moments. Overall I didn’t think it was a particularly hard test, though. There weren’t any questions where I felt really really stumped.

  9. Hank says:

    Christine: We’re going to have a blog post Monday about whether or not students should cancel their score. Don’t forget: You have until six days after the exam to submit a cancellation request.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks, that’ll help a lot! I’m looking online for any information about how law schools look at cancellations versus a lower first score, but I can’t seem to find much.

  10. Christine says:

    I also want to make a note that one of Matt Riley’s ballsy predictions was half right on this one…hilarious, it is!

  11. Anonymous says:

    BTW. . . about canceling vs. 1st low score. My prelaw advisor recently had a long conversation with the dean of admissions at a certain T-14 law school. They said that they would MUCH rather see a cancellation over a low first score. She said, “Well, when I see a low first score and an addendum explaining that they were just having a bad day or just knew it wasn’t their best performance, the question that I ask myself is ‘WHY DIDN’T THEY CANCEL IT THEN?’ I’d much rather see a cancellation. In fact, cancellations don’t raise any suspicions with me.”

  12. Tired says:

    I found todays test to be much harder than June 11: Test sequence for me was AR LR AR RC LR: My friends usually contact me on AR since I simple love that section and perform very well. Not bragging but I finished the Dinosaur game (June 09) in time and without any errors. In short, I had always wished to get AR as experimental section; my wish came true but AR section that was real deal was troubling.

    I don’t recall, ever, struggling on AR while prepping but I was literally dragging my self today. Reading Comp was another blow when test resumed after break. Comparative reading was trouble child and I always thought them to be easiest. So in summary this test was tailor made for me by LSAC to show that they can turn ones strengths into weakness, if they wish. I am disappointed.

    • So says:

      Did you take the actual June 11 test? I took it and felt the same way as you did with today’s test — I’ve completed the CD’s game and Zephyr airlines game both within 8 minutes and got none wrong (not to brag as well) and I felt like today’s games just hit me hard on the head — it was just nothing I’ve expected since I’ve never “panicked” in front games! Compared to today’s games, the June 11 games were NOTHING! Are you thinking of cancelling your score?? I really don’t know what I should do — what makes this worse is that I have no clue on how I did with the other sections because I was just too freaked out about having screwed up the logic games as soon as the test started.

      • Christine says:

        You and I, our minds are on the same wavelength… my biggest issues with guessing my score are:

        1. I don’t know how messing up the first section affected my concentration on the others – I thought they were easy but I could have been flipping out and be completely wrong about that…

        2. I don’t know if I got any wrong in the Logic Game section other than the ones I blatantly guessed on…

        and even if I can guess my score, I’m not sure if canceling is justified since that means I’ll definitely have to do better on the next one…

        • John Everwin says:

          I am in the same boat too. I had two LG sections, and the first one, perhaps experimental, pretty much destroyed my concentration on the first 8 problems in the LR section between them. Weirdly, though, I think I got these right? And then I feel like the rest of the test was far easier? I’m not cancelling, which may be a mistake, but I feel like even if I missed more than average in the LG my other sections will make up for it.

  13. J says:

    I felt the comparative was the toughest RC passage


    • Hey... says:

      LG LR LG RC LR

    • Zak says:

      LG LR RC RC LR

      I feel very confident about the test. Seeing that one of the first three sections is always the experimental, you can see which one was for me. I had to guess on the last RC question because of time, but other than that, the LSAT seemingly gave me few problems.

  14. LSATurday says:

    Was the second section, LR, harder than usual? I thought so.

  15. MAD says:

    one section of the LR had extremely long stimulus with even longer answer choices. I was not prepared to time that in, usually used to short straight forward questions in the beginning and one, two, maybe even three long questions with long answers towards the more difficult end of the LR section -_- .. not what i saw this time.

  16. Melanie Test Taker says:

    The LG was my first section and it was difficult, the rest of the test was very similar to past exams released for practice. Only downside is that I had two RC sections back to back!!

  17. Melanie Test Taker says:

    The order was LG, LR, RC, RC, LR

  18. DC says:

    I definitely agree that this was a lot tougher than the June exam, the LR back then seemed like a joke compared to this test?

    Did anyone else find the LR extremely difficult? My order was LR LG LR LR RC. I’m trying to figure out which of the first LR was experimental.

