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Is this year’s application cycle going to be much more competitive?

Michael Spivey, one of the most well-known law schools admissions consultants, just released some data on the number of LSAT test takers this year and the current admissions cycle. Unsurprisingly, the numbers are up across the board, continuing a recent trend. But after years of law schools having trouble getting “good” applicants with high LSAT scores, the number of people applying to law school with scores between 165 and 180 has increased disproportionally this year.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.2.15

A) See Above the Law‘s law school rankings broken down by each criterion.

B) A Purdue student shares her experiences studying for the June LSAT, and what she thinks of the law school admissions process so far. The Exponent

C) A law school applicant who wanted his undergraduate grades from the 1970s changed to reflect grade inflation will not take his case to the Supreme Court. ABA Journal

D) A federal appeals court rejected a challenge to the EPA’s air pollution limits. To sum up, things that have equal judicial standing: a guy complaining about his college grades and people who don’t believe in climate change. Wall Street Journal

E) If Apple adopted this Hamburglar-esque Apple Watch mascot, I would seriously consider purchasing one. Funny or Die

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Logical Reasonings / 3.2.15

A) Three ways to boost the admissions chances of a late law school application. US News & World Report

B) Columbia is the first law school to crack $60K in annual tuition. Congratulations? Above The Law

C) How to create a study schedule for law school. About.com

D) The Justice Department is about to release a report that finds racial bias in the Ferguson police department. New York Times

E) Check out this transcript of the meeting in which George Lucas and Steven Spielberg invented Indiana Jones. No record of the 2008 meeting in which they destroyed him. Vashi Visuals

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3 Tips to Balance Law School Applications and Finals

Applying to law school is a difficult and stressful process at the best of times. When you have to worry about final exams, papers, and holiday activities on top of your applications, it becomes even more difficult. Having gone through the process last year, I am going to offer a few words of advice on how to make it through in one piece.

Set Reasonable Goals
The best part of the application process is that you can easily break it up into small parts. Apart from the personal statement, virtually every part of schools’ applications are made up of segments that you can complete in a few hours. For example, you can complete the forms on LSAC or write the first draft of an optional essay over the course of an afternoon.

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Applying to Law School: Location, Location, Location?

In law school admissions land, it’s a question as old as time: How important is location when deciding where to apply? Is it dispositive? (Only go to a school in the area where you want to practice.) Highly persuasive? (All things considered, it’s a lot better to go to school where you want to practice.) Or mere dicta? (Sure, it would be nice, but other factors are more important.)

The answer, naturally, is it depends. But, on the whole, I’d argue you’re typically a lot better off going to school where you want to practice. Here’s why.

Four Factors to Consider When Applying to Law School
When applying to law school, you’re essentially balancing four factors.