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Give Yourself Rewards To Help Overcome LSAT Fatigue

Sorry, folks. This is going to hurt, but I have to say it:

In just a couple short weeks the December LSAT will be upon us.

And you know what that means. No more speculating about what fallacies the test might hold; no more imagining what obscure names will be incorporated into this round of logic games; no more high-stakes wagers over whether Frida Kahlo’s eyebrow or platypus sensory perception will feature more prominently in this administration’s Reading Comprehension passages.

C’est la vie.

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Reader Question: How to Drill LSAT Logical Reasoning

A blog reader writes: “Is it better to drill Logical Reasoning questions by type or do full, untimed sections?”

This is an incredibly important question.

Step 1: Learn The Method
Because there is a unique method for each LSAT Logical Reasoning question type, you need to focus on learning the steps and nuances of each individual method first. This takes time and a lot of careful practice: let’s say, about 50 questions worth of focused, perfect, and slow practice.

You should try to avoid doing questions for which you haven’t learned a method. If you just freestyle your way through Logical Reasoning, you’ll only develop bad habits, and bad habits are really hard to undo.