    Also the third LG was tough, I don’t usually ever have a problem with games but I definitely hit panic button this time.

    Fingers crossed for a good curve!!!

    • Christine says:

      Same opinions on the games and the curve! I was really panicked so I don’t trust my judgment about the LR and RC…

    • ER says:

      I had the same LR LG LR LR RC.

      Found the first LR pretty wordy as well…. Not sure what to think at the moment

    • Jenna says:

      I had LR LG LR LR RC as well.
      I thought the first LR was extremely difficult. Also, do you remember how many questions it had? I’m thinking there were only 23, and I still didn’t make it in time.

      • Lacey says:

        i had lr lg lr lr rc too…thought the first lr was extremely difficult i always finish early on lr and didnt finish on time for that section…hope that one was experimental

  19. ALEV says:

    On the last 10 PrepTest’s I averaged 176 w/ an extra section thrown in to simulate the experimental section. I very rarely have any struggles with logic games and game 3, as other people have mentioned, really messed me up. I answered the first two games in 9 minutes and thought I was definitely good to go on the more difficult games….but something happened in game 3 that I’ve never experienced — anxiety through the roof. I started sweating and fell into a daze and there was no chance I could make the required inferences to get an informative diagram….so I had to approach the questions via the brute force method and then rush through game 4 at warp speed. Very disappointed.

    • Gordon says:

      I agree 100%. I went into the test incredibly confident in all sections, AR in particular.. Breezed through the first 2 games (12 questions) and then game 3 hit an anxiety chord in my as well. Blanked for a few minutes, then panicked and did not do well in the 4th game. I am very disappointed as I feel I would have hit 170 or better on the test had the AR not stumped me. I’ve had that “kicking myself” feeling in the pit of my stomach since 1 pm.

  20. LSATurday says:

    gah, i was scoring consistently in the 170s. and i feel like i would be lucky to break a 150. for some reason, i couldnt get past a couple of questions on LR. I’m trying to decided whether to cancel. This is my second time taking it. Any suggestions?

    • Hank says:

      Check back Monday. We’ll have a blog post up about cancellation options. Just remember: You have until six days after the exam to send a cancel request.

    • ????? says:

      I feel exactly the same way! LR LG LR LR RC. I thought LG and RC went ok. First LR was a breeze. 2nd and 3rd LR drank my milkshake. Some of the questions seemed really strange and I hated the half a page long principle question. Really hoping one of them is the experimental or else I may be retaking.

    • Gordon says:

      If you were consistently scoring in the 170’s then I think you may be overreacting some. A 150 is what, -40 on the test? I doubt you did THAT poorly. However, depending on the score you need to get into your chosen school, canceling might be good. You have 6 days, sleep on it for 2-3 and then decide.

  21. Frank Bubbletrousers says:

    My order was lg lr lg rc lr. First lg section was ok for me, but the second lg was a complete disaster. I panicked. I wish I could figure out which one was experimental.

  22. Brenton says:

    To all of you who say the games were hard: they were average. The third game looked nasty, but a good setup eliminated most of the work. It’s just nerves, that’s all. However, one of the LRs was loaded (relatively speaking) with strangely worded correct choices and some verbose stimuli.

    The RC about as average as they come. This test should be -10 or -11 at best.

    • SecondTimer says:

      If you see my post above, we don’t have drastically different opinions on the test’s difficulty. However, to claim that it’s -10 at best is a stretch, especially considering recent trends and the general reaction on the thread. For example, many people who took the June exam claimed that the games were extremely easy, so I don’t think that it’s fair to simply attribute everyone’s reaction to the games to nerves. (This, of course, rests on the assumption that nerves also existed during the June LSAT, but that seems like a warranted assumption.)

      This could just be my wishful thinking though!

    • ALEV says:

      I agree that it’s wrong to attribute the felt difficulty of game 3 to “just” nerves…the fact that you got the game doesn’t mean it isn’t hard for others, even most others.

      Keep in mind that this blog thread may well have a high concentration of people who did below their average….I would not be reading this or posting if I got LG 3.

      10/11 sounds about right to me…at least because of the felt easiness of every section except game 3….but this is obviously impossible for one person to say.

      • Brenton says:

        If it’s more than -10, that would be fantastic. I’m just trying not to think wishfully.

