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The LSAT Catwalk: Logic in Project Runway

I love Project Runway. There, I said it. Heidi Klum is gorgeous and nice (two characteristics that rarely go together) and Tim Gunn is even, if possible, nicer. Plus, he’s got great fashion sense. (Watch enough episodes and it’s always the idiots who don’t listen to his thoughtful “hmmm…I don’t know about the hot pink ruffles” who get auf wiedersehen’ed that night).

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Temporal Fallacies on the LSAT vs. the NFL Playoffs

The LSAT talks about a lot of different subject areas.  Fractal geometry, the mating habits of sage grouse, diapir eruptions, “group think” behavior, and even unicorns have all been the topic of discussion at different times.

But they don’t talk about sports.  Well, not much, at least.

And I think I might know why.  There are certain issues in sports that I believe can poke holes in the reasoning used on the LSAT.

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Running with the Bulls and a Common LSAT Fallacy

MSS welcomes Guest Blogger Jay Donnell. Jay teaches LSAT classes for Blueprint in Irvine, was a skateboarder in a former life, and loves to travel (as you’ll see). Hello Friends. In a brief respite between traipsing around the globe and pacing back and forth in my LSAT classroom I’ve decided to drop in. These past

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Roman Polanski: “Rape-Rape” and LSAT Fallacies of Causation

I thought I was a veritable Thurgood Marshall when I pointed out the apparent disproportionality of Plaxico Burress’ sentence when compared with other celebrities who’ve acted badly. And then someone at the justice department decided it was time to reel in Roman Polanski. Gold. Solid gold. I’ll just set the stage quickly, as I’m sure