Logical Reasonings / 4.11.18

A. Hats off to Ieshia Champs, the single mother of five who just graduated from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. USA Today

B. Like the stern teacher who you know is going to punish you, the ABA is asking law schools who admit students unlikely to pass the bar to see it after class. Above the Law

C. A federal district court in California just awarded a former law student $6.45 million in a revenge porn case. CNN

D. The Washington Post considers the ramifications Trump firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would have on the Mueller investigation. The prognosis? Not great, Bob. Washington Post

E. TMZ encountered Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and asked the hard-hitting questions the Beltway journos are too afraid to broach: would she trade places with Judge Judy? TMZ

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On the LSAT, Confidence Is Key

Something that rarely gets discussed in LSAT preparation, despite being extremely important, is the role that an individual’s confidence plays in their success. We talk at length about how to solve questions correctly, and how to manage time on particular sections. But another, ever-present factor that can significantly impact an LSAT outcome is confidence.

Logical Reasonings / 4.10.18

A. A list of law schools to avoid: those with the most students who can’t pass the bar within two years of graduation. Above the Law

B. On a more positive note, here are National Jurist’s PreLaw Magazine’s rankings of the best law school buildings in the U.S. National Jurist PreLaw Magazine

C. The vindictive gods at the ABA are gearing up to smite the Duncan School of Law at Lincoln Memorial University in Knoxville, Tennessee. ABA Journal

D. A Tulsa attorney is wrangling up a 100 other women lawyers to ride into the state capital find a solution to the teacher strikes in Oklahoma. Her viral Facebook post to state officials ends with the truly awesome capper, “We will be the women in black. You will see us coming.” Tulsa World

E. Better to see the women in black coming than to not see the men in black coming: the FBI raided Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s office to find records relating to payments made to women who claim to have had affairs with Trump. NY Times

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Tiers Without Fears

Most LSAT Prep systems approach ordering games in more or less the same way. First, we start by showing you the classic 1:1 ordering game. Some call these “basic linear” games or something to that effect. But the idea is: you have a certain number of players you have to order, and a certain number of places to put those players, and those two numbers are the same. You have to watch eight Netflix series? On a 1:1 ordering game, you’ll watch them one at a time, first through eighth. Or you have to visit six fast casual eateries? Well you’ll visit one per day, from Monday to Saturday.

Logical Reasonings / 4.9.18

A. Here’s more proof that there has been a huge increase in applicants with good LSAT scores this year. Law.com

B. The Ninth Circuit ruled today that employers can’t use an employee’s past salary to justify paying men more than women for the same job. The Hill

C. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class (file under: Well Why Did You Have to Make That Class So Expensive, Anyway?): A law school grad working as a cashier at Kohl’s was suspended from the Florida bar for stealing $760 from the registers. Miami Herald

D. Apparently the Supreme Court is handing down decisions at a sluggish pace this term. Old people, amirite? Reuters

E. But here’s an alternative explanation for that sluggish pace: the high court’s opinions are getting longer. Empirical SCOTUS