        As for game 3, I’m speaking as someone who sucks, and has always sucked at games. I almost never finished all the games on my PT’s (and I never guessed on any questions), but I can say that this set of games was about average when you account for the usual new tricks and recycled old tricks. It’s definitely not easier than last June’s (not many are), but game 3 was no Colored Dinos/Stained Glass/Reptile Cage either. I guess we’ll just have to find out in 3 weeks :)

        As for RC, I didn’t think they were exceptionally easy, but there were no Kate Chopin/Basins of Attraction either. The last passage looked like it was going to be hard (I had to read quickly too), but then it had 8 super easy questions, almost like a reward for making it to the end of the section.

        I hope that’s not too specific, and I certainly hope for a -12 too. If I’m just overestimating the truth of my own experience (we all do to some degree), then GREAT, because I feel like this test was about as average as they come.

    • Bri says:

      Thank you! Looking at all these frantic LG posts made me seriously concerned – I thought the LG section was no problem at all. Made a few inferences and blew through it; I left the exam thinking LG was the easiest section.

      Now I’m just hoping I didn’t misread anything in the rules…

  23. Kevin says:

    I’m glad to see that mostly everyone’s on the same page as me. I didn’t think the logic reasoning sections were too bad and, well, reading comp, will always be reading comp. But to find myself struggling on logic games? It’s just disheartening. Mr. Riley had taught me well, and my 4875 other practice logic games sections can surely vouch for that but as for this one, let’s just hope that curve kicks in well.

    Until then, cheeeers!

    • Gordon says:

      I agree with this. I was acing nearly every AR section in my (real) practice tests, and today I struggled with the last two games. Looking back, I should have gotten them all right, but something threw me for a loop. Hopefully that curve helps me out, as I feel I’d be ~170 had I done how I normally do with the AR section.

  24. V says:

    I got LR LG LR LR RC
    and i am hoping the third section was the experimental because that was the hardest for me. I did notice that the first LR was 25 questions and the last two were 26 so maybe one of the 26 question section was the experimental. The RC had some pretty complicated wording and the LG section’s worst game was #3 for me.

    • John Everwin says:

      Yes, one of the last two was experimental I bet :).

    • Hey... says:

      I wouldn’t worry then…

    • john says:

      YES THIS! I had LR LG LR LR RC. For LR I had 25 26 26. I’m praying the 2nd LR (3rd section is the experimental) had some tough questions. Didn’t have too much with the 3rd LR. Can we confirm if the 1st or 2nd was the exp? did anyone else havea 25 LR who only took 2 LR’s? AND can we be POSITIVE that the 4th section(3rd LR) is in fact a real section?

      • john says:

        if we are certain that the there was an LR section with 25 questions and that the 3rd LR is ALWAYS real, then I’m not going to void. really stressed about this right now, so MUCH help would be appreciated guys

        • Brenton says:

          I had the same exact thing. I dominated the first 25 question LR section, then had a minor anxiety attack on the 2nd 26 question one. When I saw the 3rd one was 26 questions, it took me a second, but then I felt very happy because they don’t usually have two 26 question sections. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t recall seeing that EVER (fact check time).

          But add it up: 26 + 26 + 27 + 23 = 102 questions = incongruent with history. Short of committing a temporal flaw by assuming past events necessarily predict the future, I think you can feel confident that the 2nd section was experimental. Hooray for us (tentatively)!

          • john says:

            haha i hope. you know I’ve been looking at past lsats. and unfortunately, I THINK December 2010 had 102… =( unless someone can correct me if i’m wrong bc it oddly has that section 2 and section 4 have 26 and 26 for LRs. and there isn’t anywhere that it says 1 was omitted. =/ maybe i’ll commit another flaw and hope that 1 bad apple(102-dec’10) out of the many means its HIGHLY unlikely that this lsat will be that similar case as well. unless of course people who have only taken 2 LRs can confirm they took 1 25lr and 1 26lr.

      • Hey... says:

        Don’t worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey... says:

        Don’t worry about the 2nd LR… The rest… I would worry about…

    • Kendra says:

      I’m pretty sure that section 3 (the second LR) was the experimental one. It was harder than usual.

  25. LSATurday says:

    was the LR normal? or was the beginning tougher for one of them? One of them i sat and struggled with the first 10, and I had to work backwards.

