The Top 3 Reasons to Take the January LSAT


I know it’s only October, but here at Blueprint LSAT Prep, we have decided to blow through Halloween — forget Thanksgiving – and don’t even think about Christmas/Hannukah/the winter solstice/your holiday of choice. That’s right, it’s time to talk about January. Why January? Well, because when it comes to LSAT prep, it behooves you to think ahead, and it just so happens that there are several reasons taking the January test could be a good idea for you.

1. You can ask your family to subsidize your LSAT prep expenses

The winter holidays become significantly less fun as an adult. As a kid, I would pore through catalogs to assemble the perfect, ranked list of the gifts I hoped to receive. But as an adult, I am truly at the point where I will ask for a nice pair of socks.

So, as an adult, getting gifts becomes less about getting things that are super fun and more about getting things that you’d rather not spend your own money on. And it just so happens that LSAT prep materials fall pretty firmly into that category. Well, if you are taking the January LSAT, around the holidays you might be realizing that you’d really like a Logic Games book or some tutoring hours — and Auntie Mabel was planning on getting you a pair of those socks you like, but when she hears about how hard you’re working to better your future employment prospects, she’ll probably be willing to throw in for some LSAT stuff.

2. You can get your resolution crossed off the list early

We all know the drill: At the beginning of January, your mind is aflame with all the ways that you’re going to improve and become a smarter, sexier, well-organized person who works out at 5 AM every day and spends every Sunday afternoon meal prepping salads for the upcoming week. But by February, those good intentions are long gone, and you’re back on your grind of sleeping in ’til noon and ordering takeout six times per week.

In other words, January is the peak motivation season, and it’s all downhill from there. Fortunately, if you take the January LSAT, your peak need for motivation will coincide with that peak season. This can be the year that you finally admit to yourself that that resolution just ain’t happening — but for at least a couple weeks, you can put your nose to the grindstone and focus on crushing the LSAT.

3. It’s not like you’ll want to be outside anyway

This might be more of a Me Problem than a universal thing, but I (1) live in Boston and (2) don’t ski/snowboard/participate in other outdoor winter activities. Consequently, there are very few things that can entice me to leave my house during the shortest, darkest, coldest days of the year.

Fortunately, your house is the perfect place to be if you’re studying for the LSAT! You’ll be safe from any potential distractions as you bury your head in LSAT-related tomes.

So the January LSAT administration is our sleeper choice for top times to take the test — it flies under the radar as being “too close to the holidays” and “will interfere with having too much to drink at my office holiday party and waking up with no memories the next morning,” but maybe those so-called downsides are actually benefits. If you’re trying to figure out a time to take the LSAT, consider the January test!

And, if you needed one more reason, we have a January LSAT sale going on right now! Until Sunday, October 28th, at 11:59 pm Pacific, you can get $300 off our classroom course (just use promo code JAN300 when checking out), $150 off our live online course (JAN150), and $75 off the first month of a subscription to our online course (JAN75).

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