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You Didn’t Get The Score You Wanted. Now What?

January LSAT scores were released today, which means that after weeks of impatient waiting and hours of frantic email-refreshing, January test-takers have finally met their fates. Every time LSAC releases LSAT scores, recipients fall roughly into one of three camps:

Logical Reasonings / 2.13.19

A. Ever wondered why you can’t use mechanical pencils on the LSAT? LSAC is afraid you might put tiny cameras in there to record … stuff? Like, a bunch of sweaty pre-law types, we guess? At any rate, let’s have a moment of silence for the thousands of trees who sacrificed their beauty to become LSAT-required wooden pencils. ABA Journal

B. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so here’s a little pillow talk for all you star-crossed lovers — you know, to set the ~mood~ — try asking your SO how much student debt they have. Above the Law

C. Above the Law also reminded their readers about the worst-case scenario interruption of the 2008 California bar exam. Above the Law

D. Forbes ruminates on the future of law schools. Forbes

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: You can’t just, like, pretend to have a kid, and pretend that the kid has cancer, in order explain away a low LSAT score. And then you can’t use that same lie again to get a continuance for your trial. And then use the same lie twice more. People will eventually catch on. ABA Journal

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Valentine’s Day Logic Games!

With February 14th just around the corner, love is in the air. But if you’re studying for an upcoming LSAT, the love you bare is surprising, unexpected. You don’t want to admit it to yourself, but the feeling is undeniable — you’re falling in love with logic games.

Admit it: You totally are, you amorous, analytical, thing, you.

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Free Law School Valentine’s Day Cards

We here at Blueprint love a good cheesy pun–it’s the blueprint to our hearts. So we decided to create some fun downloadable Valentine’s Day Cards you can (legally) send your boo, BFF, classmate, peer, etc. And they wouldn’t be Blueprint cards if they didn’t have some reference to the LSAT, so we made them with a nod to the legal field. Download and share them to your heart’s content. Note: Blueprint LSAT is not responsible for any declarations of love gone wrong that might occur when you send them.

BPPJune LSAT Classes
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Time to Start Prepping for the June LSAT

It’s heating up out there—I mean, I guess not if you live anywhere on the East Coast. The end of the Spring Semester will be here before you know it and that means the June LSAT is looming over the horizon. This year, the June LSAT will be extra special because it’s the last time everyone will take a paper LSAT (you know, because the LSAT is going digital in July and whatnot). According to an official-nonofficial Blueprint poll across social media, 30% of students plan to take the June 2019 LSAT. Many just don’t want to go through the uncertainty that a new digital LSAT brings. If this is you, it’s time to starting thinking about June test prep.