Logical Reasonings / 6.15.18

A. Aside from used mattresses, hotel lotion, and Chick-Fil-A franchises, what else did EPA administrator Scott Pruitt use his position to secure for himself and his family? How about a seat at UVA Law for his daughter. NY Times

B. Harvard Law is being sued after its own review of its admissions policies raised concerns that the policies harmed Asian-American applicants. Boston Globe

C. Canada had its own Masterpiece Cakeshop-style case with a suit concerning a proposed evangelical law school. The Supreme Court of Canada decided theirs the opposite of how we decided ours. CBC News

D. Paul Manafort, still awaiting trial, is now going to jail after his bond was revoked for witness tampering. Washington Post

E. But Rudy can’t fail with his legal advice for Manafort: just wait and maybe get pardoned the president whose campaign you managed. Vox

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June 2018 Post-LSAT Carnival

With another LSAT cycle behind us, it’s time for a roundup of the very best that the internet (well, mostly LSAT takers on Reddit) have to say about the June 2018 exam! Since this is not my first time scrolling through LSAT discussion forums, I can tell you that this week, just like any post-LSAT week, is mainly made up of the most earnest of students, engaging in the post-LSAT tradition of comparing the general topics of the exam in order to deduce which of their own sections was the Experimental (and if you’re a June ’18 LSAT taker who doesn’t know what I mean about using internet forums to figure out which sections were Experimental, get online and see for yourself). So what I present below are the most unique internet discussions from the June test, which also just might make you feel better about your own exam.

Logical Reasonings / 6.14.18

A. The 2018 World Cup kicks off today, so here’s a matching of teams to law schools. Above the Law

B. USC, which is second to UCLA in all regards, is now the second LA law school to accept the GRE. Law.com

C. A proposal to change the approach to law school, and go beyond merely learning how to “think like a lawyer.” ABA Journal

D. NY filed suit against Trump and the Trump Foundations for misusing the nonprofit funds. Interestingly, the President’s pardon powers do not extend to state crimes … Washington Post

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class (file under: Actually, Maybe Think They Do): Don’t bring the details of the murder case you’re presiding over to the Facebook comments section. Louisville Courier-Journal

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A Starting Salary of $190K?!

A short time ago, a so-called “biglaw” firm in New York created a stir in the legal community by announcing starting salaries of $190K. Over the last week, a growing number of firms has matched the new salary scale, which is sure to catch the eye of many prospective law students. This post is going to cover (1) how to get a job offer from these types of firms and (2) what those jobs entail for new associates.

Logical Reasonings / 6.13.18

A. Last warning: tonight is the last night to sign up for the July LSAT. LSAC

B. Pro-tip: Try to not accrue over a mill in student debt. Wall Street Journal

C. A law student discusses how weird and not-at-all comforting it is to sit in a Con Law class and confront the racist decisions and justifications the Supreme Court has made. Above the Law

D. A look into how Sessions is using a loophole of immigration law to drastically change how immigration law functions. Slate

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class (file under: No Doy): Don’t plagiarize over 1,000 words in a legal brief from the internet. ABA Journal