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Logical Reasonings / 3.11.15

A) How to write a concise law school application essay. My advice: don’t use any spaces. Their advice is probably better –> Girl’s Guide to Law School

B) A respected law professor predicts a major law school will close within the next three years. Business Insider

C) New York Law School is now offering a two-year accelerated J.D. National Jurist

D) In horrible person news: a Baylor 3L was arrested and charged with human trafficking. I wonder how Baylor will count this in their employment statistics. Above the Law

E) Slate predicts that internet outrage is on the wane, and THAT MAKES ME ANGRY.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.3.14

ATL deconstructs a survey of prospective law students. (Deconstruct is a code word for “mocks.”) Above The Law

How to tackle the “Why X School” question on your law school applications. Girl’s Guide to Law School

The current state of law schools might reflect the dental school bubble in the 1980s. Slate

If you’ve ever wanted to see a pro football player live-tweet jury duty… well, you have weird wants. But here it is. Talking Points Memo

“Gangnam Style” just got more views than Youtube has the capability to count, which actually reveals a potentially fundamental problem in the way computers work. Way to go, Psy. Washington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 10.21.14

We’re getting some pub for our “brutal” new ad campaign. Sorry, Trojans. Above The Law

5 tips to cut the length of your personal statement. Pen and Chisel

New York is trying to decide whether to overhaul its bar exam. Wall Street Journal

The New Yorker‘s take on a college admissions essay. Feel free to use it, if you think you’re droll enough. The New Yorker

You should watch John Oliver take on SCOTUS everything. Last Week Tonight

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Logical Reasonings / 10.20.14

With September LSAT scores coming out sometime today, it’s time to evaluate whether you should re-take. US News & World Report

Learn how to love the absurdly unrealistic law school in How To Get Away With Murder. Above The Law

How to tackle the “Why X School” application essay. Wait… X School? Because you have mutant powers, obviously. The Girl’s Guide to Law School

An Oklahoma court ruled that Facebook is not a valid way to let people know you’re pregnant. But try telling that to my friends from high school. Wall Street Journal

The NYPD is no match for their own escaped horse. Gawker