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Logical Reasonings / 2.19.15

A) A couple of law schools are admitting students without an LSAT score… but only if you already go to their university.

B) Thinking about transferring law schools? Here’s how it can affect your student loans. Barrister on a Budget

C) It’s time for America’s favorite game show: Bash Cooley Law School! Above the Law

D) What do merging law schools and merging firms mean? Probably a lot more meetings with the word “synergy” in them, for one thing. ABA Journal

E) The internet is freaking out because Beyonce looks like a real human being in leaked photos. Oh, internet. Slate

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Logical Reasonings / 10.15.14

The best law school facilities. Turns out the University of Memphis is basically Stark TowerPreLaw Magazine

A law school dean turns a judge’s sexist joke into a teachable moment. Above The Law

Thomas M. Cooley Law School, currently closing down its Michigan campus, ranks itself the second best law school in the country. LOLOLOLOLOL. Cooley.edu

SCOTUS blocks some Texas aborition regulations. Wall Street Journal

It’s not TV, it’s HBO… and soon we (maybe might possibly sometime) be able to get it without a TV! All further questions answered here. Vulture