Logical Reasonings / 10.6.17

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B. Today what was surely a group of old white men made another decision that will affect millions of women. The Trump administration announced it would limit federal requirements that employers provide birth control coverage in their health plans. This will surely set off a new round of lawsuits against the administration. NY Times

C. Sessions also wrote a memo arguing that Title VII protection does not extend employment protection to transgendered people, but remained mum on whether it should protect the job of a Keebler elf impersonating a human being. ABA Journal

D. The power of the free speech: a man who was arrested for disorderly conduct for flipping off his pastor got his conviction overturned with a First Amendment argument. Atlanta-Journal Constitution

E. AOL will finally shut down AOL Instant Messenger, the O.G. chat app. Away messages with Dashboard Confessional lyrics at half mast this weekend, everybody. Tech Crunch

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Look for conditional statements in any of these questions …

Last week, we talked about different types of deductions that can be made using conditional statements. This week, we’ll talk about the question types in which you’re most likely to need ’em.

Logical Reasoning

You might see conditional statements in any Logical Reasoning question type, but they are particularly prevalent in a few specific types:

Logical Reasonings / 10.5.17

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B. Here’s LSAC’s statement on the madness that was the September 2017 LSAT. LSAC

C. In the opposite of a testing headache, Oregon lowered the cut score for its bar exam and the passage rate shot up from 58 to 79 percent. Above the Law

D. Another law school ranking dropped today. This one ranks all the law schools in the world. In an upset, Duke snatches the number one spot, followed by Standard and Yale. USA! USA! USA! Take that University of Melbourne. Times Higher Education

E. Lawmakers are looking into the legality of “bump stocks,” which are attachments that turn semi-automatic firearms to nearly-automatic firearms. Business Insider

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There Were A LOT of Horror Stories from the September 2017 LSAT

Imagine this: You, a proud Idahoan, have spent months preparing for the LSAT, which the Law School Admission Council said would be held on Saturday, September 16, the year of our Lord Kellye Testy two thousand and seventeen, and would begin promptly at 8:30 am, Mountain Daylight Time. You purchased a not-inexpensive admission ticket, which again repeated the precise time at which you would report to your testing center at Boise State University. You studied vigorously to prepare for the test.

Logical Reasonings / 10.4.17

A. Things are going great in Puerto Rico apparently, with Trump jump shooting rolls of paper towels to a crowd. Sure, just use those to mop up the remnants of a hurricane. NY Times

B. Trump may soon be tossing out termination papers to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly called Trump “a moron.” Politico

C. Trump isn’t the only one throwing paper around: Ivanka and Donald Jr. reportedly avoided fraud in New York charges after their attorney slid an envelop of cash into the campaign headquarters of the New York D.A. Propublica

D. For special counsel Robert Mueller’s ever-growing legal team, they now have a guy researching “pre-emptive pardons,” just in case Trump tries to paper over any criminal wrongdoings from his campaign. ABA Journal

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