Logical Reasonings

/ 1.12.11

A) Man wants to be a public defender. Bar review cites him for character flaw. Above the Law.

B) Extremist church threatens to picket the funeral of a nine year old shot in the Tuscon shooting this past week. Another sick side of an increasingly disturbing story. WSJ Law Blog.

C) The dangers of drunkenly driving a snowplow cannot be exaggerated. CNN.

D) Michael Dyer’s knee was not down; his WRIST was. Auburn should have lost. Youtube.

E) The rise of Facebook sees the death of Myspace. I’m sure Zuckerberg will pour our a bottle of Blue Label for you. New York Times.

2 Responses

  1. Alec says:

    one man’s solution for the Westborough Baptists (from my recollection, they aren’t really even a church, just took advantage of a loophole and got tax-exempt): http://bl1y.com/?p=2417

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