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Logical Reasonings / 9.17.13

A) The ABA says law students can work as unpaid interns at law firms. Before you read ahead, can you get me a coffee? ABA Journal.

B) Listen up. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has some things to say about law. Public Radio International.

C) Happy 100th birthday to the University of Utah law school. Deseret News.

D) The gunman in yesterday’s deadly mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard had a long history with the law. New York Times.

E) The reviews of Grand Theft Auto V are in. Running over homeless people with a firetruck has never been more realistic. The Onion.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.11.13

A) It takes hard work to get through law school. Also sometimes doodling. ABA Journal.

B) If you’re still an undergrad, it’s not too early to start prepping for law school. The Pitt News.

C) It might be time for law schools to balance the books. CNN.

D) In honor of Sept. 11, here’s the story of an unlikely hero from that day: a chef named Benjamin Clark. The Daily Beast.

E) You can do some pretty cool tricks on one of those CitiBikes — as long as you’re a pro BMXer. Deadspin.

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Despite Fewer Law School Applicants, Some Enrollments Up

The ABA Journal recently ran an article featuring a few law schools that have seen an increase in enrollments despite a decline in the overall number of applicants. That sounds like a Resolve question, so let’s take a look at some of the purported explanations.

First up comes the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Idaho, both of which attribute their increased enrollments to their relatively low tuition — $18K and $16K, respectively. However, the article doesn’t say if their tuition declined since last year, which would bolster the claim that they did something different this year to cause the increased enrollments. They also only cite in-state tuition, suggesting that it would only lead to an increase in enrollments of native Missourians/Idahoans rather than attracting new applicants from out of state.

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Making Friends With Non-Traditional Law Students Pays Off

Today on the LSAT blog: a guest post by Law School Expert Ann Levine, the former director of admissions for two ABA-approved law schools and the author of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert and The Law School Decision Game: A Playbook for Prospective Lawyers.

You enter 1L Orientation and you look for someone to sit next to, hoping to strike up a friendship. Do you pick the guy your age in a baseball cap or the one who is 20 years older than you?

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting, face-to-face, one of my former clients who is a recent graduate of a law school consistently ranked in the Top 10. His post-bar trip with his wife brought him to Southern California, and my husband and I took them to brunch.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.8.13

A) Enough with the doomsday prophecies, law school haters. American Thinker.

B) Prayer vs. medicine, take two. ABA Journal.

C) In honor of Shark Week, here are the big fish in Big Law. Above the Law.

D) The trial of the Fort Hood gunman is getting complicated. Unfortunately for the defense attorneys, they can’t get out of it. CNN.

E) Time to check in on how the “old version” makeup from Back to the Future II holds up. Turns out, pretty well. io9.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.2.13

A) The ABA says it is aware of the issues with law school, and it plans to fix them. Sounds like a plan. Above the Law.

B) Where have all the juries gone? Boston Review.

C) More drama unfolded at the Whitey Bulger trial today. CNN.

D) A new study shows that climate change has led to an increase in violence around the world. Mostly from Al Gore having to crack some skulls. BBC.

E) A man ordered to pay $150K does so in quarters. Passive agressiveness at its finest. USA Today.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.17.13

A) Going to law school isn’t all doom and gloom. Inside Higher Ed.

B) The ABA is looking at law school faculty sizes. Changes could soon be on the way. National Law Journal.

C) A lot of people are (rightfully) outraged with Rolling Stone‘s decision to put Dhzokhar Tsarnaev on its cover. USA Today.

D) Ariel Castro has been charged with so many crimes, he can’t even stay awake while they’re read to him. ABC News.

E) Maybe the most underrated part of being a lawyer is all the awesome pickup lines you get to use. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.15.13

A) The decision to apply to law school should not be taken lightly. Nor should the decision of where. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) The ABA met in Chicago recently to discuss some law school issues, specifically the rules of tenure. ABA Journal.

C) George Zimmerman’s plan now that he’s a free man: go to law school. Time.

D) Speaking of the Zimmerman trial, one of the jurors already has a book deal. Business Week.

E) Carly Rae Jepsen needs to call a pitching coach, maybe definitely. The Star.

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Advice on Advice: Where to Get Info on Law School Loans

I’ve previously discussed law school debt on the LSAT blog from the viewpoint of those who have already taken it out and are living with the consequences, in a vain attempt to convince a few of you that it’s not the best idea. So go back and read those, if you haven’t already.

Done? Good.

If you’re still set on financing law school with student loans (and I’m sure 99% of those who are reading this are in that boat), it’s important to be well-informed as to what you’re signing up for. The above links will show you what life’s like living under that much debt, but it doesn’t give you a lot of information about the nuts-and-bolts of the process.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.25.13

A) The ABA wants to tighten its bar passage requirements, and diversity groups aren’t happy about it. National Law Journal.

B) The Supreme Court’s controversial week continues. CNN.

C) When you become a lawyer, watch out for contempt. It’ll cost you. ABA Journal.

D) There’s no more joking in the George Zimmerman trial. Yahoo! News.

E) What’s the most famous brand from your state? Design Taxi.