    • russ says:

      LR LG LR LR RC
      The first LR was murder for me, but this could have been test nerves

      • john says:

        I heard a friend say they had 25LR 26 LR 25LR and stated that the 1st 25LR was murder. However, this was kind of the opposite case for me as I had 25LR 26LR 26LR and the 2nd LR was murder for me =/ do you remember the # of questions on ur LRs?

        • Kevin L says:

          That is what i had, 25 26 25 for LR and the first one was absolute hell, so im hoping those of you who think your 3rd section (2nd LR) was the experimental was my first section!

          • shast says:

            i had 25 lr lg 26lr 26lr rc. i was killed by the second lr section. if that’s the experimental, i believe i did really well, if not, i think my score will DRASTICALLY go down. i didn’t even finish this section and was held up on MANY of the questions. anyone else have any input in whether this could be the experimental??

      • Hey... says:

        It was nervous, but it was hard for me too. I even had a panic attack when I could not recognize a question type… Ahhhhhhhh!

  26. Jason Wiley says:

    Er…I didn’t take the June test, but several of my buddies did, and they all found today’s test much easier. My order was one of the options listed above: LR LG LR LR RC so three Logical Reasoning, only one section of Logic Games, and one section of Reading Comprehension.

    Games are ALWAYS my worst section, but I didn’t find anything particularly difficult about the real (not the experimental) LG section from today’s exam. I didn’t finish the section, but I’m confident in my work from the first 3 games and then I answered 1-3 of Game 4 and guessed the last few questions.

    Reading Comp was VERY straightforward (my best section usually), and of my three sections of LR, none of them jumped out at me as impossibly difficult or super easy / obviously experimental (even though one had to be, of course).

    I average 165 and I’m expecting around that on this exam. I’m a little glad some people found the test difficult because asking around and checking Twitter / Facebook, most of MY friends thought this test paled in comparison to the exam in June, so hopefully the curve will benefit me instead of hurting me like I thought earlier this afternoon.

  27. mjm says:

    LG (had it as my first section) kind of threw me off and made me sad. But definitely felt more prepared than usual for LR.

    RC was RC…

    Hoping for a -12 curve. ;)

  28. Alfredo says:

    I killed the games personally, even had two minutes to spare to double check 3 questions that I wasn’t 100% sure about. I felt they were easier than usual. Did the first one in like 4 minutes. The reading comp, however, killed me. One of the passages took me forever to get through, and because of that I had to skim through another one, and pretty much guessed the same letter across the whole passage due to time.

  29. Ayo says:

    I was very surprised at how calm I was! I guess thats what happens when you prepare! I thought the games were pretty standard. Lol, I ended up shuffling between the last 2 games. I kinda cant wait till they are released so I can play with them!
    Overall, I didnt get the feeling it was a challenging LSAT! First time taking it tho, so we’ll see in 3wks

  30. Edgar says:

    Overall it was average for the most part. LG and RC only one of the games/passage was hard. LR was average some easy and some hard ones.
    I would say time trial 2 was much tougher then this one for sure.

  31. Sunshine says:

    I took the June LSAT, and I found this test MUCH easier except for the LG. This could also be due to the fact that I’m doing much better now than I was in June. The LG experimental was a freaking joke. Took me 20 minutes, had 15 minutes to spare to double check every answer. Don’t know why that couldn’t have been the real thing.
    I had LG LR LG RC LR

    I don’t know which passages people thought were difficult because I thought they were pretty basic. I thought one LR was extremely easy, and the other LR (the one with one question that took up like an entire page) was moderately difficult. But sometimes RC and LR are harder to gauge than LG, so who knows.
    I would say there would be a big curve but the easiness of the other sections will negate this.
    Whatever, still hoping for a -12 curve ;)

  32. FLS says:

    The LR section were relatively easy. Nothing out of the normal if you’ve been studying from real test. RC wasn’t that bad either. Very dense language in the one, but easy to pick out the main idea. LG…that was a joke. Ridiculously hard. I admit LG is not my strongest section, but I can usually get through most of them in the allotted time. Today, I did not.

  33. Gordon says:

    I’m also glad to hear that the AR section was difficult for many. In practice I was acing the AR section (or close to it).

    I am going to be kicking myself this time. The first two games were very easy. The third game threw me for a loop, which ate into my time for the 4th game immensely. I wish I could have it back, as I was thinking back on the games after finishing the writing sample in ~15 minutes, and was coming up with the deductions I needed… four sections too late!

