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Sizing Up the December 2011 LSAT

December LSAT scores came out last week, which was quite the momentous occasion. Most people, naturally, focused on their specific scores. But what about the test? Was it par for the course, or did it stand out from the pack? I’ve taken the test, and am ready to pass my judgment. But first a word of warning: if you’re planning on taking the December 2011 LSAT soon as a practice test, you probably shouldn’t read on. Knowing what’s coming on a practice test can spoil the surprise, whether in regards to the curve, individual sections, or just general impressions. Otherwise…

The December LSAT was pretty conventional. Somewhat difficult, but conventional. There wasn’t anything on the test that really stood out as being noteworthy or new. The LSAT curve was generous, allowing -14 for a 170, which seemed fair. The test was harder than usual, but in predictable ways.

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December 2010 LSAT Scores Released

December LSAT scores are out.

Pause here for intense emotion, followed by ferraro rocher consumption (don’t act like you haven’t tried its sweet, sweet combination of nougat and chocolate crispies). After the tumult of receiving your LSAT score has subsided, it’s time to turn your attention to the question of a most urgent nature. Namely, how difficult was the curve for the December 2010 LSAT?

In early December, our very own Blueprint LSAT founder Matt Riley made some predictions about the December 2010 curve. The upshot? That it would easier than winning a limbo showdown with Yao Ming. Since Yao Ming is 7’6”, that’s pretty darn easy.