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Logical Reasonings / 6.1.15

A) Here’s a guide to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (known as CAS to us hip cats). U.S. News and World Report

B) Why is Yale only number 5 in Above the Law‘s new law school rankings? It all comes down to jobs.

C) Will grad school help you become a D.C. power player? Probably not as much as simple hard work will. Roll Call

D) Caitlyn Jenner just broke President Obama’s Twitter record for fastest account to one million followers. Business Insider

E) Coldplay’s fake Game of Thrones musical is fantastic and I wish it was real… Watch it, even if you’re a Coldplay hater. Funny or Die

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Logical Reasonings / 3.30.15

A) 3 must-do tasks for law students looking to transfer. US News & World Report

B) Wondering what the Credential Assembly Service is? Here’s a primer on LSAC’s bureaucratic baby. Prelaw Guru

C) It might surprise you which law school has produced the most in-house lawyers at Apple. Or it might not, if you’ve already read this article. Above the Law

D) The Daily Show has a new host. Get to know him with some of his best stand-up bits. Slate

E) Speaking of comedy, here are 50 comedians to know in 2015. Vulture