Logical Reasonings / 2.21.17

A. New rules at Dept. of Homeland Security sweep in millions as priority targets of deportation and cuts due process for those rounded up. Here it comes. The Hill

B. An unnamed professor at University of Minnesota School of Law is in jail on sec crimes charges. Minnesota Daily

C. Forgetful? Fuhgeddaboutit! Mental Floss

D. It’s generally agreed upon that non-citizens outside the borders of the US generally don’t enjoy the protections of the Constitution. But what about one who was hit by a bullet fired inside this country? US News & World Report

E. Crucial info for Star Wars nerds. Cinema Blend


The 9th Circuit and the Immigration Ban

Last week, the Ninth Circuit upheld the lower court’s temporary restraining order on the Trump administration’s travel ban. If you listen to some news outlets, you’ve probably heard this described as an activist decision by politically motivated judges. To those on the other side of the issue, this was a much needed check by the judiciary on a rogue executive. But for all the opinions being bandied about, it is important to understand what the Ninth Circuit’s decision actually did — and didn’t — do.

Logical Reasonings / 2.17.17

A. Just try and find someone that Charlotte School of Law hasn’t cheesed off. Above the Law

B. To be clear, The White House has denied this, but it’s been reported that Trump is considering calling up the National Guard to round up people for deportation. Huffington Post

C. Trump’s EPA pick has been ordered by a federal judge to release thousands of pages of documents from his time as Oklahoma Attorney General. Elizabeth Warren is pleased. Mic

D. Florida Man is at it again. Think explosives meets insider trading of a sort. Weird. Even for Florida Man. The Chicago Tribune

E. Mike “Lock-her-up” Flynn seems to have run afoul of the law on numerous fronts. The Hill

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How law school got its groove back. Or didn’t.

Did you hear that applications to Hofstra University’s law school have nearly doubled in a year? No? Well, it’s true. Of course, it’s fallacious to assume that one law school on Long Island is representative of what’s happening in general — I’d argue it’s generally a bad idea to extrapolate from Long Island to the

Logical Reasonings / 2.16.17

A. After seeing the nomination for Labor Secretary of a fast food mogul go down in flames, we now have a law school professor nominee. Above the Law

B. Is Trump making law school great again? Quartz

C. Here comes the Snap IPO. Do you think the company is worth $18 billion? More? Less? Forbes

D. Milo Yiannopolous brings controversy wherever he goes, first Berkeley, and now Real Time with Bill Maher. Washington Times

E. Trump’s policy on inner city problems falls into two categories: I’ve got a black friend, and I’ve got to find someone with a black friend. The Week