Reading Comp IRL

We often recommend that students who want to get an advance start on their LSAT classes read dense publications such as The Economist as a way of preparing for the Reading Comprehension section. Today, we’re putting our money where our proverbial mouth is, and taking it one step further: We’re guiding you through an Economist article as though it were a Reading Comprehension passage.

When selecting an article, I decided to find an article in the “Science and Technology” category, since I know science-related passages can be scary for students. The lucky winner? “Strange Signals from the Sky May Be Signs of Aliens.”

Logical Reasonings / 3.17.17

A. There is giddy (rampant?) speculation about how widespread the acceptance of the GRE at the nation’s law schools will become. Above the Law

B. If you’re a firm believe in the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” these are the top law schools for you. Forbes

C. A Syrian, who is currently in Jordan, is suing over the travel ban. Is this justice? Or are we selling ourselves short by extending Constitutional protections to noncitizens overseas? ABC News

D. Good news. Now we’ve alienated the Brits. BBC

E. Move over, Siri. Alexa needs to unpack her bags. Wired

Logical Reasonings / 3.16.17

A. All you need to know about Trump’s proposed “hard power” budget is that it gives Elmo the ax. The Atlantic

B. If they can keep from exploding in users’ pockets and purses, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 phones promise some slick features. BGR

C. Everyone outside the Eastern time zone sees SNL spoilers in their news feeds while waiting to watch SNL. No more. Buzzfeed

D. Full participation in our society requires that you know Selena Gomez’s thoughts and feelings on a wide range of issues. Here’s just a starter. E! Online

E. Will Mayweather face McGregor in the Octagon? FOX Sports

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Read this to avoid June LSAT gloom.

Blueprint classes for the June LSAT are getting started soon (a few are already underway). It’s a good time to talk about where the June LSAT puts you in terms of the law school application cycle.

If you’re taking the June LSAT, you’re looking at applying to law school this fall to start in fall 2018. Application deadlines for fall 2017 have come and gone. Law schools made some exceptions to their deadlines when applications were falling and they were desperate for students, but it looks like applications are on the way up right now.


Federal Prosecutors’ Role In Government

With the firing of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, people might like to know a bit more about the role of prosecutors in “the system.”

Prosecutors have enormous power. First, prosecutors decide whether to bring any charges at all against a given defendant. If a prosecutor decides not to bring charges against a defendant, no one can appeal this decision — it’s final.