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Logical Reasonings / 8.20.15

A) LSAC has released some data regarding the number of people taking the LSAT, and it’s still in decline. Here are some potential conclusions. Above the Law

B) Ever wondered what being a Supreme Court intern is like? Here’s the inside scoop. National Law Journal

C) Texas Tech School of Law is introducing a “brain training” program for 1Ls. Hmm… Lubbock Online

D) Someone going by Deez Nuts is the top-polling Independent candidate for president in some states. America, F yeah! The Guardian

E) In related news, you can watch about a million news anchors solemnly say the phrase “deez nuts.” Deadspin

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Logical Reasonings / 11.5.14

How to succeed in law school, from racking in the A’s to making yourself stand out. Lawyerist

Negotiating financial aid for law school. Tips to help prevent you from paying off student debt until you’re as old as my grandma. US News

Gubernatorial election results…Did you remember to vote? CNN

We are finally getting the answers we have been demanding! Vocativ

We promise not to text your parents while you’re in your Blueprint class. TIME