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The LSAT and the GRE, from a Jedi Master who’s taught both.

Starting next cycle, Harvard Law School will accept the GRE. If you want to apply, you’ll be able to choose between the GRE and the LSAT. It just so happens that once upon a time I used to teach the GRE. So let’s run through the differences between the GRE and the LSAT.

The GRE has math.

Math! It’s high-school level math. No calculus or anything. But it’s still math.

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A Dispatch from the February 2017 LSAT Fever Swamp

Editor’s Note: We asked BP marketer extraordinaire Claire McCall to tell us how the February 2017 LSAT went for her. Here’s her experience, edited for content:

Oh God. I have no idea. I always am like, “Well, that was a train wreck,” and sometimes it is (like a 169 train wreck) and other times it is awesome (like a 178 awesome). Soooooo, I can’t really be too sure. Also, who are the crazy weirdos who walk out of the LSAT and are like, “That went so great!!!!”

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Law Schools Are Interested In Whether You Pass The Bar

Last year, bar exam passage-rates fell to a near all-time low, leading some to question whether bar exam administration is a problem or whether schools are failing to do enough to prepare their students. Both states and schools are trying to respond to the issue by making changes. For example, New York just opted to

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Going to Law School, But Not for a JD

If you’ve read my posts in the past, you probably know that I have a very bleak outlook on law school in general. I think it is a risky, expensive venture that is not right for most people. Even the brightest students can struggle early in law school–when it matters most–and find themselves scrambling to find employment after graduation. Moreover, the law school model is worth questioning; it is arguably a year too long and prohibitively priced for too many people.