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A Toast to the LSAT in 2012

2012 is but hours away from being in the books. Four administrations of the LSAT were among the many events of the past year. To each of these LSAT tests, a toast:

Here’s to the February 2012 LSAT, for showing us that it’s still possible to keep secrets in our digital, social-networked age. You will live on only in the memories of the lucky LSAT test takers who entered a test center on February 11.

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The Wait Begins for Law School Applicants with February LSAT Scores

So LSAC finally pulled the trigger and released February LSAT scores a day before they were expected to come out. Another curve ball, as LSAT test takers have become accustomed to LSAT scores being released several days early. Those folks in Newtown, PA, sure like to keep us guessing.

Some of you are understandably elated at your LSAT score. Some of you are understandably upset.

Some of you are way ahead of the game and already have an LSAT score for the upcoming law school application season (this article isn’t for you). Some of you are a little behind and are relying on this LSAT score to update your law school applications for next fall (this article is for you).

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February 2012 LSAT Scores Released Today

At the buzzer…yes!

The mysterious, all-powerful beings behind the curtain at LSAC released the February 2012 LSAT scores today (about 10 minutes ago, in fact) — roughly 24 hours before their estimated release date. So wipe that sweat from your brow, LSAT students, and check your email and LSAC account, because although it came down to the wire, you can finally see how you did. But remember: LSAC sends out LSAT scores in random waves instead of all at once, so it takes several hours throughout the day for all LSAT scores to find their homes. Don’t try to convince yourself it isn’t random, either — as if scores are sent from highest to lowest. It’s. All. Random.

As you know, the February LSAT is undisclosed. So we won’t be able to help you out regarding the February 2012 LSAT curve.

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What to Expect When LSAC Releases February LSAT Scores

A splendid Monday to those who took the February 2012 LSAT. It’s okay. No need to respond. Continue eating your sandwich. You may be interested to know that LSAC is scheduled to release LSAT scores this very week. You may also be interested to know that you’ll be receiving said LSAT score in one of a few ways.

The first way you can receive your February LSAT score is snail mail, but only if you pay for it. Which couldn’t be less worth it. After all, you’re reading this blog post on the interwebz. This is a strong indication that you have a computer (or at least access thereto) and thus have an account on the LSAC website. If you have an LSAC account, keep an eye on your email, for that is the source from whence your LSAT score shall come (I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to use “whence”).

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A Few Days Left to Cancel Your February LSAT Score

The February 2012 LSAT has gone the way of the dodo, never to be seen again. If you took it, congratulations. You should have a score coming to your inbox by March 7 (which really seems like a cruelly long time to wait). But what if you think that said score is going to be terrible? What if Saturday’s test was less of a fun run and more of a death march? Well, LSAC actually gives you the option of canceling your score.

First, the logistics. To cancel your score, LSAC has to receive a written request within six calendar days. So you wouldn’t want to just send it in a regular ol’ letter – you should either fax or overnight it to them. If you do choose to cancel your score then LSAC won’t grade it, and law schools will never know how you did on it (neither will you). What law schools will know, however, is that you took the test and then cancelled your score.

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The Morning Cometh: February 2012 LSAT Aftermath

Like the Nightman, the morning after the LSAT cometh.

The February LSAT is weird in a number of ways. First, it’s in a twilight period – very late for people applying to start in the fall; very early for those applying to start in 2013. There are significantly fewer people taking this exam than any other during the year. And finally, it’s undisclosed – those of you who sat for it will never get to see which questions you got right and wrong.

Most of what I heard said that, while not particularly difficult, this was a weird test.

The first thing that stands out is the bucking of the recent trend towards difficult RC.

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February 2012 LSAT Instant Recap

Love is in the air. And not just because Valentine’s Day is coming up.

After weeks and weeks of rigorous LSAT preparation, students all over the country are lovin’ the fact that the February 2012 LSAT is officially over.

But now it’s time to fall in love with some Most Strongly Supported LSAT Instant Recap.

How did it go? What did you think? Were the logic games tough? What about LRs? Can you believe that reading comp passage about — LSAC PROHIBITS BLOGS LIKE THIS ONE FROM TALKING ABOUT SPECIFIC CONTENT THAT WAS ON THE EXAM.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.10.12

A) Want to win an easy $50? Sign up for our Facebook sweepstakes for your chance to win fifty big ones. You can also follow us on Twitter and +1 us on Google+ for additional entries. Check it out. Facebook. (And don’t forget: Today’s the last day to withdraw from the February 2012 LSAT!)

B) “I see on your resume here you can do thirty-five pull-ups. Impressive. But we only hire people who can do thirty-six pull-ups.” Gawker.

C) If you think your grandma had great snacks, read about this pothead granny. Huffington Post.

D) That REM song “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” wasn’t about gay marriage, after all. Tumblr.

E) These zookeepers in Tokyo are prepared for a rhino escape. How? They made a giant papier-mâché of a rhino and pretended he was trampling them, that’s how. Matador Network.

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Most Important Part of February LSAT Prep: Take Today Off

Put that LSAT practice test down, close your LSAT books, and wipe the LSAT dust from your eyes. With less than 24 hours to go until the February 2012 LSAT, study time is over. The past two months may have flown by in a dazed whirlwind of LSAT preparation, but game day fast approaches. You’ve prepared as much as possible, and any additional study today will simply be counterproductive, more likely to lead to burnout and LSAT apathy than improvement. At this point in the game, it’s most important that you enter LSAT test day refreshed and recharged – so instead of trying to cram in a few additional hours of study, take the day off.

That’s right. Today may be the first day that you have to actually force yourself not to study.

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February 2012 LSAT Withdraw Deadline is Tomorrow

Ahhh, late withdrawal. The cause of many an unwanted pregnancy. Wait. Wrong blog. Was I supposed to take a left at Albuquerque? Anyway, moving right along…

Ahhh, late withdrawal. The cause of many a lost LSAT registration fee (there, that’s better). That’s right kids, your last chance to shirk February LSAT test day draws nigh (as in, tomorrow). But should you take it (your chance, that is)?

As with all matters law, it depends. As those of you who read the second paragraph may have noticed, late LSAT withdrawal means total forfeiture of your registration fee. So you have to be okay with throwing away that cash before you start asking yourself any other questions.