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Early Decision vs. Early Action: Your Law School Applications

Surprise! It’s November, and that means that the early decision and early action deadlines for most law schools are fast approaching. The difference between early decision and early action is simple.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.30.14

Factors to weigh in order to choose the best law school for you. Ms. JD

The perils of applying early decision. Pre Law Guru

Ruth Bader Ginsburg loved John Oliver’s puppy dog SCOTUS parody, proving once again that she’s the coolest. Wall Street Journal

Not content with members of Congress and governors, lobbyists are now trying to buy off attorney generals. Where’s Bradley Cooper when you need him? NY Times

Pee Wee Herman remakes the new Avengers trailer on Fallon. Nerdist

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Stand Out in Law School Admissions: Submit Your Apps Early

November 15, two days from now, is widely regarded as the deadline for early law school admission application submissions. If you took the October LSAT, already have your LSAT score, and have submitted all the items necessary to complete your applications (letters of recommendation, personal statement, etc) then good on you. Your application will be considered shortly and you should have an answer from your most-desired schools in the near future. If you are not yet ready to submit your applications, then you needn’t fret…yet.

That said, you should do everything you can to get your law school applications in on or before Thanksgiving. It seems that everyone applying to law school uses those couple extra days in November to bust their butts and complete their law school applications.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.11.13

A) Cut! One dean says law schools are going to have to bust out the trimmers. Huffington Post.

B) Apparently, Northwestern listened to that advice. The Daily Northwestern.

C) GPA and early decision: Here’s how law schools are looking at ’em. Law Admissions Lowdown.

D) Turns out Ted Cruz was quite the partier at Harvard Law School. Huffington Post.

E) Happy Veterans Day! Here are some tear-jerking GIFs featuring military servicemen and women surprising their families. BuzzFeed.

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Your LSAT and Law School Timelines (Should) Start Today

Today we have a guest post from Anna Ivey, founder of Ivey Consulting.

What’s the ideal LSAT timeline? Your mileage may vary, and your LSAT instructor will be able to give you advice customized to your individual situation. But in a perfect world, here’s how I like to work backwards from the end goal:

Plan to submit your law school applications in early November (or even sooner, but early November is plenty early). In order to maximize the time you have on your applications, and to let your brain focus on — and master — one thing at a time, that November law school application submission date means I like to see people take the LSAT the February before that.

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Thanks, But No Thanks: How to Decline Law School Offers

Today we have a guest post from Anna Ivey, founder of Ivey Consulting.

This week, I’ve been fielding questions from applicants about the right way to turn down offers from law schools. This post is for the “Awesome Problems to Have” files, because it assumes, of course, that you’ve already received an offer from a law school you really want to attend. Congratulations! I love this time of year, because this is when you start seeing the payoff for all your hard work, planning and patience. (Sometimes dumb luck helps too, but less than one would think.) Here are some common questions related to turning down law school offers:

1. Do I have to turn down the offer before the stated deposit deadline?

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Logical Reasonings / 9.10.12

A) It’s not as funny as how Late Night With Jimmy Fallon might approach them, but here are the pros and cons of applying early decision to law school. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) This slideshow is for you, Philadelphia LSAT prep students: The tuition at each of your city’s local law schools. Biz Journals.

C) Be very, very quiet. Second-year law students are hunting summer jobs. Wall Street Journal.

D) This morning, the FBI arrested Trenton mayor Tony Mack. Tomorrow, they’ll probably start shooting a movie about it. NJ.com.

E) Still on a football high? The most embarrassing moments from Week 1 certainly won’t kill your buzz. BuzzFeed.

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Applying to Law School Early Still the Best Way to Go

As we’ve said several times before on the LSAT blog, law school applications are most likely going to be way down this year. Significantly fewer people are taking the LSAT, and law schools are already scrambling to fill classes for the upcoming academic year. By doing so, they’re poaching potential law school applicants from their next class (and while it might seem shortsighted – and it is – once one law school does it, the rest are almost forced to follow suit).

However, with the beginning of the school year only weeks away (and some orientation weeks starting already), the majority of you aren’t falling into that ‘last minute to pack up my whole life and get in the mindset for law school!’ category, and you’ll be looking to enroll next year. How should this affect your strategy for law school applications?

First off, you probably want to reconsider applying Early Decision to certain law schools.

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How to Be First in Line in Law School Admissions

Today we have a guest post from Anna Ivey, founder of Ivey Consulting.

-I’m trying to figure out my timeline for applying to law school. Harvard, e.g., opens their application on September 15. Is there any advantage to submitting on the 15th rather than the 22nd? If not, at what point in the calendar does the “earlier the better” maxim become relevant?

Great question, and I know you hear a lot of conflicting advice out there. My recommendation is to have your applications go complete by November 1. That’s not a hard deadline, just a guideline. November 1 is plenty early, and builds in some wiggle room. Worst case scenario, get your applications in by the end of November.

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Going to Miss Your Early Decision Deadline? No Sweat

For many schools, tomorrow, November 15, is the early decision deadline. Some of you are overachievers who already got your apps in. This article isn’t for you. And, by the way, why are you still obsessing over law school websites? Take a few weeks off before re-obsessing over when your decisions will arrive.


For those of you who are still considering early decision — why are you reading this? Get out there and finish those applications!

At this point, you need to have your letters of recommendations, transcripts and LSAT scores in. If you don’t have those three things, kiss that ED application goodbye.