World of Warcraft and Other Awesome Lawsuits


We thought we’d break up the mid-week monotony with a round-up of some of the more ridiculous lawsuits of all time.

First up is Erik Estavillo, who has nothing better to do (apparently) than sue video game companies. He currently has lawsuits filed against four different gaming corporations. One of our favorites is against Activision Blizzard, known to computer dating enthusiasts and Star Trek convention attendees as the maker of World of Warcraft. Estavillo is up in arms that the avatars in the game must run long distances in the fictional worlds since it extends playing time, presumably forcing him to pay more since the game comes with a $14.99 monthly subscription fee. So the unicorn is running through the fairy world too slowly and he has to pay for another month to unearth the magic dagger from the crypt. That’s rough.

Then there’s the costume designer behind “Riverdance” who is suing the creators of the show for not compensating him for the royalties he’s due. Because it took that much creativity to think of green costumes for Irish dancers.

Remember that show “Fear Factor”? Everyone thought their gross-out dares were pretty disgusting, but were they really that big of a deal? In 2005 Austin Aitken sued NBC for $2.5 million, claiming that watching contestants drink rats mixed in a blender caused him to feel ill. Dear Austin, The name of the show is Fear Factor. What did you think you would be watching—contestants sipping Chianti while supping on rack of lamb? Please go play World of Warcraft with Erik and leave the legal world out of it.

Finally, you know things aren’t going so well for Carly Simon, after she sued Starbucks for not properly promoting her 2007 album. This one is actually more sad than anything. I mean, the last time we heard from her it was 1972, Warren Beatty was a sex symbol, and she was singing “You’re So Vain”. Is it really Starbuck’s fault that Simon’s songs aren’t selling that well?

For more good frivolous law suit reading, check out another list here.

4 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    It’s interesting how all of these frivolous lawsuits are in the entertainment industry. These people need to get out of the house once and a while and stop taking themselves so seriously.

  2. spags says:

    If watching someone drink blended rats makes you feel sick, turn it off. Seriously, people.

  3. JT says:

    Then there’s the judge who sued some drycleaners for over 67 million for a pair of lost pants.
    A judge. How sad is that.

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