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Logical Reasonings / 2.2.16

A. Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, America’s sauciest online LSAT course, is available as a monthly subscription. Get crackin’, cuz the June LSAT is this June (duh)! Blueprint LSAT Preparation
B. Polls leading up to caucus night consistently showed Trump comfortably ahead of Cruz. What happened? This: The New York Times
C. What do mindfulness and law school admissions have to do with one another? As much or as little as you choose. Above the Law
D. Whither Johnny Football? Perhaps Johnny Insurance Sales? Or Johnny Lawn Mower Repair? NFL.com
E. Two guys crammed into one outfit in order to get into a movie theater at half the cost. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t worth it for the guy inside the outfit. Bored Panda

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Logical Reasonings / 2.1.16

A. Our world-renowned online course, Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, is an affordable subscription service! Check it out. Blueprint LSAT Prep
B. Human gene editing is now legal in limited, research-only circumstances. Great idea, or slippery slope to a brave new world? CBS News
C. The 2016 Election has officially begun with the kick off of the Iowa Caucuses. Who will win? Who will lose? Are you not amused? CNN
D. Police in the Netherlands have trained bald eagles to fight drones. Video footage. Sick, bro. New York Daily News
E. Chronic pot use makes it harder to remember… ummm… what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh, yeah! Words! It makes it harder to remember words in middle age. Philly.com

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Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 is now Netflix-ier than ever!

Starting today, Blueprint’s fun and flexible online LSAT course, AKA Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, is available as a monthly subscription service. Think Netflix with vastly increased earning potential!

For $179 per month, plus a onetime $200 materials fee that covers the cost of books, shipping, and question licensing, students can use all the powerful tools of our best-in-the-nation online course for exactly the amount of time they need to score big on test day.