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How to Distract Yourself from the LSAT

Tomorrow is the LSAT – the culmination of months of preparation. While you should probably pick out a few questions to warm up with tomorrow morning, your studying is over. Or at least, it should be over.

There’s not much to be gained from cramming in a practice test today, especially if you haven’t given your brain a break in a while. Like muscles that day need time to recover after an intensive workout, you need to take a mental break. Not only will it feel good to distract yourself from the test for a few hours, but your brain will likely be subconsciously processing all of your past studying. That’s right, taking a day off will actually help you better understand the LSAT.

But what to do if Logic Games won’t stop running through your head? Or you can’t help but tag every article in People for author’s intent? We’re here to help.