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Should I Cancel the February LSAT?

You have until Friday to decide.  No, I am not talking about your destination for Valentine’s Day or your excuse for making this weekend a super-long weekend.  Friday is the deadline to cancel your February LSAT score.

For some students, this decision brings sleepless nights and lots of overeating.  A bad LSAT score is not a great thing to have on your record.  Not as bad as a conviction for international espionage or anything, but not great.

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The Deep End: ABC’s Vision of a First Year Associate’s Life

Last night ABC aired its new legal drama, The Deep End.  I could argue that The Deep End demonstrates that screenwriting as a serious craft is dead, but if you’ve watched any three-letter network lately (other than HBO), you know that already.

Every decade or so, someone in TV land who narrowly escaped a career in law decides the world would be fascinated by watching the lives of lawyers.  In a better world, we would cast stones at such people and leave their utterly implausible and trumped up shows unwatched.  In our world, LA Law was a Thursday night staple for nearly a decade in the late 80’s and Ally McBeal helped establish Fox as a serious network in the late 90’s.

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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

As many of you know (or should know), today is the day we observe Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Before his assassination on April 4, 1968, King had become the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize (for efforts ending segregation and discrimination through non-violent means, back before the Nobel Peace Prize was rendered

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Temporal Fallacies on the LSAT vs. the NFL Playoffs

The LSAT talks about a lot of different subject areas.  Fractal geometry, the mating habits of sage grouse, diapir eruptions, “group think” behavior, and even unicorns have all been the topic of discussion at different times.

But they don’t talk about sports.  Well, not much, at least.

And I think I might know why.  There are certain issues in sports that I believe can poke holes in the reasoning used on the LSAT.

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Minorities and Law School Admissions

The New York Times reports that the number and percentage of minority students enrolling in law school is declining. According to Columbia law professor, Conrad Johnson, Mexican American and Black students accepted to law school decreased from 1993 to 2008. Hispanic Americans in general made negligible gains in enrollment during the same period.

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Associate Compensation: The ATL Debate at UCLA

There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for free food.  Once I faked a free email address to cadge a free hotdog from the Stanford Undergraduate Karate Club (SUKC). So when Above the Law editors David Lat and Elie Mystal came to Southern California to discuss law firm compensation, I was intrigued.  When I heard they were

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And You Thought Finding a Law Job Was Difficult in the U.S.

In this week’s edition of “Be Glad You Don’t Live in China”: Above the Law reports that law students in China are apparently like history majors in the United States: completely, abjectly unemployable. In the last two years, legal jobs have been the hardest to get in China, mostly because there are just too many

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Great Event for the Los Angeles Area

MSSers, It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Above the Law, mostly because the content is funny and insightful. So when we heard they were coming to UCLA in order to discuss the big law remuneration system and whether it should be changed, we got very excited. As you know, lots of you want

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Top 10 New Year’s LSAT Resolutions

It’s the first day of 2010, which means it’s time to make resolutions! Here’s our top ten for the LSAT: 10. Deeply regret that dinosaurs, and various theories of their extinction, ever existed. 9. Contemplate purchase of Kim Kardashian’s Guide to LSAT 180. 8. Get new fingerprints for LSAT testing site so criminal record from