Logical Reasonings / 10.19.16

A. Hey, NBD or whatever, but Blueprint showed up in an article in the Atlantic Monthly. The Atlantic

B. UCLA School of Law is offering $100,000 to the winners of a student entrepreneurship challenge. The Daily Bruin

C. It appears that Hillary Clinton’s debate prep has been focused less on policy than it has on psychology. Business Insider

D. Despite seeing his other children, Brad Pitt apparently hasn’t seen his eldest son, Maddox, since his split with Angelina Jolie. Looks like the ugliness isn’t just between mom and dad. AOL

E. Rigged election? Not according to anybody with any actual information on the subject. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 10.18.16

A. Here’s a few pointers on law school application supplemental essays. US News & World Report

B. Law school extracurriculars: good idea, bad idea, or something else entirely? Above the Law

C. The New Horizons spacecraft is headed toward a mysterious, red object. Gizmodo

D. Training cats… impossible, you say? Slate

E. You thought 80’s nostalgia was over with the final episode of Stranger Things, but you were wrong. Tech Crunch

Logical Reasonings / 10.17.16

A. In the ongoing battle over whether the law school previously known as South Texas College of Law may now call itself Houston College of Law, plaintiff Houston University Law School has won a significant early round. Inside Higher Ed

B. Long time Fox News Channel host Shep Smith came out as gay to the Huffington Post, defending Roger Ailes in the process. The Daily Beast

C. President Obama has given the first inkling of what he’ll do with his post-presidency. Talking Points Memo

D. The best subreddit is clearly r/roastme. College Humor

E. Although totally drowned out by election coverage, you ought to know that Iraqi government forces are assaulting Iraq’s second largest city, attempting to dislodge ISIS fighters, with substantial help from US forces. NPR