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Logical Reasonings / 12.8.15

A. There’s still time to enroll in a Blueprint classroom course for the February exam. Blueprint LSAT Prep
B. The Yale professor who questioned the University’s decision to give Halloween costume guidelines to students has resigned her teaching post. Gawker
C. Ending a sentence with a period — you know, the thing you end a sentence with — is now considered rude. NY Mag
D. Texas A&M law school is lowering tuition. Yes, you heard that right, LOWERING. PR Newswire
E. Brownies! Brownies! Brownies! Huffington Post

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Book Review: The Law School Admission Game

On Monday I watched the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, had a pumpkin latte, and wore tights to work.  It’s officially fall.
Which means, dear LSATers, that in addition to the fun of studying for the LSAT, it’s time to start applying to law schools.  As an aside, October test takers don’t need to worry about applications until after the test on the 9th.  Decemberites, however, should work on their applications now so that the LSAT score is the final piece of their application.
There’s a fair amount of law school application advice housed in the annals of MSS, including how to get good letters of recommendation, tips for writing the personal statement, and how to use the LSAC website to target schools.
However, a new admissions resource recently landed on my desk, fresh from the parcel post guy (so did a fudge brownie from Starbucks, but that’s another matter). Sent from Ann Levine, it’s her bookThe Law School Admission Game:  Play Like an Expert.