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Finding an LSAT-Life Balance

If you’ve been studying for the LSAT for a while now, you may be starting to feel the strain. Let me lay out a scenario for you…

You don’t have enough time. After a long day of work, you might normally go to the gym then get dinner with a friend. But these days, you have to spend the nights unpacking logical fallacies. And since the LSAT keeps you up late you’re groggy and inefficient at work, so you have to stay after hours to keep from falling behind. You skip the gym again, and it’s another late night of Logical Reasoning. You call your friends to back out of Saturday’s Dodgers game as you run your thumb along the hundreds of pages of study material awaiting you.

Meanwhile, your brain is in manic LSAT-mode all the time and you can’t ever relax.

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Balancing Law School Applications and LSAT Prep

As I’m sure many of you are aware, a large number of law school applications become available in September. Those of you gearing up to take the LSAT in a few weeks may be wondering how much time you should dedicate to your application materials versus your LSAT preparation. This post is designed to help shed some light on that issue and help you navigate your way through your application cycle.

First off, I want to make something unequivocally clear: your main priority if you’re taking the September LSAT should be to study. If you’ve reached this point in your preparation, you probably already know that your LSAT score is the single most important aspect of your application. If you’re working full time or if, for any other reason, you can only spend a few hours per day on law school related tasks, then those few hours should be spent on the LSAT.

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Balancing the LSAT and a Busy Life

A Blueprint LSAT blog reader writes: ‘It would be helpful to have some tips and guidance in balancing the course workload with full time work. It is not easy keeping up with the homework while working and attending class.’

I’ve had a few thousand other students find themselves in similar situations. It really isn’t easy to balance life and LSAT prep, but here are some tips to help you along.

Tip 1 For Busy LSAT Students: Do a bit of everything.

If you can’t do all of your LSAT prep homework, try to do a bit from each section and at each difficulty. Don’t skip an entire section – that means do your Reading Comp homework!