    The LR sections seemed easy, but I tend to do very well in those. The RC I also found easier than during my practice tests. Usually I was having a tough time finishing, and while I finished ~30 seconds before time was called, I wasn’t skimming on the final passage as I normally am.

    Overall, I think I did well. However, that AR section is going to eat at me!

  34. Gordon says:

    Also, my test went LR, AR, LR, LR, RC

  35. Yeah says:

    Do you think the first LG section was the experimental one? Personally I found that one much harder, and the second one was a breeze. But they were both in the first 3 sections, so could they switch it up on different tests, and the third one be the Ex section on some, and the first on others?

    • Frank Bubbletrousers says:

      I had much more trouble with the second section, but I know that most of my problem was nerves. Man, I wish I knew which was which.

    • Josh says:

      I had the same as you and from what ive heard the third section, which was far easier was the experimental one. I literally guessed on 8 or so of the first section, and ive never guessed on more than 3 or 4 which blows pretty bad

  36. Prachi says:

    My test went LG, LR, LG, RC, LR

    Any idea which of the first section and third section was the experimental?

  37. Chris says:

    I agree RE the June 2011 LSAT being much easier. Maybe it was just nerves, but I had a tough time today. Thank you to whomever posted the info about canceling your score vs. a 1st low score. Hope everyone did well. If not, see you in December!

  38. sarah says:

    i wish this wasn’t true and that all these comments were representative of the general feeling of the exam (the lg section killed me, when normally i would finish it with flying colors) but i’m afraid that only neurotic people like ourselves who are worried about how we did on the lg section would only come back to a lsat blog hours later to gripe about the hellishness of a lsat section and find out if we can predict the curve by looking at everyone else’s responses.

  39. :) says:

    It’s interesting reading about all of you who were super confident in logic games and had nerves kicking in; I felt exactly the same. I’ve done every LG set ever released at least twice and getting perfect on them in avg. 30 minutes was the norm for me. Yet, somehow a couple of neurons fired a little too much/not enough, and after the second game I just had a total daze out… It wasn’t even because of the difficulty of the game, just free floating anxiety… Ugh, I hope it doesn’t drag my score down too much. Good luck to everyone!

    • max says:

      I had the exact same experience, game 3 and 4 made no sense and I just did the elimination questions, guessed on most of the rest and used that time to double check game 1 and 2.

  40. Brenton says:

    Hey, I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but it looks like LSAT can now include experimental sections in the 4th or 5th spot too. This is unprecedented as far as I know, so the LSAT prep companies better update their textbooks.


  41. Christine says:

    Something I’m wondering: will we get our scores back before the deadline to register for the December LSAT? They say 3-4 weeks, but 4 weeks plus 2 days puts us at the deadline for regular registration, so if there’s any delay…

    • soula says:

      yeah you will be fine because we get our scores back via email the 26th and the deadline to register for the december test is october 30th. I was thinking the same thing so I looked it up a few nights ago. Hope that helps!

      • Gulliver says:

        I don’t know how common this is in your area, but sometimes testing centers fill up and you are then put on a waiting list or standby for a spot in a testing center within a 100 mile radius of where you registered. For that reason I went ahead and registered. I didn’t want to take any chances, but then I knew that I would opt to cancel.

  42. ????? says:

    Some people on other forums are claiming that they had an experimental in section 4. Some people are grumbling that they had an experimental RC in section 4 and others say they had LR1:25 (S1) LR2:26 (S3) LR3:26(S4) with LR2 for sure being real, which either means this is a 102 question test or that this test is setting a precedent. Anyone able to shed some light on this?

  43. max says:

    LG on today’s test was a nightmare, game 1 was simple, but 3 and 4 were extremely hard, never had that kind of problem going through the lessons/homework. My order was LR, LG, RC, RC, LR. I only completed 3 passages on RC, found it difficult and time consuming. LR was pretty straight forward, however I noticed the typical answer choices on flaw questions were strangely worded. I felt like a ninja the night before and this morning, but right now I think cancelling is the most wise option.

  44. Kendra says:

    Did anyone else think the 2nd and 3rd LR sections were harder than most?

    Other than that, it was what I expected. I probably spent two much time on the 2nd LG game. It was pretty hard too.

