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The Morning Cometh: The February 2018 LSAT Recap

The February 2018 LSAT marks the start of the new year for LSAC and law school hopefuls — sort of. Based on some calendar chicanery from LSAC, they’re actually saying the new year is the start of the new year is in June 2018. It’s a long story, but sort of relevant for today’s purposes.


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Your February 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction

Many, many congratulations to all of you future lawyers out there who are just getting out of the February LSAT! Once those waves of excitement die down (seriously, no more LSAT studying for you, at least for a little bit!), we’d love to hear how it went for you! So before you indulge too much in your celebratory elixir of choice, drop us a comment below to share your experience in the LSAT today.

Logical Reasonings / 2.9.18

A. If you’re taking the February LSAT tomorrow, best of luck from all of us at Blueprint. Make sure you’ve reviewed the list of what you can and cannot bring into your test center tomorrow. LSAC

B. If you were planning on taking the exam at Valparaiso University, Northern Illinois University, or College of DuPage, then your LSAT has been postponed due to inclement weather. Keep an eye out for an email from LSAC with more deets next week. On the plus side, more study time! LSAC

C. We are not forgetful boyfriends at Blueprint — we remember Valentine’s Day and we’re giving you a gift: a $200 discount on any classroom course, starting next week. From Monday, February 12th at 9 am PST until Friday, February 16th at 6 pm PST, you can get that discount on Blueprint’s classroom course with the promo code LOVEBP. Blueprint LSAT

D. During that week we’ll also be discounting our Logic Games and Reading Comprehension course books to the all-time low price of $39.00 at Amazon. Amazon

E. If you’re already looking ahead to the July LSAT, then registration for that new exam will open in March. @Official_LSAT

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We’ve Just Added a Bunch of Classes for the New July LSAT!

When LSAC announced that it would administer, for the first time ever, a July LSAT this year, it threw us at Blueprint for a loop. I mean, for the entire time we’ve been providing the best LSAT classroom course available, there were always four exams a year: in February, June, September or October, and December. Year after year, we’d hold courses all across the nation to help countless students prepare for one of these exams. We had our schedules set. Like clockwork.