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4 Things You Should Do the Day Before the February LSAT

Here at Blueprint LSAT Prep, we like to help you succeed in all areas of your life, so here’s a useful reminder: Valentine’s Day is one week from today. Now you have no excuse to forget about V-Day until you’re on your way home from work and stop at CVS to get some random crap.

But even more importantly, today is the day before the February LSAT. So for those of you who are facing the Big Day on Saturday, today is also “Me Day.” Here’s the run-down on how your day before the February LSAT should look:

What to Do the Day Before the February LSAT I: No studying. Seriously.

I bet you never thought an LSAT instructor would be telling you not to study, and yet here we are. Nothing good can come of studying today.

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Off the Agenda the Day Before the October LSAT: Studying

So, here we are: the day before the October LSAT. And guess what – you’re not going to study today. Nope, not at all. I forbid it. If you so much as crack an LSAT-related book, you will incur the wrath of an omniscient LSAT instructor who will rain gentle disapproval upon your head.

In all seriousness, it’s really important to take the day off from studying for the LSAT. Nothing good can come of studying today – you won’t teach yourself anything that you haven’t already learned in your months of LSAT prep, and you might actually freak yourself out more. If you don’t study, on the other hand, you’ll be feeling fresh and (relatively) relaxed before the October LSAT tomorrow.

Now that we’ve established that you’re not going to be studying today, what can you do instead?

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Things to Do the Day Before the February LSAT (Except Study)

Happy February LSAT eve, everyone.

For those in the Northeast affected by Nemo, check out this blog post for details about any February LSAT cancellations. We’ll be updating it throughout the day with the latest info from LSAC. If you are among those affected, hunker down with a bowl of soup and do some LSAT questions to stay fresh. If you are not among those affected, please, continue reading for some handy advice regarding recommended activities for the day before the February LSAT.

Today should be a mental day of rest. The only LSAT-related thing you ought to do today is make sure you’re logistically ready to go tomorrow. Make sure you have the route to your LSAT test center mapped out.

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What Not to Do the Day Before the LSAT

Alright, you LSATers, it’s the day before game day. You’ve given yourself one last pep talk. You know your route to the testing center. You’ve woken up way earlier than seems appropriate for the last two weeks. You know where you’re eating breakfast before the exam and you’ve got some warm-up questions ready to go for tomorrow morning. It seems as though nothing could go wrong. And yet, some people still manage to screw things up. To prevent you from encountering such a fate, I’ve compiled a brief and handy list of things NOT to do the day before the LSAT.

1. Don’t burn yourself out.

If you haven’t totally mastered a technique at this stage of the game, spending a couple extra hours freaking yourself out the day before the test isn’t going to help. It’s going to hurt. A lot.