Logical Reasonings / 8.13.18

A. Those currently signed up for the September LSAT, don’t forget: Tomorrow at 11:59 pm EDT is the deadline to change your test date, test center, or get a partial refund. LSAC

B. Some tips on how to succeed during the all-important first semester of 1L. Above the Law

C. A back-and-forth conversation on the issues prospective law students should consider before committing to the legal path. ABA Journal

D. Progressive fans of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter to make her an amulet that will grant her ever-lasting life an action figure. CNBC

E. A Trump-appointed federal judge affirmed Mueller’s authority to conduct the special investigation, after Concord Management and Consulting challenged the constitutionality of his appointment. Or, as Trump himself would say, the appointment was “totally CONSTITUTIONAL!” CNN

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The LSAT, Still the King of Law School Admissions

Have you heard? The LSAT is back. It was almost gone as we knew it, but now it’s emphatically here and stronger than ever.

I suppose if you’re currently neck deep in fallacies and scenarios as you study for the September exam, the LSAT is extremely here and in no need of coming back, so maybe a little context is necessary.

Logical Reasonings / 8.10.18

A. It’s score release day for all the July LSAT test takers! Congratulations to you all for making it past one of the most significant milestones on your path to law school.

B. A reminder for September test takers: Next Tuesday, August 13th is the last day to change your test date, test center, or get a partial refund. LSAC

C. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings will commence on September 4th. ABA Journal

D. With all the celebrities getting caught and reprimanded for behaving badly, insurance companies are now offering “disgrace policies” to protect celebrities against their own terrible impulses. Law.com

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Apparently, stalking via drones is OK? WPLG Local10

Logical Reasonings / 8.9.18

A. LSAC has learned the error of its score release ways, and will release the July 2018 scores on Friday, starting at 9 am Eastern. @Official_LSAT

B. Here’s a new update to the much maligned writing sample: LSAC is conducting field tests for an do-it-at-home version of the writing sample. It’s sending out invitations to volunteers for the field test — those who accept the invitation won’t get to skip the writing sample on the real LSAT, but they will get a free law school report. @DaveKilloran

C. Will the ABA’s decision to keep the rule that requires law schools to use a standardized test for admissions stymie the number of schools that are accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT? Maybe, given the costs and time needed to satisfy the rule’s requirement that school’s using alternate tests demonstrate the reliability of those tests. ABA Journal

D. A new study shows that the chances of getting good grades during 1L depends largely on whether you look like your professor … which is great news for white cis men, who are finally getting a much-needed advantage. Law.com

E. On the importance of not having a loan-shaming SO in law school. Above the Law