  45. Jake says:

    I had LG LR RC RC LR so at least I knew my experimental.
    I thought LG section was rather time consuming; the third game had some elimination deductions but still managed to take good chunk of my time.
    Definitely though, I couldn’t claim that we had any hell game like mauve dinosaur game or writer/photographer’s assistants (ahahahaha tears) game.
    I sorta liked the reading comp passages. I thought they were on the more interesting side.

  46. Gel says:

    I had LG LR RC RC LR. Was the first RC the experimental for sure, despite what people are saying at TLS about some exams having exp’s in sect 4? I’m getting scared.

  47. Greg Proctor says:

    At my testing center in Tallahassee 20 out of the maybe 120 of us were denied access to the test at the door because the picture on our LSAT admissions ticket wasn’t the test administrators requirements. I wasn’t allowed to take it because there was 1/3 of a door in the background of my picture. 20 of us got kicked out because of our pictures from the October 1 LSAT. It’s outragous and apparantly happened all over the country. My picture met all the requirements stated on the ticket.

  48. Daniel says:

    So, how many questions were on the real thing???

  49. Ljmoney1001 says:

    I wish I had a feeling if relief and accomplishment right Noe bit I don’t. LG was horrible. Like everyone else, LR and RC were pretty easy. There were some similarly worded answers in the RC though to confuse things bit over all pretty good. I usually score around 165 and I’m praying to be above 160 after that game section. I hope that all the people canceling scores won’t make the curve tighter.


  50. GR says:

    My order was LG LR RC RC LR. Didn’t find the games too hard just really time consuming; ran out of time on the last 3 questions and it’s generally my best section. Neither of the LRs I had seemed too difficult, just standard range maybe with some harder questions in the middle. Same with the reading comp passages.

  51. Howdy says:

    Is there a time you can discuss questions more specifically? (Preferably before the cancel date of 6 days)

    I think if I could here some people’s responses to some LR questions I could get a better gauge of where I stand.

  52. Ljmoney1001 says:

    On the June test I think 73 correct was the 160 cut off- I hope it’s that generous this time… In the last 4 tests I don’t think the 160 cut off was any higher than 75 raw score- this test had 101 questions so if the 160 cut off is below 75 like it has been recently, that would be awesome! I think I only missed a total of 6 out of 51 LR questions and maybe 5 or so on RC- that would give me room to bomb 2 games and still pull over 160!


  53. Steve says:

    Does anyone agree that this LSAT had a lot more scientific passages than normal?

  54. A says:

    My order was LG LR LG RC LR
    —except for: I had a seizure (of the sort where you’re basically unconscious but can still look as if you’re going about your usual tasks, and then after the fact you’re totally amnesiac of the whole thing) right after beginning section 5, and wasn’t aware of any problem until they came around to collect our test books/answer sheets. At that point, I (totally baffled) inquired regarding why I hadn’t done section 5. Hah. The proctor cancelled my test, and instructed me to send a letter to LSAC explaining matters, and so December it is. All that aside, I thought LG1 was the experimental. Everything else seemed pretty tame (of the four sections I actually did, that is).

  55. t23prime says:

    I had the LG LR RC RC LR..anyone know which RC in this section was the experimental.

  56. Michelle says:

    I have read on a few law school websites that if you take the LSAT more than once… and achieve a 5-point or more increase on subsequent tests… you are asked to explain your score difference. I wonder how many times they will receive the single-word response “Blueprint.”

    Regarding the test… I believe the third section of RC (on my test) was experimental. In LR there was one ad hominem question about a politician that bothered me. Does anyone else recall this one? I cannot predict how I did on this test… even though I was able to do so on practice tests. I think the real test sapped my confidence. I do not plan to take the LSAT again.

    • Daniel says:

      I agree. I remember that one, and I am not taking it again. I get what I get and we will see where I land.

      • Michelle says:

        Yes… I am closing the LSAT chapter of my life. It is time to move forward and focus on the rest of the application process.

  57. Michelle says:

    Also, I just read on one LSAT blog on another website that the “experimental” sections can now be placed anywhere on the test. I am not sure if this is true or not… I am just passing along what I have heard. My brilliant and wise Blueprint instructor advised us to do our best on every section and not try to guess ahead of time which one was the experimental one anyway… so this is what I did.

    Apart from the exam, I also want to say that I consider what I learned from my Blueprint course to be invaluable beyond the LSAT. I know the goal is to score as high as possible on these exams in order to help us attend the law school of our choice. But I hope none of us loses sight of the fact that we have all been taught critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills that we will use for a lifetime. We are all better for having chosen Blueprint.

