September LSAT Scores are Out! Now What?

In a time-honored tradition rivaled only by the free clinic for most stressful wait time ever, September LSAT scores are finally out. Hopefully, you are pleased with your score and are now breathing a huge sigh of relief (and enjoying a cold one). If, however, you’re in a dubious state of mind akin to looking across the bed the morning after a Vegas outing, help is here. Matt’s new video explains how to decide whether or not you should stick with the score you have or try try again in December.


In the video, Matt references three previous MSS posts that will be helpful in determining whether or not to take the December exam, including:

Applying to Law School in the Fall

Back Into the Lion’s Den?

But How High Can You Jump?

Don’t forget to check back as we’ll be posting a lot in the next few days to summarize all we’ve heard about the September exam (and to give you the dirt on Colin and Matt’s highly anticipated results).

3 Responses

  1. JT says:

    If you’re thinking of taking the December LSAT, don’t forget to check with schools to see if they average scores. Many don’t, but it’s such an important factor that you really want to make sure what the policy is for the schools to which you’re applying.

  2. S says:

    Hey Riley, how’d you end up doing on the test?

  3. Emoe says:

    If you submit your application fairly early and already have a reportable score is there any concern the application would be considered complete, that your index # will be assigned and your application reviewed and possibly rejected before any improved stats (Dec LSAT/Fall GPA) catch up with the application?

    In other words is it possible to apply too early if you are hoping an improved Dec. score will help your application? If so, when is too early?

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