Logical Reasonings / 11.30.16

A. Women make up about half of law school students, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve achieved full equality there or in the legal profession. The New York Times

B. A recent graduate of UC Hastings College of Law committed suicide after learning he’d failed the bar exam. Take care of your emotional health. As a law student and lawyer, that’s important. Above the Law

C. Tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are on pre-sale now. Mashable

D. The Supreme Court is taking on an issue in immigration law that may have become a lot more important given the president-elect’s promises to deport millions of immigrants. NPR

E. The United States continues to see strong job growth. USA Today

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Awww… Does the widdle baby have a dirty diaper? Let the administration fix it for you.

With the surprise election of Donald Trump, colleges have stepped in to deal with some of the fall out. The responses have ranged from therapeutic cuddle time with puppies and kittens at the University of Pennsylvania to safe spaces where students can receive counseling at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Logical Reasonings / 11.29.16

A. Here are some of the trials and tribulations of LSAT students just like you. US News & World Report

B. So, the next president wants to strip people who burn the flag of their citizenship. Never mind the fact that flag burning was ruled to be political speech protected by the First Amendment. The Daily Caller

C. Let’s take a look back at the life of Fidel Castro, beloved by some and hated by others. The New York Daily News

D. Have you gotten an Amazon Echo yet? Good. It’s now obsolete, so get the new one. Business Insider

E. Will Moonlight sweep the Oscars? That might put a dent in #oscarssowhite. The Huffington Post

Logical Reasonings / 11.28.16

A. Wanna hit the ground running after law school? Master trial advocacy, and you will conquer all. US News & World Report

B. Law schools kowtow to US News & World Report rankings. Is this a good thing? Probably not? Is it going to change any time soon? Not a chance. The Washington Post

C. There was a report of an active shooter on the Ohio State campus. It’s been a while since we had one of these, so it was apparently time. :( USA Today

D. Dylann Roof, the man who shot a group of churchgoers in South Carolina, has opted to represent himself at trial. The Daily Caller

E. Kimye are as strong as ever, even with Kanye in the hospital with what appears to be a nervous breakdown. Yahoo! News