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Logical Reasonings / 8.20.15

A) LSAC has released some data regarding the number of people taking the LSAT, and it’s still in decline. Here are some potential conclusions. Above the Law

B) Ever wondered what being a Supreme Court intern is like? Here’s the inside scoop. National Law Journal

C) Texas Tech School of Law is introducing a “brain training” program for 1Ls. Hmm… Lubbock Online

D) Someone going by Deez Nuts is the top-polling Independent candidate for president in some states. America, F yeah! The Guardian

E) In related news, you can watch about a million news anchors solemnly say the phrase “deez nuts.” Deadspin

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What To Expect In Your First Week of Law School

If you, like me, are headed into your last week of freedom summer before starting your first year of law school, you may be trying to figure out what those first few weeks of school will look like. Because I’m more neurotic than you, I’ve saved you the trouble and pored over blogs and forums and orientation workbooks myself. Here’s what I’ve dug up:

Don’t worry too much about memorizing the Constitution or anything before class. Many students think they need to either catch up on obscure statutes or try to get an edge over their classmates; neither is the case. In fact, the general consensus seems to be that you should appreciate these last couple casebook-free weeks. Hit the beach, read some Nick Sparks, enjoy the end of your summer.

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What I Learned from My 1L Summer Job

I was in LA for my 1L summer. I got an offer to work at the Los Angeles DA’s unit that handles gang murders: The Hardcore Gang Unit.

You think, oh LA; that’s Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Chinatown, Koreatown, beaches, sunshine, surfing. Sounds fun. After a few weeks at the DA’s office, LA seemed a helluva lot more dark. People really do get killed for being in the wrong neighborhood, for wearing the wrong color shoes, and for no particular reason at all. The gangs of LA are quite brutal.

Part of the reason is that killing someone gets you increased status within the gang. The other part might be the fact that about half of all murders in LA County go unsolved.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.12.15

A) Preparing for the October LSAT? Check out this great deal on our awesome online course. Blueprint LSAT

B) Aside from your beloved teddy bear, here are the non-obvious things to bring with you for your first year of law school. Law School Toolbox

C) Michael Jordan is in court – and during jury selection, when asked if anyone considered Jordan his or her personal idol, only one potential juror said yes. We’ve come a long way since the days of Space Jam. ESPN

D) Hillary Clinton recently released a plan that involves lowering student loan interest rates – but here’s the downside. NPR

E) Here are some tips for viewing the best meteor shower of the year tonight. iO9

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4 Things to Do Before You Start Law School

Today, we’re happy to welcome Alison Monahan, founder of The Girl’s Guide to Law School and co-founder of the Law School Toolbox, Bar Exam Toolbox, and Trebuchet Legal, to the blog. She’s here to share some tips on starting off on the right foot in law school.

In these last few weeks before law school orientation, what – if anything – can you be doing to set yourself up for success as a law student? Reading the Constitution? Brushing up on the Federalist Papers? Yeah, probably not so helpful.

Here are a few things that might help!

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How to Spend Your Last Summer of Freedom

If you’ve completed the LSAT, applied to schools, and accepted an offer of admission, congratulations! This post is dedicated to answering a very common question from rising first-year law students—how should I spend my summer before beginning law school? My answer, in a nutshell, is: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.”

The summer before I started law school, I went on vacation. I busied myself with watching movies, playing videogames, exercising, reading, and fishing. I tried to spend as much time as possible with my brother and my best friend, and I tried to put the thought of law school out of my mind entirely (with a couple exceptions that I’ll get to later). And I have no regrets.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.12.15

A) We wrote a post for Law School Toolbox about maximizing your final month of LSAT prep. You should read it. Or do you not want to maximize your prep???

B) Law students are being taught to think like MBAs. Bloomberg

C) UMass law school, which operates on the noble ideal of making legal education inexpensive, is in financial trouble. Above the Law

D) The newest 1L at Seton Hall is a pirate. A basketball pirate! (This was a very confusing way to say that a law student will be playing D-I basketball next year). Redline

E) If you’re frustrated with the job search, perhaps you just haven’t answered these zen riddles for millennials. College Humor

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Is a 1L Law School Prep Class Worth It?

I’ll be heading off to law school in a few short months, and my mailbox certainly shows it. Over the last three months, I have received admissions responses from law schools (mostly acceptances, I am happy to report), followed by daily credit card offers, followed by a persistent bombardment of brochures from companies that would like me to take a class to learn how to succeed in law school. I was happy to hear back from law schools, and as far as the credit card offers go, if a brotha’ is going to take out a $60,000 loan, he might as well earn some frequent flyer miles when he buys his top ramen and SpaghettiOs; am I right?

Armed with some shiny acceptance packets and an even shinier line of credit, I now had to make sense of these “learn how to be a good law student” brochures.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.28.15

A) How to get the most out of your finals studying — law school or not. Above the Law

B) Here’s what you don’t learn during 1L at law school. (Or at least a small sampling… I imagine there’s not much about microbiology or fire-eating, either.) Ms. JD

C) What are the legal issues in the tragic death of Freddie Gray, which has led to rioting in Baltimore? Glad you asked. CNN

D) SCOTUS heard arguments in the latest gay marriage case today, and seemed divided along partisan lines (no surprise). New York Times

E) Escape the weight of the world with the office minutes from the Last Supper. McSweeney’s

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The Eternal Debate: Should Law School Be Two Years?

Every year or so, a major news outlet publishes an op-ed calling for the abolishment of the third year of law school. Having gone through law school, I can say that there’s some validity to that argument.

Allow me to explain using the following well-worn adage: In 1L, you’ll get scared to death; in 2L, you’ll get worked to death; and in 3L, you’ll get bored to death.

1L: Scared to Death
1L is really not that bad. But. You’ll still be terrified out of your beautiful mind some of the time.

The law is completely new to you, so there’s that learning curve. Then, you have the actual curve, which is unforgiving and will be spoken of by your classmates as if it’s an actual horror-film entity.