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Premiering Soon: Blueprint LSAT Prep Movie Quotes Contest



Billions of READERS scour the latest LSAT blog post. It’s about Blueprint LSAT Prep’s upcoming movie quotes contest.


Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Facebook page.

Over the next couple weeks, at random times, Blueprint LSAT Prep will post a movie quote on its Facebook page. The first person to correctly comment with the name of the movie from which the quote derives will win either a $50 discount off Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course or $100 off Blueprint’s live LSAT class — winner’s choice.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.29.12

A) Be the first to submit a video in our brand new Facebook contest. There’s a free Blueprint LSAT course up for grabs, so upload your entry now and start collecting votes. (And for a shot at $50, while you’re there check out our sweepstakes.) Facebook.

B) When applying for a job, don’t just tell them you’re familiar with PowerPoint. Show them that you’re familiar with PowerPoint. Dealbreaker.

C) Navajo Nation is none too pleased with Urban Outfitters. Yahoo!.

D) For some, taking the LSAT, getting into law school, and finding a high-paying position at a law firm is family tradition. But for how long? The People’s Therapist.

E) Snooki is reportedly pregnant. No word yet on if it’s going to be a girl or a juicehead gorilla. Washington Post.

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Spring Enrollments for Blueprint’s Live LSAT Course Now Open

Merry Spring-Enrollments-Are-Now-Open Day!

Although this time of year is always special, it’s an extra meaningful occasion this time around because starting in 2012, Blueprint LSAT Preparation is opening the doors to its live course in six new cities. As previously reported, we’re expanding to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Seattle. Look at us go.

For several weeks, we’ve been hearing from students in those cities and elsewhere who have been itching to sign up. Starting today, you can scratch that itch. If you decide to sign up for a spring class today, though, be sure and do so by calling us before 6:30 p.m. PST. That’s when the new price for our course ($1,299) kicks in. The number is 888-4-BP-PREP if you have a phone in your hand right now (you know you do).

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Grand Prize Winner of the Blueprint Video Contest

Throughout June, while you were planning weddings, Vegas trips, and barbeques, Blueprint was holding a video contest to give away a free Blueprint LSAT course. Participants had to submit a video of no more than three (3) minutes that incorporated the words and/or visual representations “LSAT”, “Thurgood Marshall”, and “spatula.”

If you are the avid Blueprint groupie that we know you all are (please, just let us have this one fantasy), you may have seen all the videos on our Facebook page. Although all our submissions were awesome, as is typical of first prize winners, there can only be one (Ricky Bobby quote inserted here) and Daniel Spafford earned that title. His east coast swag and sick flow helped him rack up the most votes from viewers, and his passion for Blueprint (or the free course) swooned the judges (Matt thought it was pretty cool he was in his first rap video).

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What our Founding Fathers would Score on the LSAT

Just like new college students, the Founding Fathers rebelled against the repressive regimes under which they grew up. They lifted arms, you lifted beers. And when it was all said and done (and the Founding Fathers finished celebrating, which probably put you to shame), with what were they left? A hangover, a few papers to write (you, a PoliSci final, them, the Articles of Confederation), and a few people they had to avoid (though ducking Sarah in Psych 101 was probably less awkward than when Franklin had to duck David Hartley in Paris).

But founding a new nation wasn’t enough, and they all decided to go to law school why not? Let’s take a look at their LSAT scores:

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Getting the Most Out of Lesson One in Your LSAT Prep Class

Off to Lesson 1. Off to Lesson 1. To prove to dad that you’re not a fool. You’ve got your lunch packed up, your boots tied tight. We hope you don’t get in a fight!

Ah, good old lesson 1. The foundation of our course. Your first exposure to the LSAT or, at the very least, the Blueprint method. Either way, it’s an important class, and one from which you should hope to get the most.

Lesson 1 will introduce you to the Blueprint methods for Logical Reasoning and Logic Games, two sections which make up around 75% of the exam. It’s an overview of what you’ll learn for those sections and provides a framework which will be filled in through the rest of the lessons.

It’s also your introduction to formal logic. While some will be familiar with the concepts, it’s formalizing something that most people feel they inherently know. I think you’ll be surprised by how little logic you actually can clearly communicate.

But we’ll help you with all of that, and you’ll be on your way to LSAT ninja-hood in no time. However, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of that first lesson.

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What to Do Before Your October LSAT Prep Class Starts

If you’re taking a prep course for the October LSAT, it’ll probably be starting sometime next month (or thereabouts). Once it begins, you’ll have an incredible amount of work to do. Studying for the LSAT is one of the most rigorous things you’ll ever have the pleasure of undertaking. Your social life is going to be going into hibernation for a few months, and you very well might end up with a vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight. It’s gonna be great. But you’ll get through it all if you keep your eye on the prize, namely an awesome LSAT score.

But what should you do between now and the beginning of class?

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Expands to Phoenix

This spring, Blueprint bring its LSAT love to Phoenix, AZ, home to saguaro cacti, ASU, and lightning storms that take a page out of romantic poetry.
The Blueprint Phoenix LSAT class will be located at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, which makes it an easy commute for Arizona State University students in particular and denizens of Phoenix in general.

The class will be taught by Blueprint instructor Curtis Wade III, (yep – there’s at least two other guys in the world with his name) who did his undergraduate work at MIT before receiving a JD from George Washington Law School.

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Through the Interwebs with Sophia: Studying the LSAT Online

Sophia is our Blueprint The Movie student blogger. She hails from the wind city of Chicago and will be studying for the LSAT in her summer apartment overlooking Lake Michigan in between interning downtown. She’s Greek (ethnically-speaking), and no, she doesn’t know how to make baklava or set saganaki cheese on fire…yet.

The glorious package has arrived! For months now I’ve been reading up on the LSAT and different prepping strategies, and finally, the chosen one has been delivered to my humble abode.

Online account, check. Books, check. Pencils, check. Sucker, check.