Blueprint LSAT Instructor Get-to-Know: Southern California II

With most of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s summer courses getting started this weekend, it’s time to wrap up our ongoing LSAT blog series, Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know.

We’ve had a lot of fun. It all started with New York LSAT prep instructorsMatt Shinners, Christian Benante, and Andy Kiersz. Then we learned about Boston and Washington DC LSAT prep instructors Laura Santoski and Mark Salvador, followed by Steve Homola, Patrick Moore, and Adam Kravatz in Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia. The next installment highlighted Texas LSAT prep instructors Jessica Jackelen, Mark Kao, and Sam Huang. Then we checked out Bay area LSAT prep instructors Aaron Cohn, Nick Rey, Phil Belleau, and Ben DeGolia, followed by Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle LSAT prep instructors Dylan Gadek, Nick McIntosh, and Yuko Sin. Last week, we met Jay Donnell, Carol Dysart, Branden Frankel, and Lucas Peterson in the first installment of Instructor Get-to-Knows for Southern California LSAT prep.

This week on the LSAT blog, part II of the Los Angeles area. So slap on some shades and say hello to:

Blueprint’s Pasadena, Riverside, UCLA, and USC LSAT Prep


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?
105.1 country music station. I’m not usually a country fan, but for the past few weeks it’s just been speaking to me. I stumbled upon it accidentally driving to class a couple weeks ago and haven’t hit the dial since. Now I’m rolling down the windows, flying down the 10, and wishing I could be where there are more trucks than cars.

2) You’re on death row (shame on you!). What’s your last meal?
I’d probably see if they’d let me BBQ a pork shoulder and make some North Carolina-style pulled pork. With some Stone I.P.A., I think that meal would be just fine.
3) Which famous person would you marry right now, no questions asked, and why?
MARRY!? We’re asking who I would marry without ever meeting? We’re asking to whom I would make a lifetime commitment, the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life, without uttering a word to that person? This is preposterous.

Lisa Loeb. No questions asked, no questions answered. (Cat eye glasses)

4) If you had a time machine, when/where would you visit, and why?
I would love to say something grand, something important. I would love to say that I would go back to witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The thing is, being there would probably be pretty boring in reality. A bunch of old dudes talking about law blah blah blah.

I think I’d go back to 2004 and freak myself out by hiding around corners and popping out and screaming at myself.

5) What’s your best LSAT story?
I studied really hard and felt very prepared walking into the LSAT. Because of this, I did really well on the LSAT and felt super proud of myself.

HAHA PSYCH! My story involves an alley that I studied in and an illegal garbage collector named Joe. It’s too long to tell here, though.

No, but really…it felt great to be super prepared.


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?
Lately it’s been The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Outkast, Green Day, George Carlin, Louis CK, and whatever is on NPR during my commutes. Oh, and that “Blurred Lines” song has been stuck in my head for about three weeks now.

2) You’re on death row (shame on you!). What’s your last meal?
A 20×20 animal style from In-n-Out, half the menu of Phil’s BBQ, a plate of Lolita’s carne aside fries the size of a sandbox, a handle of Gentleman Jack, and a keg of Alesmith Horny Devil. That’s right, I’m sending my arteries and liver out in style. I’m taking myself down before The Man even has a chance.
3) Which famous person would you marry right now, no questions asked, and why?
I’m going to have to go with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Probably not the first name that comes to mind, but this is a total power move. Think about it: She’s probably going to be president someday, which would make me the first First Guy. Also, she looked pretty badass in that one picture of her checking her Blackberry. Yeah, yeah, I know she’s married, but I’m sure Bill would manage.

4) If you had a time machine, when/where would you visit, and why?
I would go back to the day before I took this picture and get a damn haircut.

5) What’s your best LSAT story?
I guess you’re asking about my own personal LSAT story, since my favorite stories all involve watching my students transform into LSAT blackbelts and eventually get into the law schools of their dreams. But as for me, the first time I took the LSAT for real I bombed the first reading comp passage and ended up scoring eight points below my practice score range (damn you, Mexican American literature!). Initially, I put off law school and got into teaching, leaving this disappointment on the back-burner. When I left my job almost three years later, the first thing I did was sign up for the next available LSAT seeking vengeance (and an LSAT score in the 170s). After extensive study, I finally got that 173 (victory is mine!). Not only did that LSAT score give me the gratification I long sought, it also enabled me to have a shot at teaching for Blueprint, which has been the most rewarding, challenging, and flat-out fun job I have ever had.


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?
On top of my most-played list is a certain Watch the Throne track that I don’t think I’m allowed to actually say the name of.

2) You’re on death row (shame on you!). What’s your last meal?
ACT ONE: I would just ask for the normal dinner being served to the general prison population that night. This would obviously be unprecedented and there’d be a decent amount of gossip and speculation about the implications of the choice. This is the pretext for allowing other characters to flesh out the background of my character and the murder I was convicted of. This would all culminate when the guards come to serve the meal, only to find the cell uninhabited, with signs of some massive electromagnetic event having occurred, and an elaborate but crude contraption made out of Bic pens (product placement opportunity) and the motors of electric razors lying on the ground (spoiler: it is a time machine).
3) Which famous person would you marry right now, no questions asked, and why?
Kate Upton, because it is important for instructors to seem like regular people with normal tastes that make accessible pop-culture references.

4) If you had a time machine, when/where would you visit, and why?
ACT TWO: I go back to the day and location of the murder I was wrongfully sentenced to death for. My purpose is to either stop the murder from happening in the first place or at least identify the true killer so I can exonerate myself. I check to make sure that the Prime-timeline Johnny is where I remember being, then go to the victim’s house to warn them. At this point you’d expect some cliché predestination paradox plot device where I contaminate the crime scene, leaving the very DNA evidence that will eventually be used to convict me. But that’s NOT what happens. Instead, the crime has still already been committed, and I catch a glimpse of the real killer who is *TWIST* a much older looking version of me. This sets up the third act which will be fleshed out the next time Blueprint makes me contribute to the blog.

5) What’s your best LSAT story?

I was gonna tell the story about my first class where I got marker all over my face but somebody else already told the exact same story so just find his. I’m kind of too busy working out the third act.


Don’t forget: You can find out more about all Blueprint LSAT Prep instructors (including co-founders Trent Teti and Matt Riley) by visiting our handy dandy instructor page.

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  1. Brian Trinh says:

    To whom I may properly address this to,

    Hello, my name is Brian Trinh, and I am interested in taking a Blueprint LSAT course sometime in the summer (either the July session or the October one). However, I want to apply the coupon of 300 dollars off the in-class session that Mr. Sam Fox offered during his sample teaching session at the Bruin Development Academy in UCLA.

    Although the academy conductors said I would receive an email listing the coupon, I still have not received that email. Hence, this email serves to detail my interest in taking the course and applying the discount to the Pasadena location (since I live closer to there than LA).

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance in this matter. I hope to hear from you guys soon!


    Brian Trinh

    • Greg Nix says:

      Hi Brian,
      I’ve passed your info along to our staff and they’ll send you an e-mail! Alternatively, you can call 1-888-4BP-PREP and speak with a representative at any time during normal business hours (8:00 AM-6:30 PM Pacific Time). Sorry for the inconvenience, but we look forward to speaking with you soon!


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