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Unhappy with your February 2011 LSAT Score? What to Do.

Hiya, kiddos.  Did you take the February 2011 LSAT? You did?  Did it go well? Oh, it didn’t.  Well, then.

So, what is one to do if the February LSAT didn’t go as swimmingly as one may have hoped?  Well, that sort of depends on when one wants to go to law school.  If you were planning on applying now, to start school this fall in 2011, then you’ve got fewer options.   February was sort of your last chance.  The next LSAT administration will be in June, and very, very few schools will accept a June score for the following fall.  Unless you want to be going to one of those schools, then you’re stuck with what you have.

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Should you keep or cancel your February LSAT score?

The February 2011 LSAT has come and gone.  Hopefully it went splendidly, and you’re spending your time taking Champagne baths as you await your astronomically high score.  If you fall into this category, then congratulations.  We’re happy for you.  But this post isn’t for you.  This is for those who felt the February LSAT didn’t go very well, and who are spending their time taking long regular showers, while crying.  This is for the people thinking about canceling their February 2011 LSAT score.

First, the facts.  If you cancel your LSAT score, you’ll never know how you did.  You maybe got 120, you maybe got a 180, but you’ll never know for sure.  The good thing is that law schools will also never know how you fared on the February LSAT, either.

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The Morning Cometh: The Aftermath of the February 2011 LSAT

The sun has set on another February LSAT, and I for one was happy to see the earth turn to darkness.  Not that I don’t really enjoy taking the LSAT, but there’s something about February that’s always struck me as a bit odd.

The first reason for this is that the Law School Admissions Council (LSAT) never discloses any data on the February test. There are two upsides to this: (1) We can assume that the masterminds over at the LSAC are up to something out of this world by keeping it classified as top secret – think the government with Area 51. (2) I can rant and speculate all I want without anyone calling B.S. later on with so-called “proof” that I was full of it.  The second is that the February test is often full of surprises, and this one was no different.

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February 2011 LSAT Instant Recap

Howdy all. Another LSAT is in the books and, according to our East Coast correspondents, it was more or less a fairly average test. We’ll never know the actual curve because LSAC doesn’t release that information for the February LSAT, so we’ll have to base all of our assumptions based off conjecture.

Many are saying that reading comprehension was actually the hardest section this time around. What are your thoughts? Obviously, don’t get too specific with your discussions since LSAC considers that a no-no, but let us know how you think you did.

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The February 2011 LSAT is tomorrow! A love-based poem for inspiration.

How do I loathe the LSAT?  Let me count the ways.
I loathe it to the depth and breadth and height
Of Thurgood Marshall RC passage fright.
For the ends of being and contrapositive disgrace
I loathe thee for modifiers on most days.
Every day that I study, by sun or lava lamp light.
I loathe thee freely, oh LSAT blight.
I loathe thee purely, and would never give thee praise.
I loathe thee with the passion put to use
when shoveling bon bons during a chocolate-induced craze.
I loathe thee with a loathing I can’t seem to lose
though my soul it doth taint.  I loathe thee with the breath,
smiles, and tears, of my life; but if God and excellent test preparation so choose,
I shall loathe thee no more when I get my 172.
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Don’t Forget the Ziplock! What to Bring to the February LSAT

We know this seems like the end of a long journey. You have covered everything from Must Be True stimuli to tiered ordering games, and while you are undoubtedly nervous about the LSAT this Saturday, try to focus on all that you have learned over these last two months. There aren’t any more concepts or strategies to cover, and you should be in a (somewhat) comfortable review mode. It is therefore time to iron out some gameday logistics, and to make sure that you know exactly what to bring, and what to leave behind, on the day of the February LSAT

1.  One clear plastic ziplock bag, maximum size one gallon.

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What Your February LSAT Study Week Should Look Like

The February 2011 LSAT is on Saturday.  Today is Monday.  No longer are we talking in terms of dates, but of days.  It’s almost here.  Just five more sunsets until the most exciting test you’ll ever take.  While this might make you want to just start jumping for joy in utter delight, contain yourself for a minute, because I’m here with some advice for the final week, which is basically to…

Study Less – You’ve been preparing for a long time.  You’ve learned a ton of material.  A few months ago you probably couldn’t tell a sufficient assumption for a fallacy of exclusivity, but those days are behind you.  You should no be something of a logic machine.  So the learning phase is over.

But there are some things you can do.  These include…

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February 2011 LSAT Checklist

There are 12 days until the February LSAT. This might cause some panicky stress, but it should also be exciting – you’re only 12 days away from being done with what probably is the hardest test you will ever take. As you go into these last days, you should be studying a good deal, but there are some other things that you shouldn’t forget about. So don’t neglect to do the following:

Test Center Run-Through – You should actually go to wherever you’ll be taking the test and get a feel for the place. If you can, do this on Saturday morning. If you leave at the same time that you’ll be leaving on the day of the LSAT, you can get a feel for what traffic will be like. Also, make sure you have good driving directions, and alternate routes (it would be pretty much the worst thing ever if you missed the test simply because you got lost)

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How to Prepare for the February 2011 LSAT

Yesterday was January 23rd, which was a pretty big deal if you celebrate Bounty Day. It also was an important day if you’re planning on taking the February 2011 LSAT, because it was the last day to postpone your test with a clean record and a partial refund. As of today, you’re officially in it to win it.

Counting today, you have 19 days of study left. That’s not counting the day of the LSAT. And you really shouldn’t do any studying the day before the test, so it’s more like 18. And are you reading this at the end of the day? Then it’s more like 17.  But don’t panic or anything.  By now, you should be pretty well along in your studies.