Logical Reasonings / 12.5.17

A. LSAC has $1.5 million this coming year for programs and fee waivers to help students from underrepresented groups go to law school. LSAC

B. The GRE nets another one with Brooklyn Law School. PR Newswire

C. Dr. Phil, Medicine Man has a son who is a lawyer and that son who is a lawyer is developing a sitcom based on his law school experience. Law.com

D. Today is oral arguments for the most publicized SCOTUS case this session, the wedding cake case (Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission). SCOTUSblog

E. Despite Michael Flynn taking a plea deal (in which one would pleas guilty, to be clear), some are organizing a legal defense fund for the former Trump national security advisor. Newsweek

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Mastering the First Stage of Your LSAT Studies

Now that Blueprint classes for the February LSAT are underway, you’re going to be learning a lot and it’s going to come at you quickly. So this is a good time to go over what’s most important from the first few lessons. What should you really make sure you get down, and what don’t you need to worry about too much.

Here are the things that are really important right now:

Logical Reasonings / 12.4.17

A. Trying to save for law school can be daunting, but here’s a potential solution: A prospective UVA student is living in a van (presumably down by a river) before matriculation. Daily Progress

B. A small brewery created a beer called the “Dilly Dilly IPA,” in reference to Bud Light’s current slogan and your dad’s favorite commercial. The Bud Light legal team spared the brewer from the pit of despair, but did send a town crier to the brewery to deliver a cease and desist letter. Above the Law

C. Also in questionable legal strategies, Trump’s attorney claimed that a president technically cannot obstruct justice. Legal experts say that is technically incorrect. Washington Post

D. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, allowed the third version of the travel ban to go into effect in its entirety, effectively blocking travel from 8 predominately Muslim countries. NY Times

E. If there are three things we can all agree on in this divided country, they are: (1) the rich have it way too tough, (2) our health care system works too well, and (3) our natural splendor is too well-protected. While the White House works on fixing the first two, Trump just fixed that last problem. NPR