A law school’s cost is only one factor in assessing value.

One of the biggest factors driving students in their choice of law schools is cost. Forbes recently put out a list of the most expensive law schools for 2017. Even when you know exactly what a school costs, it is still difficult to recognize the best value. I’m going to cover some of the factors I would recommend considering, beyond the mere cost of attendance.

Employment Statistics. There may have been a time when jobs were handed out like Halloween candy to recent grads, but we don’t live in that world any more.

Logical Reasonings / 3.21.17

A. Preet Bharara was fired as US Attorney for the southern district of New York. This was only after the Trump Administration asked him to resign, a request Bharara declined. A week later, he’s signed on with NYU Law. CNBC

B. GRE or LSAT? How ’bout neither? Slate

C. This guy sued a bar in Philly because they wouldn’t serve him. What was the problem? His #MAGA hat. philly.com

D. Literally anything is better when you add a dancing zebra to it. UPROXX

E. Ivanka’s got her own office in the West Wing. The Hollywood Reporter

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Classroom Courses for the June LSAT are here!

June 12 is closer than you think, and we’re gearing up to turn another round of LSAT beginners into LSAT ninjas across the country. A few of our classes have already started, but we’ve got a veritable landslide of LSAT course goodness coming your way soon. Here’s a list of classes starting in the next two weeks, and there’s probably one in your neighborhood:

Logical Reasonings / 3.20.17

A. Getting admitted to law school doesn’t mean you can’t get unadmitted. Watch out for these. US News & World Report

B. Are women cynically manipulating maternity leave? SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch seems to think so. NPR

C. A D.C. lawyer is suing Donald Trump in an effort to force him to disclose information about his business interests and possible conflicts of interest. Politics USA

D. The Republican plan to replace Obamacare is caught between Republicans who think it’s too harsh, and those who think it’s not harsh enough. Nobody seems to think it’s just the right level of harsh. CNN

E. Nintendo Switch is goin’ gangbusters! Inquirer