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Logical Reasonings / 10.29.15

A. Last night’s CNBC GOP Debate in one gif. New York Times

B. Harvard Law School launches a project that makes the entire collection of U.S. case law available online, for free, to anyone with an Internet connection. Harvard Law Today

C. Taylor Swift is involved in a messy lawsuit with a former radio host. USA Today

D. Students working their way through college is becoming the norm. CNBC

E. The GOP versus the media. Blueprint LSAT Prep Youtube

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Logical Reasonings / 10.15.15

A. It’s official: Bikram yoga can’t be copyrighted. Bloomberg

B. Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, is being accused of plagerizing jokes from a well-known comedian. Inquisitr

C. Should we be surprised that what we watch on our phones isn’t private? Bloomberg

D. For your viewing pleasure: The Democratic candidates most fallacious remarks made at the Democratic Debate on October 13th. Blueprint LSAT Prep Youtube

E. Who actually said it? Jack Donaghy or Donald Trump? Buzzfeed

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Fallacy Watch: Democratic Debate 10/13

As you probably know, since we prepare people to take the LSAT, identifying invalid arguments is something of a professional occupation for us. When particularly egregious arguments seep into our social discourse unimpeded, we at Blueprint believe it’s our duty to point our their illogic. It’s kind of like our version of picking up trash on the street when we see it drifting by.

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LSAT Fallacy Watch: Mitt Romney and His Taxes

As we’ve discussed before, fallacies aren’t just related to the LSAT. They’re all around us. Every day you can see bad reasoning, whether it be in advertising, in politics, or on the news. Many of these arguments look like they could be right at home in an LSAT Logical Reasoning section. So today we’ll be looking at some of the attacks on Mitt Romney relating to his tax returns, and examining them to determine whether or not they hold any water. Arguments such as…

Romney won’t disclose all of his tax information. He must therefore have something to hide.

INVALID. This is something of an absence-of-evidence fallacy. We know that Romney won’t release his full tax information. Could it be because he has some nefarious tax secrets that he’s hiding? Definitely. He may have used numerous loopholes that would make him look bad, and he doesn’t want the American voters to know about this.


Logical Reasonings / 3.28.12

A) In case you haven’t seen the right sidebar of the blog yet, we put together a Fallacy Watch in response to Geraldo Rivera’s controversial statements regarding slain teenager Trayvon Martin. For further developments in the story, here’s a congressman getting booted from the House floor for wearing a hoodie. CNN.

B) NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is as terrible with money as he was talented at basketball. LA Times.

C) First it was Harry Potter. Then it was Twilight. Now it’s Hunger Games (big time). Yahoo! News.

D) An ID and a no. 2 pencil just don’t cut it anymore. CNN.

E) Sometimes a girl just can’t help herself. The Onion.