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Logical Reasonings / 2.20.15

A) Here’s a ton of 2014-2015 law school applications data. Spoiler alert: most everything is trending downward. Click to see lots of interesting demographic breakdowns, though. Spivey Consulting

B) Those numbers are part of the reason why law schools need to embrace change… or go bust. Newsweek

C) If your boss thinks you’re awesome, you will become more awesome. You reading, boss? Harvard Business Review

D) Activists are making big progress in their push to criminalize revenge porn. You reading, horrible douchebags who post revenge porn? Wall Street Journal

E) A very funny comedian passed away yesterday, and it’s really sad. If you’ve never heard of Harris Wittels, do yourself a favor and check this out. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 2.18.15

A) How to stay productive while you wait to hear back about law school applications. Find My Law Tutor

B) Slate thinks that the merger between two Minnesota law schools is the first domino to fall as a result of sinking enrollments.

C) How a calendar can help you get better grades, and lose weight. (I made up the second part.) Law School Toolbox

D) Watch the Notorious RBG talk about abortion, race, and Congress. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 81. Wait, I hope I’m that cool ever. MSNBC

E) Bacon wrapped pizza? BACON WRAPPED PIZZA?!?! USA Today

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Logical Reasonings / 2.3.15

A) A handy, dandy law school application timeline. And it’s free — extra dandy. Prelaw Guru

B) How to transform anxiety into achievement on a standardized exam. Above the Law

C) Are student loans bad for your health? Well, they’re bad for everything else so why not that, too? The Atlantic

D) Florida tried to make teen sexting illegal, but instead made the crime impossible to prosecute. Oh Florida, is there anything you can’t fuck up? Reason.com

E) Mayonnaise-gate 2015. WHERE DO YOU STAND??? Slate

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Logical Reasonings / 1.29.15

A) Four ways to pick a cost-efficient law school. US News and World Report

B) How one law school’s associate dean uses social media in the classroom. I hope it involves cute puppies on Tumblr. Above the Law

C) Is it too late to apply for law school? The clock is ticking. (Metaphorically, at least. Who has an analog clock these days?) Pen and Chisel

D) Elizabeth Warren is a boss, and when it comes to regulating banks she will NOT BE DENIED! Wall Street Journal

E) Receipt Brazenly Placed In Bag Without Permission. The gall. The Onion

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Logical Reasonings / 1.27.15

A) Don’t waste your time editing an undergraduate law review. There are way more fun ways to waste your time at undergrad! Above The Law

B) When it comes to elite law schools, a great LSAT score is a binary prerequisite for admission: either you have it or you don’t. Law and More

C) Applying to law school this fall? It’s never too early to start your research. Girl’s Guide to Law School

D) The Seattle Seahawks are trying to trademark the word “boom” and the number “12.” They should look into the availability of “douchebags.” Jonathan Turley

E) Ghostbusters is back! Paul Feig announced his cast, and here’s everything we know. I just hope “Gozer the Gozerian” makes its way back into the lexicon. SplitSider

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Logical Reasonings / 1.26.15

A) One law school admissions consultant shares his advice for when and how to show interest in your top choice schools. US News & World Report

B) Night law school is getting less “nighty” — is it still possible to work and get a law degree? Above the Law

C) Should you title your application’s personal statement? Perhaps my essay The Indubitable Uselessness of Titular Expression can help you answer that question. If not, Pen and Chisel has you covered.

D) The Silk Road trial continues, and it turns out it was the IRS(!) who first tracked down alleged mastermind Ross Ulbricht. Guess he shouldn’t have written all that “business heroin” off his taxes. Wall Street Journal

E) Why are movies released in January so terrible? Well, besides having names (and inexplicable ad campaigns) like Mortdecai, it seems they’re trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle. Five Thirty Eight

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Logical Reasonings / 1.21.15

A) Will you pay too much for law school? Unsurprisingly, it depends on your LSAT score and school rank. Business Week

B) The most innovative law school clinics. Very impressed with Princeton’s “Commit a Felony and Learn the Punishment” program. preLaw Magazine

C) What to do while you’re waiting to hear back on your law school applications. Pen and Chisel

D) It may not have been in the State of the Union, but President Obama just blasted the Citizens United ruling on its fifth anniversary. Wall Street Journal

E) Jimmy Kimmel’s sad/funny/VERY SAD/VERY FUNNY segment on people who think Martin Luther King is still alive and giving speeches. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 1.16.15

A) Law school applications are down 8.5% compared to last year, and over 30% since 2012. Basically, law schools are about as full as Kirk Cameron’s birthday party. Wall Street Journal

B) However, December LSAT administrations increased (ever so slightly) for the first time since 2009. And maybe Kirk Cameron’s friends were all just out of town? LSAC

C) All this shrinkage means law schools are competing for students that they would never even have thought about before. Inside Higher Ed

D) Top law firms organized by law school pedigree. If you’re into biglaw, it’s pretty interesting. If you’re into categorized words and numbers, it’s even more interesting. Above The Law

E) SpaceX’s booster crash is like a real life Michael Bay movie. And Elon Musk has a pretty good sense of humor about it. Slate

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Should You Attend A ‘Practice Ready’ Law School?

With law school enrollment at historic lows, today’s schools are competing harder and harder for a shrinking pool of applicants. Applicants who eventually want jobs. And some schools are trying to entice prospective students with “practice ready” programs. These programs are supposed to prepare you for the real work everyday attorneys do, and, more importantly, turn you into a more attractive candidate for prospective employers.

There’s some evidence that these programs may better prepare students for some practice areas. However, we don’t know whether employers will give any weight to the benefits of practice ready programs in legal hiring. Intuitively it makes sense that, all else being equal, employers would prefer a “practice ready” graduate over one who isn’t.

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What To Do With December LSAT Disappointment

The LSAT is a cruel, cruel mistress—it takes your time and money, it makes you stress and worry, and it can leave you depressed and disappointed. If you’ve been left unsatisfied by your December LSAT score or feel as though you’ve been jilted at the altar of law school applications, this post is meant to help you evaluate your options.

First and foremost, you should consider whether or not your score is truly subpar. When I got my LSAT results, I was a little disappointed because I scored lower than I had on several practice tests. I briefly considered retaking. Upon further consideration, I realized that my actual score was the same as my average practice test score (even though it was lower than my highest results). Furthermore, while I was not within the score range for my reach schools, I was squarely within the range for my target schools.