Your September 2017 LSAT Instant Reaction


A big congrats to all those who just completed the September 2017 LSAT from all of us at Blueprint! Now that the exam is over, let this post serve as a safe space for you to unwind and reflect on the exam. So if your speech has not already devolved into a string of champagne and confetti emojis, drop us a comment below to share your experience from today or anything you found notable about the exam. We’re hearing early reports that Reading Comp was quite heinous (as we predicted), with another comparative passage about judges earning the wrath of many test takers.

Or, if you just want to unpack your frustrations after a grueling exam, we’re here for you. We’ll be updating throughout the day.

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing any big specifics from any LSAT (this includes individual questions/answers, trying to identify the experimental section, etc.). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Went in feeling confident. Timing went awry on the first section and killed my mood for the rest of the test. RC was brutal. Registering for December tomorrow..

  2. Sonia says:

    The test was quick and intense! I have already signed up for Decembers test

  3. Don't know says:

    Not sure what to think or say but glad it’s over. Now a new frustration starts with waiting for the hoping for great news! I can’t see myself doing this again.

  4. zz7s says:

    So glad it’s over. I felt the game went smooth, but LR was hard.

  5. An Annonymous Canadian says:

    Felt great after the test! LR sections were straightforward and pretty easy I found, and the RC was surprisingly easy as well apart from the 3rd comparative passage which took me 10 minutes. The games were pretty standard as well. If you prepared well for the test and did well in practice, then this test likely went in your favor. Looking forward to seeing my score :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I left feeling frustrated at myself. I was incredibly consistent on practice exams but was slower on the actual exam, having to guess on more questions. My only hope: better accuracy on questions answered :(

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m with you guys. The first RC was so bad it completely threw me off. Any chance that was the tester???

  8. Anonymous says:

    The logic game section was very straightforward. There were no Neither games, nor any games that strayed outside of the standard ordering, grouping, and combo. I was stoked. Reading comp on the other hand… lord save me

  9. Anonymous says:

    RC was definitely brutal, LG was solid

  10. Amanda says:

    I feel pretty confident about LR (thanks to you guys at Blueprint!) LG were fairly straightforward as well. The RC section was one of the hardest sets I’ve ever worked on, and I usually do very well with RC. But that set was TOUGH. Overall feel cautiously optimistic about my score.

  11. alex says:

    This was my second go with the LSAT. It seemed to go pretty quickly, no time crunches in any section. The RC was tricky, but the LG was disturbingly straightforward for me (normally it’s the other way around). I actually went back through thinking there must be a hidden trick to one of the games somewhere. Maybe this is a new Psy-Ops method the LSAC is trotting out: induce paranoia in the test-takers and watch the test takers second guess themselves. They can even sit behind a one way whiteboard and laugh at the horror.

    Overall, I’m pretty optimistic this time around.

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