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Sizing Up the December 2011 LSAT

December LSAT scores came out last week, which was quite the momentous occasion. Most people, naturally, focused on their specific scores. But what about the test? Was it par for the course, or did it stand out from the pack? I’ve taken the test, and am ready to pass my judgment. But first a word of warning: if you’re planning on taking the December 2011 LSAT soon as a practice test, you probably shouldn’t read on. Knowing what’s coming on a practice test can spoil the surprise, whether in regards to the curve, individual sections, or just general impressions. Otherwise…

The December LSAT was pretty conventional. Somewhat difficult, but conventional. There wasn’t anything on the test that really stood out as being noteworthy or new. The LSAT curve was generous, allowing -14 for a 170, which seemed fair. The test was harder than usual, but in predictable ways.

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December 2011 LSAT Scores Released

One of the longest waits for LSAT results is over.

At approximately 2:30 p.m. PST on Wednesday, LSAC began releasing results for the December 2011 LSAT. The exam was conducted on December 3, and LSAT scores were released a stress-filled 32 days later on January 4.

For many, it was worth the wait.

The December LSAT had an extremely lenient curve: -14 for a 170 and -28 for a 160. That means you could have missed 14 questions and still scored a 170, and you could have missed 28 and still scored a 160. So if you remember things not going very well on test day, you probably scored better than you anticipated. Then again, it’s been 32 days. You’ve probably experienced a seesaw of expectations.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.4.12

A) Let’s take a look at how December LSAT score release day went down in the blogosphere. It began with this young man calling for justice from LSAC. It’s Bretters in Theory.

B) Then this person started to hear rumblings that LSAT scores were coming out today. Palace in Wanderlust.

C) And then, boom. LSAT scores. (And boasting.) Schwiggity.

D) Of course, there were also those who were humbled by their LSAT score. Full Strength>.

E) Like most LSAT takers, Meg’s got some questions. Cognitive Dissonance.

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December LSAT Scores Could Be Out at Any Moment

The wait is over. If you took the December 2011 LSAT, the moment of truth has come. Sometime this week, the LSAC will release LSAT scores. I can’t say for sure, and I won’t be a sensationalist like this jerk, but it’s very likely they could come out today.

It’s been exactly a month since you celebrated completing the December LSAT, a month spent eagerly awaiting this day and an email from the LSAC. And now it’s (maybe) here. No more nail-biting, spending sleepless nights worrying if Raymundo actually had to go third. Now it’s time to camp out in front of your computer, hitting refresh on your inbox, cursing your slow connection – damn you Comcast! And while there’s no certainty when dealing with the LSAC, it seems like a safe bet that you won’t have to wait until Friday to see your LSAT score.

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Ring in the New Year on LSAT Score Release Alert

The December 2011 LSAT scores are out! Okay, maybe not yet, but they certainly could be out very soon, possibly even today. The LSAC hates to be predictable, so rather than release scores on the day they are scheduled, the LSAT always releases them early, in the past, anywhere from 3 to 18 days early. And what better timing than on New Year’s Eve Eve, allowing students to celebrate the New Year with a new score. Of course whether students receive their scores or not, and what those 3 digit numbers turn out to be, will determine how many spend their weekend, albeit a debacherous daze of revelry or a solemn stupor of sobriety.

Here are a few possible scenarios and suggestions for dealing with them:

If LSAT scores are released and you aced it, then it’s time to celebrate!

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting (an LSAT Score)

You thought studying for the LSAT was difficult? Pssssh. Now you get to sit there and twiddle your thumbs while wondering about the results of the test that can define where you go to law school. Add that to the inevitable holiday pressure of family asking what you’re going to do with your life (that wasn’t just my family, right?) and you have a recipe for a big fat batch of anxiety (which goes down about as well as fruit cake).

What’s an intrepid future law student such as yourself to do for the next few weeks? Figure out ways to kill time. You know a great way to kill time? Make sure your law school applications are all complete so that they can be assessed by law schools as soon as your LSAT score is received.

What’s that you say?

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December 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival

We’ve done what we could here at Most Strongly Supported to recap the December LSAT — starting with the instant recap on Saturday and then the morning cometh on Sunday. Be sure to check out the comments in those posts; there’s some good stuff in there.

Now let’s see what those who took the LSAT and for whatever reason didn’t come to our blog are saying about it. It’s time to hop on the December 2011 LSAT blog carnival. Please keep all hands and items inside the ride at all times.

In the front of the ride (always the longest line) are a former shopaholic and a 2013 graduate of Wabash College. The first blogger wanted to cry after she took the December LSAT Saturday because she had been studying since 2009. It sounds like it paid off, though, because she wrote that the actual LSAT was easier than her practice LSATs.

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The Morning Cometh: The December 2011 LSAT Aftermath

After (what were hopefully) months of studying, the December 2011 LSAT has come and gone. It’s been over 24 hours since the test came to an end, and the dust has mostly settled. So what will its place in history turn out to be? Well, it seems like it was pretty forgettable. The word of for the day yesterday was “standard.” No one came running out of the test saying that there were entirely new question types or particularly monstrous elements or anything like that. It was actually surprising just how unsurprised everyone felt. Whether people did well or poorly, relatively few people had strong feelings. What people do seem to agree on, at least partially, is the following:

Games – These seemed to have been very conventional. Early reports indicate that the first two games were very easy.

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December 2011 LSAT Instant Recap

Looks like someone finally has time to start holiday shopping.

The December 2011 LSAT snuck up on all of us, but now it is a thing of the past. Before we hit the mall to visit Santa, let’s discuss how the LSAT went. Voice your thoughts in the comments.

Remember, though: LSAC prohibits us from talking about anything too specific regarding the content of the exam. No talk about which section was the experimental. Nothing about the subject matter in reading comp. If your comment doesn’t make the cut, it’s because we didn’t approve it. No hard feelings.

Now let’s dig in.

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Predictions for the December 2011 LSAT

Here we go again. As the tryptophan-induced daze wears off, LSAT students are faced with a brutal reality. The December LSAT is just two days away.

At this point, studying is rather pointless. In fact, relying on those good old “cramming” techniques that got you through freshman biology would be counterproductive in the final days. So what can we offer you for guidance at this point?

Semi-outlandish predictions about what will appear on the December LSAT, that’s what.

1. Experimenting with the Experimental

For years, nay, for decades, the experimental (unscored) section of the test has been one of the first three sections.