  58. ljmoney1001 says:

    Hey Michelle,

    How did you feel about the LG section? I thought that it was pretty challenging- I had friends that took blueprint and loved it but also felt that LG was tough. Even though we could set up diagrams and make deductions, questions that asked how many variables have a certain number of limitations were unusual and time consuming. I felt really comfortable with the other sections but LG was very difficult even with game strategy and deductions.

    I had an experimental game section that I aced but that doesn’t really matter. It did give me confidence to go 100% on the rest of the test with the hopes that the experimental was the scored section. I had LG scored in my first section but I din’t let it throw off my confidence because I told myself it was experimental. I went on to ace the next LG section and then saw the second game section in section 3. I smiled with the hope that the first section was possible experimental and kicked ass on the last few sections.

  59. Michelle says:

    For those of us who want to go to law school… methinks there is less competition out there these days for the 1L spots… at least in terms of the sheer volume of applicants:


  60. Kevin L says:

    I had LR, LG, LR, LR, RC and the with the math counting the first LR gave only 100 questions on the test, but counting the third gave 101. assuming that answers the question as to which one was the experimental

  61. Andrew Shipley says:

    hey, all the comments have been very helpful and, perhaps more importantly, reassuring. I hadn’t scored below a 176 on a practice test in weeks, and I took *a lot* of them, and moreover was harboring tentative 180 ambitions. And then in the logic game section on I guess it was the third one (I usually skip around) I just totally blew up. Managed to finish at the buzzer but straight guessed on a few, wasn’t confident on a handful, and didn’t stop shaking until half way through the next section. On the other hand, thought the rest of the test was a breeze. I’d be pretty upset if I didn’t score in the mid 170’s but I’m hesitant to cancel (I read the other post already, thanks). How should I be thinking about this? I really feel like I wouldn’t be shocked if the score came back anywhere in a 12 point range and I’m not sure what to do with that.

    • Ljmoney1001 says:

      I feel the same way- if the scale remains as generous as the last four test we should be ok. It would be great to know if there is a trend of consistent scaling.

  62. David P says:

    Hey fellow LSATers.

    I did not take Blueprint, I took Testmasters, but I had some kids in my class who took Blueprint first and thought they were fairly equal.

    I noticed this thread and there seems to be some good discussion; I figured I should just add how I am feeling since it helps me to read others experiences.

    I did not think the LSAT was super hard, I have taken 15 practice tests under precise real world conditions and I thought this was probably in the top 1/3 of harder tests, but I think my nerves had a lot to do with it. It was my first time taking the real test this past Saturday. I am a bit nervous about my score. Of my last 10 tests, I scored greater than or equal to a 170 on nine of them, my highest score being a 174, and about 173 four times. I normally finish LR sections about 5 mins or more early every time and this did not happen for me on the second LR section I had on the real test. I only had about 1 min left to go back to one or two questions before time was called. Also, the games weren’t the hardest I have ever seen, but they were challenging. The experimental games I had were so so so easy I almost knew it had to be the experimental before I walked out of the test. But I am normally not fantastic on the games, I average missing 2-3 each time. My saving grace has always been reading comp where I normally miss just between 0 and 2, and I normally miss 2-5 LRs. But the reading comp seemed tough this time to me, but I think it was just the pressure in retrospect. I really don’t know whats going to happen. I am fairly confident I got a high 160s, and wouldn’t be surprised about a 170, but the doubt is still there. I am sure many of you feel the same way. If I didn’t make my 170 minimum I will see you in December! Hope you all did well and take care.

  63. Hmm... says:

    Does anyone remember how many questions were on the RC?
    And I had LR AR LR LR RC

  64. Abe says:

    hey everyone, i took the october 4th LSAT, the order LR, RC, LR, LR, LG. it must have been a different test than the saturday one cuz the LG was a breeze-finished with five minutes to check over. what’s this about the experimental not having to be in the first three sections? can ppl pls shed some light because im hoping the third LR (4th section) is exp. cuz i feel that i got at least 4 wrong in that one. thx.
    the RC was not harder or easier than normal-i suck at them anyway, so i wouldn’t be surprised if i got 6 or 7 wrong. hope not though.

  65. There exists plainly a lot to know about this”

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