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Kai’s LSAT Story: How I Got My 177

Today’s post comes to us from Kai, a former Blueprint student who is currently in the midst of the law school application process, and was recently admitted to a Top-3 program.

Preparing for the LSAT reminds me of a mud/obstacle race I recently ran. Any path that looks smooth is likely hiding something (there was so much gravel in that mud pit). If you don’t pace yourself early, you’ll be too exhausted for the most difficult obstacles. And, the decisions and preparation you make before race day matter more than anything you do mid-race.

If you scour the internet, you can find lots of competing advice about how to prep for the LSAT. Take two seconds to Google and you’ll find three opinions on how to think about the test, which game strategies are best, which Logical Reasoning questions to do first or consider skipping, etc.