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Looming LSAT Deadlines Mean Decisions

If you plan on taking the December LSAT, you should know that some important deadlines are coming up:

Test Center Change by Mail, Phone, or Fax November 14, 2014
Test Center Change Online November 16, 2014
Test Date Change by Mail, Phone, or Fax November 14, 2014
Test Date Change Online November 16, 2014
LSAT Registration Refunds (partial only) November 14, 2014
Withdraw LSAT Registration – No Refund December 5, 2014

If you decide to withdraw or reschedule your LSAT, your next chance to take an LSAT is February 2015 – probably too late for this application cycle.

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Stay Ahead on Your Law School Applications

Today’s tips come from Eileen Conner, who helps law school candidates write excellent admissions essays in her work as founder of Pen and Chisel.

If you’re taking the December LSAT, you’ve probably been spending most of your application time developing a strong study regime. Great! But even though the LSAT is a critical part of your argument for admission, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the other parts of your application.

What else should you do between now and the exam to make sure you’ll be ready to submit your applications as soon as you receive your scores?

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You Bombed the September LSAT… What Now?

We here at Most Strongly Supported hope that all of our readers awaiting a September LSAT score received good news this week. However, sometimes – for whatever reason – a score might fall short of your hopes and expectations. If you are in that unfortunate position, you may be trying to decide what your next steps should be.

This post is for you, my friend.

If your LSAT score wasn’t what you hoped, you may be considering whether to retake the test in December. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you make that decision:

1. When are you applying?

Let’s get one potential objection to retaking out of the way: the December LSAT will still allow you to apply during this admissions cycle.

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Study Tips for Retaking the December LSAT

You took the LSAT once. Now you need to take it again. It goes without saying that you’d like to do better this time. What about all that material you used the first time? Here’s how you can make the most of your old prep material, and plan your attack for the next test.

Your first step should be to make a quick inventory of the LSAT PrepTests you haven’t touched any of the questions from. Set aside a bunch of these, preferably the more recent ones, to use as timed practice tests. Since you haven’t seen these questions, they’ll be the best indication of where you’re really scoring. Then make a schedule and spread these tests out out between now and test day.

That leaves all the LSAT questions you’ve done already. You might think that you’ve spoiled these questions by doing them; that they’re devoid of the worth they once had. You’d be wrong.

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For the December LSAT, Planning Ahead Is Key

It may still be October, but I’d like you to flash forward and imagine Sunday, November 30th. It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so you’ll be stuffed with turkey, turducken, tofurkey, or some Frankenstein combination of the three. You’ll have had a few days off of school or work to spend with family and friends.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But what if I told you that the December LSAT will be six days away? And, if you’re in school, finals will be impending, too. Imagine feeling like you still have lots of LSAT studying you need to do. Plus, you have a bunch of schoolwork that needs to get done. Now. Or you’ll fail. And your law school applications are lurking in the background. Worst of all, your family is threatening to disown you because you barely even acknowledged them over your plate of tofurkey.

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Apply to Law School with a Poor LSAT Score or Wait Until the Next Exam?

So you didn’t get the score you wanted on the September LSAT, and you’re planning on retaking in December in the hope of improving your score.  You and lots and lots of other people! What’s the best move for your application timeline?  Should you submit now with your existing score, or hold off until you have your December score?

I recommend submitting your applications with your September score, even if you think you’ll be retaking the test. You could always hold off on submitting until the December score comes in, or you could submit with September but ask the schools to hold off on reviewing your file until then (which is effectively the same as not submitting until the score arrives).

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How to Start Studying for the December LSAT

The September LSAT has come and gone. Once everyone decides whether to cancel, all that will be left to do is wait until LSAC releases the scores.

Accordingly, let’s turn our attention toward the December LSAT. Classes have begun, and if you’re shooting for the December administration, it’s time to get your studying in gear.

Here are some pointers as you get started.

Start Studying Now
It’s easy to procrastinate when the LSAT seems far away. It’s coming up sooner than you think. To be exact, you have just a little more than nine weeks until the big day.

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September LSAT Wrap Up: To Cancel or Not To Cancel

So you took the LSAT on Saturday. It wasn’t the dreamlike experience you hoped it would be. Now you’re wondering, “Should I cancel my score?” We’re here to help.

First, let’s go over what it means to cancel your LSAT score, and how to do it. LSAC has to receive your cancellation request within six days of the LSAT. You can send your request by fax or overnight mail; there’s no way to cancel your LSAT score online. LSAC tells you exactly what to send to cancel your LSAT score.

If you cancel your September LSAT, law schools will see that you took the test, but they won’t ever know what you would have scored. And neither will you; your September LSAT score will be forever a mystery. It will, however, count toward your limit of three LSAT administrations within two years even if you cancel.

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Welcome December 2014 LSAT Students!

As we usher our beloved summer students out into the world, like overprotective soccer moms with bitter tears in our eyes, it’s time to welcome a whole new batch of LSAT preppers to the world of Blueprint. And we do mean world, as fall courses start this weekend in:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Berkeley
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Fullerton
  • Houston