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Logical Reasonings / 5.6.15

A) Get more out of law school by choosing productive extra-curriculars. Law School Toolbox

B) What would the legal job market look like if 30 poorly performing law schools were forced to close? Much better for graduates of other schools (and about the same for alumni of the poor schools, unfortunately). Above the Law

C) Is a law degree necessary for your career goals? Check to make sure before you drop six figures on a J.D. Prelaw Guru

D) A Nebraska woman is suing all homosexuals on behalf of God and Jesus. Surprisingly, her case has some holes. Slate

E) A comprehensive collection of comedians tweeting about air travel. Splitsider

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Logical Reasonings / 3.18.15

A) 3 ways to brainstorm which law schools to apply to. US News and World Report

B) The 10 law schools with the most heavily indebted graduates. Not a pretty list. Above the Law

C) We took a look at changes in the LSAT over the last decade for our friends at Law School Expert.

D) What does a 21st century legal career look like? Like this, I assume. Legal Talk Network

E) I Put On A Fat Suit To Understand What It’s Like To Be Your Mom. ClickHole

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Logical Reasonings / 3.3.15

A) Slate thinks going to law school without taking the LSAT is a pretty terrible idea.

B) An informal survey of the skills young lawyers wish they had before going to law school. Trebuchet Legal

C) If law schools had credit ratings, Stanford would definitely get a platinum AmEx. Above the Law

D) Compelling career advice from President Obama (and how he recovered from a disastrous campaign): “It’s about the work.” Cal Newport

E) When it comes to vaccines, Jimmy Kimmel is the anti-Jenny McCarthy. Also, when it comes to swimsuit modeling. Salon

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Logical Reasonings / 1.14.15

A) Check out our February LSAT Tips over at the Ivey Files.

B) An aspiring law student documents the start of her “Journey to a JD.” Ms. JD

C) Not thinking through why you want to go to law school can result in mid-career crisis. Above The Law

D) A 16-year old programmer is determined to show you where political funding comes from. When I was 16, I was determined to get the coolest puka shell necklace. The Higher Learning

E) You may not be happy with your LSAT score yet, but at least you’re not one of these bodybuilders arguing about how many days are in a week. Death and Taxes

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Logical Reasonings / 1.8.15

A) The top 10 law school stories of 2014. I assume our story about Kim Kardashian’s butt just missed the cut. LinkedIn

B) 30 Under 30: The top young legal and policy professionals in the country. Start putting this on your dream board, guys. Forbes

C) Low enrollment has sent law schools into a bidding war for students. All the better for you scholarship seekers out there. The American Lawyer

D) Maybe the only way to fight terrorists who kill over cartoons is to draw more cartoons. Above The Law Redline

E) The Supreme Court releases a young Antonin Scalia’s original audition video. The Onion

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Logical Reasonings / 10.10.14

Which law school has the best career prospects? The answer may surprise you! Above the Law

And which law schools are the toughest to get into? The answer probably won’t surprise you! Business Insider

The prevalence of $160,000 starting salaries is eroding. Wall Street Journal

This guy tried to get out of jury duty, and ended up in jail. Omaha.com

A Simpsons fan asks her Simpsons Facebook group to stop quoting The Simpsons. Hilarity ensues. Buzzfeed

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Logical Reasonings / 9.11.14

Some tips to make the most of the LSAC forums. Pre Law Guru

Seize the Day! A law prof welcomes the Class of 2017 as they start of law school. Above the Law

Tip: Don’t let fear derail your law career. Second tip: Make it rhyme, every time. About.com

Philadelphia is seizing property from people never charged with a crime. Well, at least it’s ceased bombing them. Forbes

Mick Jagger is an ancient swamp creature. That used to be an insult; now it’s just a fact. Huffington Post