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You Have 24 Extra Hours to Get $400 Off a Live Blueprint LSAT Course!

You may be losing an extra hour to Daylight Savings Time in a couple months, but we at Blueprint LSAT Prep are giving you an extra 24 hours – our back-to-school sale has been extended til tomorrow at 5pm PST. That means you have an extra 24 hours to get your hands on a live Blueprint LSAT Preparation course for a sweet discount of $400. Here’s what you’ll get in return:

– 112 hours of live instruction
– 88 hours of interactive, visual, and entertaining online resources
– Cutting-edge iOS app so that you can study on the go, easily grade practice tests, and more
– Access to every single LSAT question ever released
– A battle-tested instructor who scored 170 or higher on a real LSAT

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LSAT Prep Stops for No Man

A famous poet once said, “Tick tock on the clock ’cause the party don’t stop.” That’s especially true for the October LSAT party, which is just getting started. We’ve got a metric ton of classes starting in the next week, and it’s not too late to sign up! (Also, even if you need to miss the first couple classes or find the perfect course but it’s already started, we’re always happy to work with you to get you up to speed – just give our office a call.)

Here are the classes starting this weekend:

Los Angeles – Downtown 1 – July 25
Los Angeles – Downtown – 2 – July 25
Long Island – July 25
Houston – July 25
Austin – July 25
Phoenix – July 25
Philadelphia – July 25
Riverside – July 25
Santa Barbara – July 25
New Haven– July 25

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Blueprint LSAT Instructor Get-to-Know: Philly, Chicago, Miami

When taking an LSAT prep course, it’s important that you like the instructor. At the very least, they should be interesting enough to keep your attention.

That’s why we launched this LSAT blog series that lets you get to know our summer LSAT prep course instructors a little better. We’ve already seen round one (New York LSAT prep) and two (Boston and Washington DC LSAT prep). Now it’s time to meet who will be teaching our Philadelphia, Chicago and Miami LSAT prep courses.

Blueprint’s Philadelphia LSAT Prep:


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?

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7 Days Left to Win a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

No one reads beyond the first paragraph of online content anymore, so right off the bat, here are the rules you must follow to be entered to win a free copy of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s brand new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games:

1. Live in the United States

2. “Like” Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Facebook page

3. “+1” Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Google+ page

4. Email the links to your Facebook and Google+ profile to hank.layton@blueprintprep.com (make sure the +1s tab on your Google+ profile is set to “show this tab on your profile”)

Now that you’ve stopped reading, here are the details…

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Win a Free Blueprint LSAT Prep Course in 30 Seconds

Do you still have Oscar fever? If so, you should probably see a doctor; it may be an actual fever.

But if for some reason your blood’s still boiling from last night’s Academy Awards, you should put your excitement to use and film a submission for our video contest on Facebook. The winning video will take home the only thing better than a golden statue: a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course.

The theme for the video contest is public service announcements (PSAs). In the style of a 30-second PSA (the cheesier, the better), alert the world of the dangers of self-studying for the LSAT. It may not be as important an issue as drugs or bullying, but as an LSAT prep company we’ve seen countless lives lost (or at least, countless law school applications dumped) due to self-studying for the LSAT. It’s a hard test to prepare for. Going at it alone only makes it more difficult.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Video Contest Launches Tomorrow

On Sunday night, dozens of filmmakers (mostly everyone not associated with Movie 43) will go home with the most prestigious honor in the industry: an Academy Award. That’s all well and good, but these days good filmmaking can get you much better prizes than an Oscar.

For example: How about a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course?

Starting tomorrow on the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page, you can submit a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) on the dangers of self-studying for the LSAT, and in a month we’ll give away a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course to whomever submits the best one. Second place wins a $400 voucher off a Blueprint LSAT Prep course, and third place wins a Blueprint LSAT Prep t-shirt and keychain. But really, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

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Enroll in Our LSAT Prep Winter Course (Now IOS-Compatible)

If you’re taking the December LSAT, time is of the essence. LSAT test day is a mere four days away. But if you stuck to your LSAT study schedule, I’m sure you’ll get an LSAT score to your liking.

Now, if you want to take the February LSAT and need a Blueprint LSAT Prep course to prepare you for it, time is also of the essence in terms of signing up. Our winter LSAT prep classes begin Sunday, Dec. 2 in the following locations with the corresponding instructors:

Berkeley LSAT Prep Course — Aaron Cohn

UCLA LSAT Prep Course — Dan McCarthy

USC LSAT Prep Course — Spencer Robins

Irvine LSAT Prep Course — Jay Donnell

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Logical Reasonings / 3.14.12

A) Put down that Pi and enter our video contest for your shot at a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Free! You only have one day left to submit your entry. Facebook.

B) How did the University of Illinois Law School fare in its first US News & World Report rankings since the LSAT scores scandal tarnished the school’s reputation? Chicago Tribune.

C) As you scour the new law school rankings, remember: Don’t base your law school applications decisions only on where schools rank. There’s plenty of other important stuff. Christian Science Monitor.

D) Earlier today, you read Matt Shinners’s thoughts on all these law school grads suing their alma maters. Here’s an update: There are more lawsuits on the way. National Law Journal.

E) Encyclopedia Britannica is dropping its print edition. Read all about it in its online explanation for the phrase “duh”. Network World.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.13.12

A) Some people would kill for a shot at a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. All you have to do is submit a video by Thursday. Facebook.

B) Law school rankings are out! Law school rankings are out! US News and World Report.

C) And here’s some reaction to the rankings. Most notably: Stanford overtaking Harvard for the No. 2 spot for the first time since 2007. US News and World Report.

D) Now, three pages explaining the methodology used to determine the rankings. US News and World Report.

E) Finally, here’s a look at the job placement data those ranked schools provided. US News and World Report.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.6.12

A) Don’t want to pay for a Blueprint LSAT prep course? Enter our video contest for a chance to win a free one. Facebook.

B) Checking your social media while in a class at law school can be disruptive. And someone might tattle. Above the Law.

C) A moviegoer in Michigan is suing AMC for overpriced concessions. Wait’ll he finds out how much an attorney costs. Wall Street Journal.

D) In case you already couldn’t afford insurance on a new Mercedes-Benz, the company is making a car that’s invisible. Autoblog.

E) That chicken McNugget that resembles George Washington sold for the American equivalent of $8,100. Short List.