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Is the California Bar Exam Hard?

California has always had a reputation for having a very tough bar exam, perhaps going beyond a test of minimal competence. In fact, the passage rates on the California bar are so low that now it seems that the cut-off score for passing the bar in California will be lowered by the Supreme Court of California (the legal profession in each state is regulated by that state’s highest court) sometime in the fall or winter. What’s more, the new, lower cut-off will apply retroactively to people who fail the bar exam this July.

The reason for this score shakeup is that the California bar exam is too tough. Let’s see how tough it really is.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.6.16

A. Getting offers from schools while you’re still on the waitlist(s) for dream school(s) or maybe just haven’t heard back? What to do? The Ivey Files

B. Antonin Scalia School of Law has a nice ring to it. And the acronym? (Think about it for just a second.) Slate

C. Country music legend/badboy Merle Haggard died today, his 79th birthday. Rest in peace, cowboy. People

D. Florida Gov. Rick Scott walked into a Gainesville Starbucks to get his daily, skinny-half-caf-extra-hot-nine-pump-mochalattechino and promptly got torn a new one by a patron. The Miami Herald

E. And finally, California law has changed to allow women to get birth control without a doctor’s prescription. New York Magazine

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Logical Reasonings / 12.30.14

a) “Future attorneys have an obligation to face violence and sexual assault in a different way than most.” The Atlantic

B) Check out the California bar exam passage rates organized by school… and see where NOT to go. Above The Law

C) A law student’s perspective on Serial. Ms. JD

D) A new California judge never went to law school. Well, at least he’s probably used to sitting around in a robe, then. Bakersfield Now

E) Some funny ladies pick their favorite tweets. The twist? They have to pick one of their own tweets. Talk about killing your darlings. Autostraddle