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Blueprint LSAT Prep Expanding to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. has too long been bereft of effective LSAT prep, so this spring, Blueprint LSAT Prep will be expanding to our nation’s capital to bring the good word of the LSAT to all denizens of the district.

Blueprint’s LSAT class will be located near the George Washington University campus, which puts it right smack dab in the middle of Washington D.C., and should be convenient for any LSAT students in D.C. area. The class will be taught by LSAT aficionado Clint Morrison, who brings a Georgetown education and an acting background to the course, which should mix for a tremendously educational and entertaining LSAT class.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep is Coming to a City Near You

Depending on what city you’re in. Yes, the time has come that we shuffled off the cocoon of California and New York and spread our wings as a beautiful, LSAT-teaching butterfly. Beginning this coming spring, Blueprint will be opening up live classes in five new locations: Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Austin, and Phoenix. Of course, we won’t neglect our California or New York locations, but the time has come to bring the gospel of Blueprint to the entire country.

What this means for you: if you’re located in any of these cities, or anywhere near any of these cities, you have another live option for your LSAT education. We have our spring schedules up on the Blueprint site, and students are welcome to sign up now to ensure they get a spot in the classes.