The Day After the Day After


You shut your friends and family out of your life. You gave up that thing that was way too distracting. (Yes, we know about that thing. Blueprint is the Santa Claus of test preparation.) You studied and studied and studied. You pleaded with fate or whatever higher power you believe in. Maybe you even pleaded with a higher power you don’t believe in. In short, you turned your happy life upside down over a multiple-choice test. That test happened this past Saturday.

Now that the dust has settled and the post-party has petered out, it’s time to look back and assess what the heck just happened.

We heard from a good number of exam takers, and, when it comes to Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, our informants seemed to agree that there wasn’t really much to report. In fact, Reading Comprehension was rated as easier than usual by some.

The wild card – and this is often the case – was Logic Games. The third game in particular gave test takers heartburn. While there are strict rules about what we can and cannot say when breaking down a recent test, it seems that we may have had something like what happened in June 2014. On that test, there was a game about handing off a work piece between different employees of a company. There were very few rules, and a deduction or two were more or less necessary and sufficient to answer most of the questions.

The takeaway from that exam, which we hope most of you took to heart this time around, is to stay calm and execute the strategies you’ve practiced. The makers of the LSAT are great at appearing to be doing something new; they are, however, pretty bad at actually doing something new.

So how’d it go for you? Leave a comment below! We can’t talk about specific questions, but we’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. C4 says:

    The lR and RC sections were reasonable. The LG experimental section was too easy. The real LG section was difficult when Game 3 and 4 hit. I was hoping that the experimental LG section was the real thing, but it was just too easy. On the other hand after the test I felt that the real LG section was the experimental too because of that horrendous Game 3, but of course LSAC always has something up their sleeve.

  2. Christian says:

    This article was a great read, very accurate. I was preparing for the exam in the Los Angeles area near where I grew up. When I decided to register for the December exam, the deadline was near and I soon found that the only open test center in the Los Angeles area was 50 miles away in San Bernardino. Such an option was very unappealing and I decided to register for the exam in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Las Vegas is a city that is a home to me because I studied at UNLV. At this point in time, I have a few best friends, my mother, and some other relatives scattered throughout southern Nevada. The drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can be accomplished in 3 and half hours consistently if plans are made to avoid traffic.

    In the weeks prior to the exam I was contemplating booking a hotel or staying at my friends apartment. I did not want to stay where my mom was at because her location was a long drive from the test center and I wanted to be in a good state of mind before catching up with her. Now that the test is over I am glad that I waited until after the exam to go and catch up with her. Although the hotel options in Las Vegas are endless, I chose to save money and be with one of my best friends. The dude has a calming personality, was my roommate during my freshman year of college, we grew up in the same small hometown, and he is ultimately like a brother. The thought of posting up on his couch sounded amazing and I left Los Angeles Thursday evening and arrived in Las Vegas late that night after a fairly short drive.

    Friday, the day before the test was great. The night prior, another best friend was happy that I was back in town and ended up falling asleep on the couch that I was going to sleep on, so I fell asleep on the recliner that Thursday night. When I woke up I started going over some of the LR questions that I had missed in some timed sections that I had completed the previous day. After that I did a few logic games and then went to grab Hawaiian food with my two best friends who were throughout this entire time playing FIFA in the background all morning. I had a giant plate of steak teriyaki and chicken katsu.

    After I ate, the thought of preparing some more crossed my mind multiple times, but the test was the next morning and I decided to just relax and watch basketball instead. I saw one of the games that night as an extremely rare opportunity and I drove to the sports book and placed a light investment. Watching the game with 2 of my best friends was great, I did not seem to mind the fact that the team I had lightly invested in almost blew a 20 point lead late in the game.

    As the night progressed I relaxed more. I made a spinach smoothie that was blended with a banana and an orange. I prayed and realigned myself with god, prayer is a beautiful thing. 7 hours of sleep was the minimum goal and 9 was the maximum. I tried to fall asleep at around midnight but found myself still awake at 1AM. At that time my alarm was set to 5:15AM, but then I changed it to 6:15 in the middle of the night. I woke up once at 4am to use the restroom, but I easily fell asleep after.

    The morning of I did not feel tired. I showered and had no desire to eat anything. I ended up eating a Cliff Builders Bar which had 290 calories and this sustained me throughout the test. No traffic on an early Saturday morning was amazing. My room had 16 test takers and 3 proctors, the environment was cozy and comfortable. I also ran into a guy I knew in the parking lot and gave him a hug, it was great.

    The test itself was not too bad. I also thought that the RC section was slightly on the easier side, but for me any intuitive feeling on that section was never an accurate indicator of performance. There were 2 LG sections, I thought that one was slightly harder than the other. I took the writing sample seriously and almost ran out of time at the end. I had planned for a conclusion paragraph but there was no conclusion paragraph because I ran out of time, it is all good though.

    Later on I returned to my 2 friends. I ended up playing video games all night. Every few hours I would think, “I just took the LSAT today” and an amazing feeling would emerge. Now that it is Monday, that feeling is already gone. For dinner that night we had Costco food court food, hot dogs and pizza.

    Thanks for reading and good look with everything moving forward.

  3. Brittany Dierken says:

    The reading comprehension was moderate, but the logical reasoning seemed kind of difficult to me. There were a great deal of flaw questions and inference questions. It was crucial to know how to map out conditional statements and understand the transitive, converse and inverse properties. The logic games went pretty smoothly until I hit the 3rd game, but the first two seemed relatively simple as they were ordering and grouping.

  4. bigu says:

    I hope section 3 counts because if it does I feel strong on passing chances.

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