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Predictions for the February 2012 LSAT

Just like that, the February LSAT is upon us. Rumors abound before each test administration, but there’s something especially dark and mysterious about the February test. It’s not released. Students get a score yet no explanation of how they fared. You know that empty feeling that you get when a girl doesn’t call you back after your first date? You thought it went well. You know she doesn’t agree. But you have no explanation for why. That’s the February LSAT.

In my circumstance, however, the February LSAT is an amazing gift. I get to make predictions about a test that will never see the light of day. If I predict that more than a handful of Logical Reasoning questions will investigate the relationship between kitty litter and global warming, no one can prove me wrong. If I claim that mapping games will make a triumphant return, any evidence to the contrary will never surface. I have never felt such freedom.

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Happy February LSAT Registration Deadline Day

Today is the last day to register for the February 2012 LSAT, so if you haven’t signed up yet, today’s the day. Okay, well there’s also the late registration option, which will allow you to put off signing up until the 20th, but it’ll cost you an extra $68 – a hefty fine for simple procrastination.

Here’s what you need to do. Go to the LSAC website, and create a LSAC account if you have not done so already. Login to your account and click Register for the LSAT. During the registration, you’ll have to pick a test center. Not all test centers are created equal, so don’t just pick the closest. I would recommend doing a little Google research to find rankings or reviews of the site you’re considering, or ask your instructor for suggestions. The February LSAT has traditionally been the least attended, so you shouldn’t have to worry about wait lists (fingers crossed).

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Registration Deadline for the February LSAT Looms

If you’re planning on taking the February 2012 LSAT, you are no doubt well into your studying. If you aren’t, just skip this blog post and go register for the June LSAT. If you have been studying, you may have overlooked one tiny, little, itty, bitty detail: you have to register for the test in order to take the test! That’s right, the registration deadline for the February LSAT fast approaches. In fact, the deadline for LSAC to receive your registration is Tuesday, January 10. If you planned on taking the LSAT at a non-published test center, the deadline is today.

Get thee to a computer lickity split (I love using that expression) and register. Actually, I’m guessing you’re already at a computer since you’re reading this, so simply open another browser tab, go to lsac.org, and git ‘er done. Done with that? Good.