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Holiday Savings Come Early with Next Week’s Webinars

As a proud American capitalist, it is almost time for one of my favorite events of the year. I know you’re probably thinking “Black Friday,” but no. I am referring to the far superior Cyber Monday. All the deals without any of the human interaction or potential for stampedes — what could be better?

In keeping with the “cyber” part of “Cyber Monday,” Blueprint is offering two webinars for your viewing pleasure.

Logical Reasonings / 11.7.17

A. This Saturday we’ll be at Southwestern Law Day in sunny LA, where we’ll be holding a logic games workshop, raffling off some gratis tutoring hours, and giving out a $400 discount on our classroom course to all attendees. RSVP and drop by to say, “Hi”! Southwestern Law

B. If you want a discount but won’t be in Southern California, you’re still in luck. Next week, we’ll be hosting two webinars. On Thursday November 16th, Nick McIntosh will be covering the law school admissions from 6-7 pm PST, and on Saturday November 18th, Ross Rinehart will cover the LSAT from 12-1 pm. In addition to delivering some helpful knowledge, we’ll be delivering a $300 discount to all attendees. And you don’t even have to leave the privacy of your own home. Blueprint LSAT

C. Tonight is officially the last night to register for the December 2nd LSAT and to make any accommodations requests. Even if you’ve already registered, tonight is the last night to upload your admissions ticket photo. Make sure to adopt the visage of someone about to crush some logic games. LSAC

D. Kind of ironic that the artist with a multi-platinum album called Speak Now is out here trying to silence bloggers. So ironic that the ACLU is getting involved. Washington Post

E. Speaking of blocking internet speech, the dean of Berkeley Law has joined a brief with six other law professors arguing that Trump blocking Twitter critics is a violation of the First Amendment. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 11.6.17

A. If you’ll be in Southern California this Saturday (and you should be, the weather is still really good) and want to learn about law school, the LSAT, network with the lawyers of today and tomorrow, win prizes, and get a $400 discount on our classroom course, then RSVP for Southwestern Law Day! Southwestern Law

B. We are also holding two webinars next week, in which we will virtually pipe knowledge on both the law school admissions process and the LSAT into your cranium. On Thursday, November 16th, we’ll be covering the law school admissions from 6-7 pm PST. And on Saturday, November 18th, we’ll cover the LSAT from 12-1 pm. RSVP and attend either, and you’ll get $300 off a live Blueprint classroom course or $75 off the first month of a subscription to our online course. All without having to leave the comfort of your home. Blueprint LSAT

C. Don’t forget: Tomorrow is the deadline for late registration and accommodations requests for the December 2nd LSAT, and the last day to upload your photo for your admissions ticket. LSAC

D. Speaking of the LSAT, the ABA is “revisiting” the requirement that any law school that uses an admissions test other than the LSAT must show that the test is valid and reliable. ABA Journal

E. A look into the long-term effects of the GOP tax bill, which has nearly a third of all U.S. household’s taxes increasing by 2027. Vox

Logical Reasonings / 11.3.17

A. We have a ton of free events coming up in the next couple weeks. If you want to learn about the LSAT, law school admissions, or logic games, we got you covered. If you want to meet some of our instructors and learn about our course, we’ll be at campuses all across the nation. If you want to meet us virtually, RSVP to our upcoming webinars. So if you want to learn more (and get discounts on our courses to boot), check out our free events page. Blueprint LSAT

B. Above the Law has an interview with DJ Healy, a strikingly interesting Texas attorney. She’s a transgender partner at a big law firm, a top-rated IP litigator, and Hollywood producer. Above the Law

C. Looks like Jeff Sessions will be in some more hot water over his comments that he was unaware of the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia, now that former Trump policy adviser Carter Page testified that he told Sessions about traveling to Russia. CNN

D. Bowe Berghdal, the sergeant who mysteriously walked off his Army base in Afghanistan in 2009 and was imprisoned by the Taliban for five years (and was the subject of the second season of the Serial podcast), was recently dishonorably discharged by a military judge. He will, however, avoid jail time. NY Times

E. Vice answers one of the most pressing legal questions of our time. Can you smoke weed on the high (pun very much intended) seas? Apparently it’s chill if you, unlike T-Pain, are not on a boat. Vice